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Laying in my twin bed. Pink flowery duvet under me along with my ten decorative pillows my mother insist is some sort of household fashion. I always did hate this house the weird creaks in the floorboards when my mother walks around judging the way I cleaned my bedroom. The drizzle of the kitchen faucet and of course the screech of my father's old typewriter scratching back and forth the keys clipping loud and his grunts when he messed up a sentence. Old houses always have thin walls and creaky heavy floor boards. Thank God for the last three years I have been in Portland studying to become a Literature teacher. Just like my father once was before he decided to be some sort of writer. He never published a book or finished anything he worked on. He stayed not writing a book or short story until the day he died. Sliding my legs off the side of the bed, my childhood bedroom was decorated by my mother when I was 13. She painted the walls pale pink and the dresser and desk bright white I had it until the day I left for university. Now I'm back for the first time since I left. My mother usually came out for Christmas we got a hotel in the city and opened presents there together. I was never up for coming back here.  

I hate this house. 

Walking down the hallway to the living room window rain pouring down hard and fast. rain is always beautiful the soft tapping on the window the warm house and crisp air outside.  Even the smell seems to bring up memories of playing in puddles.

tap.... tap....tap.... 

Turning towards the wall across from me my eyebrows pulled together walking over slowly, Leaning my face into the wall ear muffling the other sounds around me. Standing there for a few seconds I pulled away sighing softly I think I'm starting to hear things again. This is why I didn’t want to come back. 

“Mama” I called “Can we go to town I need a jacket” I yelled up the oak stairs she muffled a yes somewhere in the house I walked back into my bedroom changed into some black jeans and a t shirt with my doc martens and practically ran right out into my mother's car. Walking with her along the town's main strip I got myself a corduroy jacket instead of the hoodies I brought not expecting this cold gloomy weather. Looking over at my mother her French sort of grey long jacket and heeled boots her blonde hair straightened and classy per usual she looked back at me with a perfect smile.

“What are you lookin at pumpkin?” she asked I smiled softly as her thin fingers linked with mine “it makes me so happy that you decided to come home this year my little pumpkin pie” she smirked kissing the top of my hand as we walked. Freezing in front of the bakery she stopped to. My eyes fixed inside standing behind the counter was Madden West the boy of every wet dream I've ever had. He played on the football team and he always caught my eye from 10-18. His dazzling eyes and perfect teeth.

“Let go in” she tugged my arm before I stepped through the door, I shoved my hair behind my ears and flattened my hands against my jacket. Hopefully I look presentable enough “okay order me a cupcake” she ran off my heart rate picked up. My mother always tries to make me more confident running to the bathroom and making me order is a prime example of that.

“How can I help you today Pumpkin” his dark voice fills the room I looked up his thick black hair raked back showing off his piercing eyes and chiselled cheekbones I smiled soft my face turning hot.  

“Hi” I croaked looking in the case my eyes training to the names but it seems all I can think of is him standing a few feet away squinting harder to figure it out I licked my lips staring at the names more. 

“I recommend the pumpkin pie cupcake” he said I looked at him fast 

“Um sure I guess that works” I said softly he nodded his lips turning up “anything else you recommend I don’t know what to get?” I asked him he nodded all the sudden he was coming around the cabinet to stand next to me I tried not to smile he hummed loud.  

“Do you like Pecans?” his voice soft and I nodded he went back around packaging two cupcakes I paid and he smiled “call me tell me what you think” he said I nodded smiling as he put the card in the bag.  

That night I was laying in my bed staring at the ceiling. Coming home is so stressful the weather and the horrible house my mother's nagging but hey she wanted me here so here I am. 


I jolted up from my bed leaning against the wall nothing again that time I definitely heard it hitting my nail three times against my pink wall my heart pounding like drums in my ears.  


Launching back from the wall falling onto the floor I scrambled out and into the bathroom next to my room nobody in here I grabbed the shower curtain yanking it opened nobody there. Rushing over grabbing the doors on the vanity opening it and there's nothing. I took a shaky breath clearing my throat. Looking up into the mirror tears streaming down my face my face red. I look insane. I am insane clearly nobody tapped back I'm hearing things seeing things just like I used to. Since I was a little girl I heard tapping and noises in this old house but its obvious its just an old house. Right?

Jolting awake sweat covering me in a thin layer. all the sudden bang as if someone punched the wall, I slid up my bed against the headboard. Hands and body shaking. Two more bangs sounded I stared at the door waiting for an intruder nothing for the amount of time I sat without moving forever it seemed like no more sounds. Finally, I reached for my phone and texted the guy at the Bakery I texted my mother too, hearing It ding through the walls these walls are so thin.  

The sounds that range from the walls only got worse the next few nights that I stayed in my bedroom the banging and I asked my mama and she can't even hear anything. So tonight, in the middle of the night I crept out sliding pillows under my Duvet and slid into my wardrobe. Blanket over my legs as I stared out the little crack of the door. My bedroom door opened just in case someone walked by. Staring through as I heard the tapping on the wall. An hour later nothing...but then someone walked into my bedroom I stared at the dark figure tall is all I could tell staring as he slid my phone up and did something before walking out and into the bathroom, I just sat there silently, Maybe I wasn't so crazy There was banging on the walls again tears streaming down my face I just stayed there. My father was wrong I was never crazy was I? There has always been a man in my house...In my walls. 

Suddenly almost too suddenly the doors to my wardrobe ripped opened. A flawless grin stared back at me.  

“I missed you so much while you were at university Pumpkin”  

November 08, 2021 23:37

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Happy Bayou Hawk
18:39 Nov 19, 2021

The author's stylistic use of loose sentence structure threw me at first. Showing that the main char studied literature in a family of writers / English majors was a good clue that this was deliberate, and a good way to show anxiety in a short space. Almost stole the show above story itself. But not quite. Story was gripping, and well done.


04:33 Nov 20, 2021

Thanks so much <3


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