Capture and Escape

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Crime Fiction Mystery

The wind whistles as the breeze flows in the night air. The moon shines through the clouds. All lights in the town are off, with no sound of footsteps anywhere. Then, morning came, and news of an upcoming protest in town spread around. People lined up and marched down the streets. From the other direction, cars rolled up, blocking the protestors. A dozen white men got out and took out guns, which they aimed at the crowd. Someone from the crowd moved forward. He started to shout and as he came closer to the front, we could hear him clearer. “Who do you think you are, aiming guns at innocent people! There are children here as well!” “Who do you think you are, talking back at us!” the leader of the bad group responded. They grabbed him by the collar and dragged him into the car. The group got into their cars and drove right by the protestors, who all quickly moved out of the road to avoid the cars. Some still got hit by flying rocks and dirt by the vehicles. They brought the man to a building where they kept him as a prisoner. They wrote a letter to the citizens of the town with a ransom price of $100,000 to let the man go. They promised that he would never get out of there if the ransom was not paid in full in 3 days. 

The people of the town were talking about it all the time from then on. They started a fund to try to pay the ransom but there was not much hope as by midnight of the first day, they only had 20% of what they needed for the ransom. Some citizens were thinking about trying to rescue him, but when the topic of guns came out, they started to back out. Only a few adults were left to help try to rescue him and were still trying to get more people to join in. But, they needed to be careful in case the word of a rescue gets to the bad guys. 

More people joined, but they still had to plan how to break in and out without getting caught. As well as finding ways to defend themselves if a fight breaks out. They talked and talked until they came up with a conclusion. They would arm themselves with guns just in case, and they would go in a car and then walk the remaining distance to not make noise. They would assess the surveillance situation when on scene. They would try to get in as swiftly, quietly, and efficiently as possible and find where they are keeping the prisoner. That is what they did not know, how hard it will be inside the building. They decided to enter the building the night before the deadline since the capturers would most likely expect them to do it on the night of the deadline and they do not want to fall into a trap. They got into two cars and started driving towards where the building supposedly is. It should be about a 20-minute drive to the spot where they get out and walk.

They reached there, got out, and walked to the building. They scouted the perimeter and saw a few men guarding two doors which were at opposite sides of the building. They think that if half the group goes to the back door, and half goes to the front, they will have a better chance of finding out where they are keeping the prisoner since they will cover more space in the building. They decide who goes with who and then start sneaking up quietly on the building. They follow the side of the building until they reach the corner closest to the guards. They assess the guards and if they have weapons on them. If they had weapons, it’d be concealed, so they snuck up on the guards and knocked them out cold for a few hours. The guards had keys on them, which the rescuers stole and used to unlock the door to get into the building. They enter the building and start looking around using the flashlights they brought. They saw multiple rooms, none with any lights on. They walked through the halls and found the room in which the prisoner sat. They used the key to unlock the door and helped get the prisoner out. But escape would not be easy for our rescuers. 

A red light started flashing and a loud noise came from all directions. All they needed to say was one word, “run”, since they realized that there would be more men coming to stop them. They ran as fast as they could but when they reached the exit, they realized that they would have to use force to leave. The men were armed with guns and they heard footsteps coming from the opposite direction. It was now or never. Earlier, they made a backup plan for something like this, in which one member sneaks by the criminals as the others cause a distraction. And so they used the plan, and they were able to get one member of the team by the door. The other members used their guns to fire some shots to scare the bad men. Then, they rushed at once and the member that was by the door, opened it, and all of them got outside. Now, they were in a foot chase, which went on for a good 15 minutes until they reached their cars and started to drive away. The criminals almost caught up but luckily, the group still had their guns and were able to send warning shots to slow them down. They set up a couple of police officers to patrol the area, who were able to catch the leader of the bad men. This would show them that doing criminal activities like this is very bad and that they should never do it again.

July 16, 2021 22:08

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Sue Marsh
23:48 Jul 22, 2021

Interesting storyline. Keep writing. If you have a moment please read The Faded photograph and please leave a comment. Thank you. Sue


22:38 Jul 23, 2021

Thank you! Will do!


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