Friendship Funny Holiday

Sarah dreamt about holidaying in the South of France. The warm sun shone down on her as she lay on the golden sand -----“OUCH!” Sarah jumped up, as the large black cat jumped down from the couch. “Did you just claw me Missy?” That’s not very nice, you bad girl!”

“Oh my God my head is about to burst! Someone find me the Panadol, quick!”

Then she realised where she was. She had just woken up on the couch in the lounge room, with the midday sun streaming through the large bay window.

Sarah heard a scraping noise behind the couch, she jumped up as fast as possible, holding her aching head so it wouldn’t burst, and slowly peered over the back of the couch.

“Jenny! What are you doing down there?” Sarah’s best friend slowly turned around and looked at her.

“Please don’t yell, my head is about to break in two. I have no idea why I am down here, but at the moment I really don’t care!”

Jenny crawled up to join Sarah on the couch. “Damn good Birthday party, but I think we may have drank a bit too much!” Declared jenny.

“Really? Two large bottles of Whisky is too much?” Sarah laughed.

As they sat on the couch they surveyed the room. Every surface was covered in the wreckage from last night.

“Oh my God, how are we supposed to clean up this mess in our state?”

“Panadol, a shower and coffee, in that order!” Sarah said.

By the time they had showered and had a large coffee each, they both felt they could tackle the task of cleaning up the house.

Sarah started in the bathroom. She nearly threw up when she looked at the toilet and the floor.

“You’re kidding me! Some had actually used the toilet, but forgot to flush, others had missed the toilet completely and instead used the floor mat. The toilet paper was strewn all over the room and someone had left the hot water running.

Trying hard to keep down what was trying to come out of her mouth Sarah cleaned the toilet and the floor ‘till it shone, sprayed antiseptic everywhere, cleaned the sink and rescued what toilet paper she could, until they bought some more.

Jenny started in the kitchen. Well, she thought it was the kitchen, not that it looked much like one at the moment.

The fridge door was wide open with half open bottles and packets strewn inside. She knew most of that would need to be thrown out, but she shut the door to start on the rest of the room.

As she took a step towards the stove she stood in oil on the floor and landed heavily on her backside.

“Owww, that’s all I need!” She grabbed the mop, filled the sink with hot water and cleaned the floor. The stove was another matter. Someone had tried to cook fried eggs and bacon. The blackened eggs were stuck to her new frypan which had scratches all over it, bacon was strewn over the sink and the grease was everywhere. “Who would do this?” She wondered.

Realising she and Jenny were so busy drinking and having a ball somewhere else in the house, it could have been anyone.

Jenny came out of the bathroom and surveyed the kitchen.

“You’re kidding! I thought the bathroom was bad enough!

This isn’t good Sarah, we mustn’t let this happen ever again!

We’re just making so much work for ourselves and it’s going to cost a lot to fix all the damage!”

“I know.” Sarah said. “Next Birthday that comes up we are having at the Club. They can have the job of cleaning up after these animals!”

Sarah loved all her family and friends dearly, but they never came back the next day to help clean up their mess.

Sarah and Jenny spent the next few hours cleaning the kitchen and going through the fridge to see what needed to be thrown out.

“My head is thumping again Jenny, I think I need a lie down.”

“Okay Sarah, I’ll keep going with the other rooms for a while, I think we are gradually getting on top of it!”

Sarah headed for her bedroom. As she opened the door her mouth fell open. “What the----! Jenny someone’s asleep in my bed!”

Jenny walked up beside her and burst into laughter. “What are you laughing at? There is a stranger asleep in my bed!”

Through her giggles Jenny explained. “You sounded like the bear in Goldilocks! “Someone’s asleep in my bed!”

Sarah saw the funny side and started to giggle as well. Just then the body on the bed started to rise and they realised it was Jenny’s brother Jim.

“That was the best party! Do you have any Panadol?”

“It’s in the kitchen.” Sarah said. “Now, can I please have my bedroom back?”

Jim slid off the bed and slowly made his way out to the kitchen.

Sarah closed her bedroom door and collapsed on top of her bed, where she stayed for the next three hours.

By the time she awoke and emerged back into the lounge room Jim and jenny were sitting watching the football.

Jenny had finished cleaning up the rest of the house and was sitting on the couch snoring, unconcerned about the noise of the television.

“Jenny tells me from now on all Birthdays will be at the Club.

I think that’s a great idea. Not many of my friends have parties at home anymore, it’s too much bother.” Jim said. “And by the way, we found Maisie, your friend from School? She was asleep in the swing on the porch. She had a few Panadol and a coffee, and called a taxi. She said she would call you tomorrow.”

“It was a great party, I think!” Sarah giggled. “But really not worth the cleaning up afterwards, and the cost. I’m just glad you and jenny were here to help. I couldn’t have done it by myself.

Your Birthday is coming up next Jim. I had better get moving and book the Club and send out the invites, when you give me a list of who you want to be there.”

“You know what Sarah? I think I would like a small party with just close family and friends, for a change. I think I’ve had enough of these parties with half the neighbourhood, for a while.

Geez---I must be getting old!” Jim and Sarah laughed, as Jenny snored on, and on the television, her favourite team won the flag.

May 10, 2021 03:06

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Emily Juarez
17:35 May 17, 2021

Patricia this story is awesome! It's a nice short story that brought up both reality and comedy. I like how you were able to discuss the "after party" rather than the actually party. I enjoyed reading it!


Patricia Green
00:11 May 18, 2021

Thank you, I enjoyed writing it. It brought back memories of parties in my younger days.


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