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Romance Friendship Funny

Ann saw his suit coat on the chair and smiled to herself. Just like him to forget something. She took a picture of it and sent it.

A: Forget something?

N: Oh my gosh I've been looking for that everywhere!

A: Can't say I'm surprised ;P

N: I'm so sorry babe! Henry's headed over to get it now.

A: Don't be sorry, I'm just teasing! lol

N: Are you in your dress?

A: Yup. Are you in..most..of your tux?

N: =D Yes. I wanna see you!

A: No way! You know the rules =P

N: Ugh, fine.

Annie laughed and picked up the coat. She held it close and took a deep breath. It smelled just like him.

It made her think of the first time she smelled it.


"Nick, this is Annalina." Ann shook his hand, "It's nice to meet you Mr. Honnald." "Oh please, just call me Nick." Annie just nodded.

"So if I can have you start over there, that would be great..." she said and pointed to an area in front of the camera. "Oh yea, sure." He walked over, trying to watch where he was going rather than the cute girl he just met.

Ann was doing the same, though she was better at hiding it.

They started the photoshoot, Nick having a better time than usual. He usually hated working with photographers. But Ann was a lot more relaxed than others. She let him do pretty much whatever he wanted. Music played and she didn't try to get him to sit down or focus. Well, maybe occasionally, but it wasn't in an annoyed way.

Annie walked over to him to fix his hair a little and adjust his top. She hoped her face wasn't going bright red. He just stared at her with a cute, boyish smile.

Nick couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her. Freckles covered her face and arms. Her eyes seemed to glow when the light reflected off of them. The hazel had more green than brown.

Ann walked back over to her camera and continued taking pictures.

She laughed every time he did something goofy. He blushed and felt butterflies every time she laughed.

Once the shoot was over, Nick went up to her as the rest of her crew started getting ready for the next shoot.

"Annalina, can I ask you something?" She smirked, "Sure." "Um...what-what time do you get off tonight?" She gave him a weird look. "Do you have plans to stalk me or something?" she teased. "No no no! I, uh-" Ann laughed, "Calm down, I'm just teasing." Nick chuckled. "Sorry, I get off at 5. What did you want to ask?" Nick took a deep breath. "Would you like to go to dinner? With me? Tonight?" Ann knew her face went bright red. Now it was her turn to stutter. "Uh..y-yea. Yea, sure." "Great! Um, can I pick you up at 6?" "Yea. I'll text you my address." "You have my number?" "Well I do have your contact information from when you scheduled this shoot." "Oh yea! I forgot." They both giggled.

"Nicky, we gotta go!" Nick's assistant called from the doorway. "Comin'!" he called back. "So 6?" he asked. "6." Ann nodded with a smile.


Dinner went great. They got to know each other, teased each other, talked so long the waiter had to ask them to leave so they could close.

"You want me to take you home?" Nick asked. Ann looked across the street as she thought. She saw the park and shook her head. "Not yet." She grabbed his hand, "C'mon." and pulled him over to the swings. She got on one and he got on another.

They continued laughing and talking.

Nick jumped off his and grabbed her swing. He leaned down close enough that she felt his cheek brush hers and could take in his smell.

"Hang on." he said as he pulled her back. "Oh geez." she said and gripped the chains tight. He gave her a push and she went flying through the air. Ann squealed and laughed. Nick pushed her again and got back on his swing.

About an hour later, they finally decided it was time to go home. They went to Nick's car and drove to Annie's house.

When they got there, Nick walked her to her door. "Thank you. This was the best night I've had in awhile." Ann said. "What'd ya mean?" "Oh I just get caught up at work. And if I'm not working then I'm usually just at home alone." "Don't you go out with your friends?" "Eh, I don't really have any close enough to go out with. Besides, their idea of a night out is club and bar hopping and getting wasted off their asses." Ann chuckled. "What's your idea of a night out?" Nick asked. "Um....I mean I don't drink so....going out dancing would be fun. But not like, grinding on your friends and random people dancing." They both laughed. "What else?" he asked as they sat on her porch swing. "Uh...I don't know. Maybe a fun movie night. Like snacks, homemade treats, living room fort, the works.....I used to go stargazing back home. I loved doing that. I still try to occasionally....Sorry, I'm talking too much."

"No no! You're fine! It's givin' me ideas for our next date." he said thoughtfully. "There's gonna be a 2nd date?" Annie giggled. "Absolutely...I mean, if you want to-" "Yea!...Sorry." They both laughed. "Yea, I want to." she said a little more calmly.

They looked at each other for a moment, lost in each other all over again.

Ann quickly stood, "Well, I better get to bed. Thank you, again." Nick stood too and they walked to her door. "You're welcome. Thanks for coming. I was honestly a little afraid you would change your mind." They both chuckled.

Annie opened her door. "Goodnight Nick." she said. "Goodnight." She almost shut the door, but Nick stopped her. "Ann!" She opened it back up. "Uh....." He quickly pecked her cheek. "Goodnight, love." he said quietly with a sweet smile and walked down off her porch and to his car.

Annie just watched him as he drove away.


"Annie?" Someone knocked on the door. She turned around. Henry, Nicky's best man. He whistled. "He's gonna drop when he see's you." Ann laughed and handed him the jacket. "How is he?" Ann asked.

"A nervous wreck. But he was when he proposed and that went great so.." They both laughed. Henry kissed her cheek. "You look beautiful, Angel." Ann hugged him. "Thank you Henry."

Henry was Nick's best friend when she and Nick met. But he quickly became hers as well. He was basically her big brother.

"See you down the aisle." he said with a big grin. "Don't let him fall." Ann said. "Never." he winked and ran out.

Annie took one last look at herself in the mirror and went down to her bridesmaids and other family.

October 02, 2020 23:57

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Sam W
14:32 Oct 10, 2020

This was adorable! I loved how they’re both crazy awkward, it’s a match made in heaven. I would have liked for you to stretch out the first date a bit more, so we could see why they were so comfortable with each other.


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