Mystery Suspense

When she woke up, it was early morning. She got up and dressed. Harmony brushed her teeth and then went downstairs for breakfast. Her dad was in the kitchen cooking.

“Good morning Harmony,” he said cheerfully.

“Good morning dad,” Harmony replied, trying her hardest not to bust out laughing.

Her dad was wearing the wacky apron that she got him for father’s day. It said, “I’m a cooking genius.” Underneath the words, there was a wacky cartoon Albert Einstein. Harmony had bought that for her dad as a joke, she never actually expected him to wear it. 

Her dad slid her a plate of pancakes and a bottle of maple syrup. Harmony grabbed the syrup and began to pour it over her pancakes. Then she grabbed her fork and knife and began to eat. When she bit into the pancakes, she saw that they were strawberry pancakes, her favorite.

Her mom walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning everyone. Sorry, I’m a little late for breakfast, I slept in.”

“That’s okay mom. Today is your day off of work. You can sleep in for as long as you like.”

Harmony’s mom sat at the table. Her dad gave her a plate of pancakes and she too began to dig in. 

After breakfast, Harmony called her friend Carmen to ask if she could come over. Carmen asked her parents and they said it was okay. Harmony put her shoes on and began to walk over to Carmen’s house, which was only a block away. 

When she made it there, she knocked on the door. Carmen answered it. They spent the day doing arts and crafts. When it started to turn dark, Harmony went back home. She ate reheated spaghetti for dinner and then went to bed. Harmony slept very well that night, satisfied with what she had done that day. As she slept that night, a beetle crawled on her face and bit her right cheek.

Harmony continued to sleep. 

When she awoke the next morning, she got up and stretched as usual. Harmony then dressed, brushed her teeth, and went downstairs for breakfast. When she was all the way down the stairs, she saw her dad down there.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“What do you mean who am I? I’m your dad” Her father looked confused. “Oh, I get it now. This is some kind of a joke.”

Harmony wasn’t joking. She had no idea who he was. She was very suspicious of him though. She couldn’t remember anything. Except for the murder. Harmony assumed that the murder was in the future. She was a lot older when it happened. Not knowing who did it, Harmony was suspicious of everyone.

She was worried. Why couldn’t she remember anything? All she remembered was her murder in the future. For some reason, it hurt a bit to think about it. 

She was twenty-two years old when it happened, walking home in the rain. Not wanting to get too wet, she took a shortcut through a dark alleyway. As she walked through, a man came up to her holding a gun.

“Stay still,” he said.

He took her purse and raided it. Then he patted her down, trying to make sure that she didn’t have anything else on her. When he didn’t find anything, he grabbed her purse and started to run.

Harmony chased after him. Being a very fast runner, she caught up to him in no time.

“I’m warning you lady. Back off,” said the thief. 

Harmony continued to pursue him. They were running side by side now. The man took out the gun. When Harmony saw this, she began to slow down. He pulled the trigger and she fell to the ground.

That was all Harmony remembered. She didn’t remember her friends or family members. She didn’t know whether to trust her dad or not. She wanted to, hoping that it would somehow bring back her memory and her life would go back to the way it was, however it was. But she couldn’t. He might be the one who did it. She couldn’t trust anyone.

Not knowing what else to do, she ran out of the house. Harmony ran down the street, her golden blond hair swinging in her face. It was raining outside. As she ran, Harmony shivered. It was cold out there too. She knew that she needed to find shelter. She decided to head back to her house and hope that her dad was who he said he was. On the way back to his house, she was stopped by a stranger.

It was a man wearing a hoodie and some jeans.

“Hey there ma’am,” he said with a country accent. “Why is a kid like you out here all alone in the rain? Whatever the reason, I can’t let you stay out here. Come with me and I’ll give you a place to stay for the night.”

Harmony thought about this. She couldn’t trust anyone. On the other hand though, he seemed pretty nice. It was either she trusted him, or the man who claimed to be her dad. She was having a hard time deciding. It was cold outside and this man was the closest. She chose to go with him.

“I’ll come.”

He opened the door for her and she hopped in the backseat of his truck.

“Where are you taking me?” Harmony asked.

“I’m taking you to my house, where you’ll be staying tonight.”

They drove for about fifteen minutes. Then he pulled into the driveway of a house that looked like it had been around for decades.

“This is my place,” said the man.

There was moss all over the house. Parts of the house were covered with vines. The lawn was uncut and the grass reached up to her shins. There were a few broken windows. There was also a tree in the front yard, if you could even call it a yard.

The man took out a key and unlocked the door. Then he gestured for Harmony to go in. She did. When she walked in, he came in and locked the door behind them.

“Stay still,” he said.

He pulled out a gun and began to pat her down. When he saw that she didn’t have anything, he looked mad.

“You’re useless! You’re telling me that you don’t have any cash or anything that I can sell!” he screamed. 

He held the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

October 07, 2020 21:55

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