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Adventure Fantasy Romance

It has been two weeks since Garrett started carefully watching the workers on the field at the bottom of the creek. This creek starts at the top of the backdrop of Mount Geneve, for some reason Garrett sensed that something was wrong. Typical man, dressed up with dark brown trousers and jacket, slim built dark brown jacket, he looked like Indiana Jones to me. No whip, no hat.

His expertise in hydraulic engineering degree was telling him there was something wrong with that permanent suspension bridge. He needed to contact the builders at the top of the mountain to prevent the bridge from collapsing on top of the small town just started to build up. Obviously y car won’t get there faster.

Garrett opted to fly up with the blip he designed and built. Powered by hot steam flushed into the latex balloon, would take him to higher altitude, making long distances driving shorter. One up; he will have a better coverage of the project. An incoming call advices Ada of an incoming storm, so she contacted Garrett to hurry up to get to the top of the mountain. The skies were getting dark, obviously a bad thunderstorm quickly approaching. 

Ada had something in mind. No more hassle. I will beat Garrett before he gets to the top of the mountain! Teleportation will solve the problem. No pollution of any kind. And it’s faster. 


And there she went. As Garrett was just pulling into the dock, Ada quickly showed up. 

This is compelling! - Garrett thought to himself, to what Ada responded with a big smile and a blown kiss.

Soft landing. Perfect landing. Garrett could’ve done it with his eyes closed. Secured anchors balloon, jumped to the dock and joined Ada on the walk to the main offices. Lucky, the storm landed as well. Maybe hell broke loose finally.

Reports of habitants of the lower town being attacked by flying creatures at night spread like fire in epidemic the town. So it for some neighbouring towns closed by. The last epidemic wave claimed many patrons. Lower life practices made this town an easy target. Dracula’s wife’s widespread the illness amongst the men in town. Hearing the increasing health situation, they needed to move fast. Garrett’s hot balloon came out as the best transportation method, to what Garrett agreed. Of course my knowledge of the area also contributed to the haunting of these creatures. Anything else needed was to be picked up once we stop at the house on the way.

So, all packed up and ready to face these creatures, started the hauntings. The storm left and a faint sunshine try to lead us the way on their few sunny breaks. 

At a remote inhabited farm house, the sisters decided to disguise their sickening plans; were spotted and the ropes slowly thrown to the ground to properly anchor the balloon. 

Once everything got secured, looked at the surroundings and entered the old abandoned house where suspicious activity was reported to happen at night. Away from the normal daylight, this old rusted, almost to fall apart, mysterious hut seemed to have been abandoned for ages. Garrett kick off the crooked rustic door to get inside. Ada imagined all the gadgets she was to find. According to the villagers, witchcraft was strongly practiced many times a month, leaving an opened door for all devils and demonic entities to lurking into this naive and selfish population of farmers. 

Unfortunately no life found inside the old hut. 

Ada somehow felt uncomfortable when got into the surroundings of the house. Suddenly, something caught her attention. Illuminated by the fall sunset, a crystal ball started to shine capturing a struck of light that drew Ada’s curiosity to get closer to lift it up eager Ada got a closer eye.

Ada picked it up with her hands and put it against the sun, so she could clearly see the inside contents. Her curiosity quickly took over her. Her pupils dilated and her blissful face showed a fascinating smile. She saw a couple travelling together flying a blip in the sky. 

The couple look very happy and both looked relaxed. They both travelled to many places and met new people. Ada’s smile was complimented by a giggling laughing to what Garret noticed.

Garret got closer to Ada to take a look at the mysterious crystal ball just found. He also didn’t denied his curiosity to be looking into the intriguing crystal ball. Unfortunately his view turned into sadness. He did laugh. His expression changed to sadness and deception. He lowered his head, and his sighting was not a premonition of something good to happen. Garret thought to himself, this is not going to intimidate me, trying to keep positive vibes. Ada’s company always gave Garrett the confidence to stay self focussed on his assignments. They both supposed each other on everything. 

They both felt they were the perfect match for each other.

Perhaps way too close for comfort.

Outside, the bright clear sky turned into an array of orange and red mysterious tones. A flock of crows started to chant a premonition that startled the other birds in the nearby trees that flew off at a distance.

Sadness invaded Garrett’s heart.

Ada came next to him and asked Garret about his vision. 

No word came out of him.

Instead, Garrett’s eyes looked fixed to Ada’s eyes. Both eyes locked , each wondering the next move to be accomplished.

Garrett’s inner love was about to explode and Ada’s was the conecto pay for Garrett’s passionate love for her. He had to make the first move.

Is this the right moment?

Ada’s heartbeat started to pick up speed as Garrett’s torso got closer to Ada’s. Garrets body against Ada’s, could feel an internal passion building up on Garrett’s body.

At a distance, crows started to Croacia announcing the arrival of the demonic sisters both Garrett’s and Ada’s we’re looking for.

The adventitious couple were to embark in a new chapter of their lives. Will the images each both saw inside the crystal ball come to true reality?

February 18, 2022 17:59

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Sharon Hancock
00:46 Mar 01, 2022

Interesting use of a hot air balloon and exciting story line.😻


Chacha Jaramillo
18:38 Mar 01, 2022

Thanks ❤️😊


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