Life is a beach

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Fantasy Fiction

It is often said that 'life is a beach', and can be a lazy dream if you want. Here I am lying in my hammock and nothing disturbs me. I feel a peace like no other.

Here I am on a Sunday, lying here like this, and sipping on a cocktail. There is nothing better than the wispy breeze on my skin and the beautiful balmy weather that seems to disturb no one, and my sun hat is on my face, protecting me from the 10 am sun.

I decide to get off the hammock and take a look around. I can see an empty boat lying on the white sands, just next to the incoming waves that lap the shore. Since the boat is on the shore, it hasn't moved.

I decide to push the boat into the waters. It's harder than I thought, but I'm a strong man, so I continue to push the boat until it is a little more far from the shore. I get into the boat and use the paddle, which also happened to be in the boat.

As I row a little further, I realise it is a lagoon! The blue-greenish waters are a sight to behold, and as I continue to row, the sights are quite a marvel!

I look around me in the precious boat, Thanking God that it got me this far. For everything that I have seen and done, so far in this little boat, is something that I treasure, and is a feeling that even money can't buy. I look under a pile which has some white fabric on it, white and the same color of the boat- and find a diving suit.

I was surprised, perhaps the boat was a gift of Providence. Because it had everything I needed to traverse the waters, and I was getting a little bored doing nothing on the hammock.

To dive or not to dive? I knew to swim, and I decided to take a chance. I put on the diving suit and got out of the boat after securing it to a near by rock with a rope that very coincidentally was also in the boat!

I dived deep into the waters and I loved what I saw. There were schools of fish, and suddenly what looked like a mermaid! I tried to pinch myself- was I dreaming?

I decided to follow the mermaid- her long red hair was so amazing, and she obviously was wearing very little. She was half human, half fish by the looks of it.

I pursued her. The little mermaid was a stealthy swimmer, and I wondered if I could keep up. I decided to go with my gut feeling, and continue to swim after her.

Suddenly I reached a place, a beautiful underwater kingdom! I was truly surprised! I kept on swimming after her, and I think I saw a throne with the little mermaid on it. She had these attendants who were fawning on her, but I was afraid to approach her! It was a fine sight indeed! All these pretty girls! The fact that they were half fish didn't bother me!

Suddenly one of the mermaids spotted me! Three of them came up to me, made me their captive. I wondered then what they would do with me. They put me on their throne. They started to say things like 'we were just looking for a king, for someone to restore order to the kingdom'.

I asked one of the blonde mermaids- 'how do you know english?' And in a melodious voice she answered- 'I suppose I lived a life under the sea all my life- the sea teaches you things! Welcome- you are our king forever!'

They said to me, 'have you realised that you have been underwater quite a while, and you didn't seem to notice? That's what happened when you followed Ariel here! Ariel has that effect- anyone who sees her tries to catch up with her! That's why you are here. You will never be able to escape from this place, we only want one thing! That you be our king forever!'

I guessed they were saying these things because there were no men in this kingdom. I was more than happy to be their king. What more could a man like me ask for? I had enough bad luck in the real world being rejected by all the pretty girls.

'Ariel will be your queen!' They all danced around me singing my praises!' Ariel put a crown on my head and we both sat side by side on the throne of the underwater Kingdom.

Suddenly I heard a mermaid singing 'wake up, you're going to be late for work!' That was no mermaid! That was my wife! She threw a pillow at me, and suddenly I was awakened from my wondrous dream.

Something prompted me to visit the beach after work that day. I did and went with my gut feeling. There was that same boat! The white sands and what looked like that white boat from my dream!

In my work wear, I pushed the boat out into the waters, like I did in the dream. I pushed it until it was far off from the shore and my suit was soaking wet, but I got into the boat!

I paddled for a while, and noticed that there was a lagoon. I could tell by the blue-green waters. I tried to secure the boat to the rock, suddenly Ariel was there hiding behind the rock! Ariel and I spoke for a while! Ariel started to tell me things like how she just wanted to have legs and be a human!

I told her rather eloquently that being human wasn't that much fun, and it was better to remain what she was. She started to ask me why I thought so. and I started to explain.

Suddenly I felt a pillow smashing on my face. It was my wife! She was yelling loudly that I would be late for work! I suppose I over slept!

I was so happy about the dream though!

August 25, 2021 20:24

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Akshara .
22:28 Aug 25, 2021

Cool. I liked the concept of the story, seeing a mermaid...being a dream.


Sarah Desouza
16:09 Aug 27, 2021



Sarah Desouza
16:14 Oct 27, 2021

I think my story is based off the boat. I have a bit of trouble sticking to the point.


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