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The idea of ​​storing something in a time capsule at this point seemed like something almost like healing?

After all the shit that has happened to Alice lately, these thoughts have caught on like a straw to a drowned man, or to a woman, these are just details.

She will put aside his failed relationship full of misunderstandings and lack of any empathy on Tim’s part. Especially the last few years.

She will also leave his bad relationship with his family.

It will leave, at least for a moment, that bad feeling in her stomach that she has every morning as she prepares for another awful day of work.

She will leave so much more bad and simply dedicate himself to searching for what would be worth storing that one day will probably be found by the next generation. Or the one after. Who knows.

All the movies she watched about something like that seemed childish and a little naive. What exactly should anyone care about her miserable life?

But resolutely reject negative thoughts. This will be one positive thing, she clung to it. Maybe it might seem stupid to someone, but she doesn’t care, at least she’ll do something right. Most importantly, something important to her.

As she searches for old things, she increasingly returns to the past. It wasn’t always all bad. Far from it. As a child, she grew up in a cheerful large family. Even now she is not sure why everything went down the drain later. Maybe bad choices, maybe distance, maybe…

The photos she scattered around her brought a smile to her face. Some long ago when as a little baby she sat in a garden full of flowers. Well, a little later, her brothers and she are on a trip with the school. Parents young and in love even before neither of them was born…

Her gaze falls on a completely forgotten memory. Once upon a time as a teenager she was on a religious outing and several children took pictures with Mother Teresa. She looks at the picture and even though it was really a long time ago, she still feels that kind of warmth and energy that the Mother Teresa radiated all around.

Her memory returns to her life after that. She hadn't thought much about it, but in fact a fraction of that warmth had followed her until now.

Maybe it wasn’t always the way she wanted it, it didn’t even matter, it was just the way it should have been.

All things were happening as if by some pattern, and even when she didn't understand why this or that, now with a time lag she could realize that she had learned something from everything.

This is an event that affected the entire course of her life. And now she already knows that this is a picture she will send as a pledge to some next generation.

Maybe then no one will know who Mother Teresa was anymore. Maybe or better said and those who will know will claim something bad about her. Alice didn't care. This is her life and she knows exactly how much of an impact this short and almost forgotten encounter has had on her.

What could be more significant and better than this after all?

It should not be left just like that in the air. If she has already received the blessing it should be applied.

Above all, relationships with the people she loves need to be improved. Her election brought most of that bad, so now is her chance to try to fix something. Even if there is no result, she will know that it is not up to her.

Maybe with Tim the thing is over, but she has their child who is already big and is perfect even though she wasn’t always the best mother. Maya had also gone her own way a long time ago, but Alice had never said anything bad about her child. She was smart, beautiful and good. She would sometimes even think she didn't know which of the two was older.

 And Maya was one of her blessings. So what more did she want?

She finally gets up from the floor and saves all the old things. Scans the picture she chose and sends it to a page where it will be preserved for future generations.

Alice really starts making a decision right away, because she knew there was no point in procrastinating.

The conversation with the parents is a bit strained, but nothing that could not be resolved. Tim is another story, anyway, and she doesn't want anything special from him. Just to be on good enough terms for their daughter.

And work… so it will somehow be the hardest, because she is really fed up with people and work and injustice… and who knows what else. She will have to put a lot of effort into it, although she does not see that anything significant will improve. Okay, at least there's time.

It was a while and Alice was feeling good. More than good. Not much has changed, and yet it has. She was still alone but in that solitude she found herself. She learned so much new about herself.

She was reminded of the change by the confirmation of the image placed in the vault of all time capsules. Sometimes she felt guilty for not laying the picture of her daughter who had been with her all her life instead of the picture from her youth, but that didn't matter either. It's just a symbol.

Although for her, some event she remembered vaguely triggered an avalanche of her emotions. First to herself, and then to others.

She didn't tell anyone about it, it was her sweet little secret. Maya would often ask what was going on with her, but Alice had no need to explain. Everything was as she had long wanted.

One day he may tell his grandchildren, maybe. Anyway, because she saved that moment in time for her own good, and in the end it turned out to be for the benefit of so many others as well.

Even co-workers who weren’t always good to her.

It didn't matter. She had her little world full of little moments of happiness and that was all she needed.

October 08, 2020 18:47

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