Coming of Age Christmas Kids

"It's not fair," I said as I pouted onto the living room couch in front of my family.

In front of me was a opened Christmas present which sat on the coffee table. It had the colors of green and blue stripes for the exterior with holes in it. Inside was a creature with gray fur with pointy ears, white whiskers and a small head. It had black stripes upon his furry gray body and acquired blue eyes along with a short tail. If you couldn't have guess it, the creature was a desert lynx cat which looked to be no older than 3 years old. The cat were looking around the room as I continue to pout and moan there. Meanwhile my mom was sitting right next to me on the recliner while my dad was standing by the Christmas tree. Christmas music was playing in the background as this all happened. The current song on Spotify was "Where are You Christmas" by Faith Hill (Love that song, including that particular movie it was from by the way; but I wasn't in the good mood to hear it nor sing along to.)

"All I asked for was a dog and this is what I get: a lousy old cat," I scoffed for everyone to hear. 

"Trevor, you didn't take your responsibilities seriously," my mother replied calmly. 

My dad chimed in: "Yes son, so your mother and I decided to give you something else entirely thus why it's a cat instead of a dog."

"But I was being responsible. I did my chores and homework!" I cried even doing a small huff at the end of my sentence.

Mother responded: "Only if we asked or intervene. There were plenty of times we have asked you to do things. We shouldn't have to tell you considering you are now 10 amd half years old."

"That and plus your grades can say otherwise. You have been slacking on your homework and bombing your test," dad added.

I decided not to reply at all to either of them. The cat then jumps out of the box and comes over to me. As it came by me, it started to sniff my left arm as I continue to sit there pouting the whole time. It then licked me with it's sandpaper tongue and bumped it's head across my arm. I could hear it purring as it decided to flop down right next to me. 

"Awww, oh sweet," my mom goes. "It seems to be taking a liking of you. That's great to see."

I didn't reply yet again. I then notices the cat moved it's mouth but there was no voice for a meow or any sort.

"So you both gave me a full grown cat which can't speak at all as punishment?" I asked as I turn my attention to my dear parents.

"There's a reason why it has no voice my dear," said my mother sadly.

"Don't even bother," I snapped. "I don't want to hear it. This wasn't what I asked for. All I wanted was a puppy or dog but no, I can't get either because of you both. Thanks a lot."

"Now, listen here, young man," started my dad as he gave me that finger that every parent does when they scold at their kids. He continued on by saying: "Watch that mouth of your's or you will be grounded from any entertainment whatsoever."

"But dad-"

"First of all: I am not a But dad. Secondly: there's no buts about it, Trevor," my dad interpreted me. He proceeded: "Now to answer your question: this isn't punishment. This is what is called a reprecussion if you think about it considering of your actions and behavior. This happens to be both a positive and negative reinforcement. Like for example of our current situation: you wanted a dog while you go around to misbehave, while we shall give you a cat instead so you can learn from your mistakes. This is supposed to be a life lesson my dear boy. Don't get it twisted it." There goes dad with his knowledge of psychology considering he was a full time psychiatrist. I even shook my head as he spoke in his language of professionalism.

"If I may add: more like a 'repurrcussion' if you think about it," my mom added. Leave it mom with the dad jokes. My dad even chuckled at that.

I ignored the joke and replied with annoyance: "Yes, dad, I know what it all means after a dozen or so more times." I even rolled my eyes after what I had said.

"Again, Trevor! Watch it! One more attitude out of you and you get yourself grounded from your privileges," scolded my dad.

"Please listen to your dad, honey," my mom suggested.

"Ahhh fine," I said defeatedly.

"Now as I was saying," my dad continued. "Mute here will be showing how you to be more responsible considering you haven't done any whatsoever."

"How will this feline show me responsibilities exactly?" I asked on a tone between seriousness and saracism.

"You will have to find that out for yourself, son. Mute happens to be a rescue cat."

I looked at the cat who was still cuddling up next to me, then I turn my head to both of my parents with a confused expression on my face. Eventually I responded: "So, you two happen to go with all the trouble to not only give me a mute cat but a recuse one at that?"

My mom replied: "Yes, Trevor dear. We had to make a hard decision on how to go about your behavior as of lately. Your dad and I did it for good reason. Just please accept the gift and say thank you."

"Thank you both for not getting what I wanted. Some parents you two happen to be. Parents of the year would be such a understatement," I scoffed.

"Trevor Anthony Bluestill, you are hereby grounded until the New Year," my dad commanded.

"Dad, seriously!? Come on, you two are being ridiculous! There's no way a mute recuse cat is going to teach me anything responsible."

My mom chimed in this time by saying: "The world is full of possibilities, young man. Take note that Mute might surprise you along the way."

"Yeah, okay. Might as well look to the sky from now to see if pigs actually do happen to fly. I'll start tonight and give you all the details once I see it myself," I said all of this with a cocky attitude.

"Alright mister, you leave me no choice," started my dad as he then lifted his pointer finger and pointed to the corner opposite of the Christmas tree. "Off to the corner, you go."


"What did I say about 'buts'? You are being a spoiled little brat right now Trevor, and you need to be punished for your actions. Now get!"

There became silence in the room. All we could hear was the Christmas music in the background (I believe it was Andy Williams's "Happy Holidays/Holiday Season" playing but I don't remember) and Mute still purring right next to me. I looked desperately at mom and she looked away from me with a sadden look. My dad continue to stand there waiting for me as Mute proceeded to try to be cute towards me which wasn't working, not one bit. Eventually I then scoffed and went up on my feet. I walked past my dad along with the tree and went to the corner he was pointing at for a good minute.

I stood there in my corner of punishment as Mute lightly rubbed his head against me. Annoyed, I gave me a little tab from my foot so he can skedaddle and leave me alone but the cat came back anyways. I was never a cat person. Always been a dog person thus why I asked for a dog in the first place. This was the worst Christmas of my life! Yet down the road I would realized that I too like cats as much as dogs and this wasn't the worst Christmas at all. But all of that would have been until a little much later.

August 05, 2022 21:07

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