The Endless Headache

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I wake up and roll over, I look at the clock its 2:52am, I am so sick of this new neighbour thinking she runs this apartment block. How can anyone get any sleep around here, I certainly can't!

I slowly sit up and get to my feet, if only I was the landlord this stupid lady would be evicted in seconds, but anyway. I slip on my slippers and dressing gown, and head for the door, I pull it open the bright light from the hallway blinds me for 10 seconds.

"Ahh my eyes" I say softly

I stumble down the hallway to 9b where the loud party is being held and I knock on the door. A women answers.

"Hey I am Allyiah. You here for the party"

"Huh... what no. I am here to tell you to please keep the noise down some of us have to work and we need our sleep" I say angrily

'Oh I am so sorry, We did tell everyone that there was a party" Allyiah says sarcastically

"Yes well turn it down and I am Mia" I mumble

"Ok well bye, sorry for the inconvenience Mia" Allyiah says slyly

She turns away and closes the door. I turn around and walk back to my room. I walk back inside and lock the door as I always do. But suddenly the music gets louder, the partying gets louder, I get back up and look through the peephole, Allyiah has brought the party into the hallway.

"Ughhh just let me sleep" I scream with my head under my pillow

I roll over to look out the window and put a pillow over my ears but, It only softens the music, my floor boards are still vibrating and people are still shouting. At this point I have had it. I gte bck up out of bed and throw my pillow at the window and storm towards my door getting the hammer out of the top drawer and hide it behind my back under the dressing gown

"WILL YOU KEEP IT down" I yell

"What Mia? I can't hear you, the music's to loud"

I storm into her apartment and walk over to the speaker and hit it aggressively with the hammer, until the music stops.


I say hitting it over and over again, Allyiah walks in and sees me standing there out of breath and walks over to me.

"That was my $400 dollar speaker"

"Ohh Love I have bigger problems then a speaker, one of them is getting sleep"

"Ughh you are the worst neighbour"

"Good thats my acheivement"

I walk back to my room close and lock the door and go back to bed, finally peace.

I open my eyes and look at my clock.

"10:59am, shoot I am really late"

I run around my room and get everything I need. I go to open the door but its stuck, I pull and pull but its not budging.

"AHHH Allyiah I am late open the door"

I hear her hateful giggle as she walks past

"See you later Mia, have a great day"

About 2 and a half hours later I get the door open and run down stairs where there is a line ten foot long with Allyiah standing at the front acting like she lost her credit card, I pusg forward and hand my keys to the landlord.

Pete, look I love this place and everyone exept Allyiah but I am not being neighbours with a party animal"

Pete looks at me and I look at Allyiah who is smirking at Pete.

"You happy Allyiah" I say

She looks at me and nods.

Pete looks at her and then back at me

"No!" Pete says

"Pete just come on" I say

"No!" Pete repeats himself

"What Pete she is trying to leave" Allyiah says

"I don't care" Pete says unhappily

"Pete I really have to go" I say not trying to be pushy

"No! Just listen to me" Pete yells

"Ok Pete speak" I say respectfully

"Hurry up, Pete I have another party to get to" Allyiah says rolling her eyes

"Allyiah, Mia has lived here longer than you have probably been alive, so no she is not leaving, you are Allyiah. How are any of my tenants meant to sleep with you playing Cardi B all night it is aggravating, I have over 70 tenants complain about your music" he says with tht look in his eyes that says you have really messed up this time

"It really is fine Pete" I say shaking my head

"What you can't kick me out where am I meant to go" Allyiah says as if she is shocked

"Not my problem" Pete says, looking away and crossing his arms

"Pete it will be fine" I say

"No Mia" He says

"Ok Pete but I really have to go, I am late for work" I say looking at my watch

"Oh go, go Mia, run" He says pushing me out the door

Allyiah continued to yell at Pete becquse he kicked her out.

"How Pete, How could you do this to me Pete"

"Easily Allyiah"

"But Pete you... you can't do this to me Pete please"

Pete grabs her suitcase and throws her out the door.

"Don't come back"

"But Pete please"

"Do I have to spell it out for you Allyiah"

"What Pete"

Ok D...O...N...T...C...O...M...E...B...A...C...K...A...L...L...Y...I...A...H..."

"Jeez Pete calm down"

"Leave now"



"Ok I am going no need to rush though"

Allyiah get out of my building before I call the police"

"Ok Pete you win"

"As I thought"

Everyone waiting in line is staring at her as she slowly walks out of the building.

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out" A random tenant says

"Shut Up no one asked you"

I quickly ran out the door and ran down Pinewood Avenue. I finally got rid of the endless headache

May 28, 2022 12:01

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