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Part 8 of Dead End. It has nothing to do with the prompt. Enjoy!

“What happened?” Chase asks again.

I’ve been laying in my bed for the past hour, grinning at the ceiling. I’m wearing Alpha’s hoodie, which he gave me last night, over pajamas.

“Ari, you’re freaking me out. You shapeshifted into Alpha again.” He says.

I change back. I’ve been thinking about Alpha non-stop.

Chase sighs heavily, and comes over and touches my arm.

“Did he kiss you?” He asks, eyes wide. 

I squint at him. “How’d you figure that out?”

“I’m a really good Empath, remember? So, what happened?”

I sit up, blushing, and tell him what happened with Alpha. 

“What was that for?” I asked him, eyes wide.

He smiled. “I really like you, Ari.”

“I like you, too.” I whispered.

His fingers moved over mine. “I was wondering...if maybe you’d want to go out with me? I know we just met today, but-”

“No, no, I do.” I interrupted. “I like you a lot.”

He smiled at me, and I melted a little as I studied his face. His eyebrows went up.

“You just shapeshifted.” He said, smiling. “Into me.”

 I blushed, and changed back. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. But I like you better like this.”

Then he leaned in and kissed me again.

 “You should sleep.” Chase says when I finish telling him. “We have classes tomorrow, right?”

I nod, even though I don’t think I can sleep. I roll onto my side, and close my eyes. 

“Wake up, Ari.” A sharp voice says. 

I roll over, groaning. 

“No, I want to sleep longer,” I mumble.

“Get up!”

My eyes fly open. My mom is standing by my bed, arms crossed. What? 

Why am I back here?

“You have stuff to do.” She snaps. “Go get breakfast ready, your siblings leave soon.”

 What happened? Where’s Chase? 

I push myself out of bed. I go downstairs anyway, pulling food out, and quickly making breakfast. By the time my siblings get into the kitchen, I’ve made a plate of bacon, and toaster waffles. 

“Finally.” My sister snaps at me. 

My brother knocks his shoulder into me as I put the plate on the table, and I drop the plate of bacon.

“Hey!” My other brother shouts. “You got it on my papers!”

I mumble apologies, scooping the bacon back on the plate. 

I go upstairs as they eat, trying not to panic. I don’t know why I’m here. I should be back at the Gleaners school. Was that all a dream? 

“Ari!” My mom yells from downstairs. 

I sigh. I guess none of that was real. Now I’m back. Great. 

I go downstairs, where everyone’s sitting at the table. My mom’s about to say something, but someone turns me around. 


“Ari, wake up!” He says, a panicked look in his eyes.

What? I’m asleep? 

“Ari, wake up!” He repeats, shaking my shoulders. 

I turn to my family, and my eyes widen when I see them slowly fading away. This is just a dream? 

“Ari!” Chase says. 

I blink. “How do I wake up?”

“I don’t know…” He says, frowning.

But suddenly, the word spirals, and I sit up, gasping. I smack my forehead against Chase’s, who winces, but looks relieved.

“What happened?” I ask him.

He rubs his forehead. “I don't know. I think you were having a nightmare. I’ve been trying to wake you up for ten minutes.”

“How did you get in it?” 

“Hallucination and telepathy. I didn’t think it would work.” He says. “I...saw most of the dream.”

I sigh. “It’s nothing.”

“Are you sure? Because-”

“Really.” I interrupt. “It’s nothing.”

He doesn’t look convinced, but I guess he can tell I’m not talking about it, because he gets up. “Alpha passed by a while ago. He said he’ll take us to class later.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.” I say, pushing the blanket to the side. 


“I’ve got it!” I say as soon as I hear a knock on the door.

Chase, who is sitting on his bed, raises an eyebrow. “Okay.”

I open the door. Alpha’s standing there with papers in his hands, and he smiles at me. “Hey, Ari.”

“Oh, hey, Alpha.” I say. Are we going to talk about yesterday? “You’re taking us to class?”

He hands me a paper. “Here are your schedules.”

I take it, and read it. “I only have one class.”

“Which one?” He asks.

Shapeshifting - Glean’s office

I swallow. “Shapeshifting with the Glean. All day, I guess.”

“Really? She never does that. What happened yesterday?”

I tell him about our meeting with the Glean. 

“She never does that.” He repeats, frowning. “I wonder…”

His voice trails off, and he looks deep in thought. 

“Uh, wonder what?” I ask. 

He shakes his head. “Nothing. It’s not important. Ready to go?”

“C’mon, Chase.” I say, following Alpha out the door. He walks behind us. He seems quieter. Is something wrong?

We run into Jax on the way up the stairs. “You guys going to your classes?”

We nod. Chase mutters something, and I move beside him.

“You okay?” I ask him.

He nods. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Because-”

“I’m fine, Ari. Really. Just a little annoyed he hasn’t even given me my schedule.”

My eyes widen. “Ohh. Hey, Alpha, you didn’t give Chase his schedule.”

“I didn’t? Sorry.” He says. He hands Chase a piece of paper.

“What classes do you have?” I ask him.

He scans the page. “Empathy first, then Hallucikinesis, then telekinesis. Why do I only have those three?”

“They want to find which ones you’re best in. Jax says. “They’ll probably change some of the classes tomorrow. My first class is Empathy, too, if you want me to take you there.”

Chase nods. “See you later, Ari.”

“Bye.” I say as he walks down the stairs with Jax. I turn to Alpha. “Did he seem upset to you?”

“I didn’t think so.” He says, walking up the steps. “He seemed fine to me.”

“I’m probably just imagining things. But I think I might’ve hurt him earlier.”

“Really? What happened?” He asks, turning the corner.

I tell him about how Chase had helped me wake up, but I wouldn’t talk about the nightmare. Alpha doesn’t ask about it, which I appreciate.

“Here you are.” He says, nodding at the big doors. “If you want, I’ll come get you for lunch.”

I smile. “I’d like that.”

“See you later, Ari.” He says, flashing me a grin. He leans down, and kisses me. 

I watch him walk away, grinning. But the doors swing open, making me jump.

“Come in.” The Glean says.

I swallow, and walk inside. It’s cold and dark, but there’s one light on a folding chair in front of her desk. I sit down, tugging on a curl. 

“You are a very powerful shapeshifter.” She says. “That is why I am teaching you.”

I nod. She continues.

“I am hoping that if you are as strong with your other powers, you will become the next Glean.”

My eyes widen. “What? No, I can’t be-”

“You could. You’ve only been here a day. Would being Glean really be that bad?”

I don’t answer. This is exactly what Sky wanted to not happen. This is way too much attention on me. 

“But let’s start simple. I would like to help your shapeshifting get stronger. You could be very powerful, you know. I just wish you had more powers at the moment.” 

I nod, still staying quiet. She stands. She’s lean and tall, and is wearing black slacks, and a white dress shirt. She walks around the desk.

“Shapeshift.” She tells me.

I blink. “Into who?”

“Anyone. The first person you think of.”

It’s not like there’s a lot of choices. I grow a little bit, and black hair hangs in my face. Chase.

She nods. “That’s your friend, right?”

“Yeah, Chase.” I say.

“Okay. Focus on his face, but change the hair.”

I frown. “What?”

“Try to only change your hair.”

I picture Chase’s face, but with my curly blue hair. After a second she smiles. “Very good. You’re stronger than I thought. Most people can’t do that.”

I’m very powerful, I get it. I don’t feel strong, though. I feel normal. As normal as a dead person with superpowers can be, I guess. 

“I want you to try something else.” She says as I change back. “Try to picture another one of yourself.”

“Why? What does that have to do with shapeshifting?” I ask.

She purses her lips. “I’d like to see what happens. Picture another one of yourself standing beside you.”

“Okay…” I say. 

I close my eyes, and imagine me standing right next to the chair I’m sitting in. My eyes widen when I open them. Standing right next to the chair is another me.

“Just as I thought.” The Glean says. “We don’t know why that always happens, it’s really very-”

“Wait, what happened?” I interrupt, poking the other me. It’s not solid, and my finger goes right through.

She smiles at me. “You have another power. Hallucikinesis.”

Hope you liked it!

January 20, 2021 17:28

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Oops, I accidentally unfollowed you when I meant to click on your profile. Anyway, amazing! Even though this has nothing to do with the prompt, I still think it should win. Also, you have curly blue hair?!


Ari Berri
18:07 Jan 20, 2021

1: It's fine. 2: Thank you! 3: I don't, but I'd like to.


I want to have blue, pink and purple streaks in my hair.


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Ari Berri
19:11 Jan 26, 2021

I finished the next part!


Yes! Finally!


Ari Berri
21:27 Jan 26, 2021



Are you going to start a new series?


Ari Berri
00:18 Jan 27, 2021

Maybe the Talk one.


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Leo Reynie
18:26 Jan 21, 2021

According to your EXTREMELY long but entertaining profile you say to answer these questions in a comment. What can break without being touched?: Your heart (Metaphorically) What is easy to get into and hard to get out of?: A bad habit. What has a neck but no head?: A decapitated anything. What can fly without wings?: Peter Pan. What word is so fragile that breaks if you say it?: Silence. What is lighter than air but Cannot be lifted?: Helium?


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Leo Reynie
21:03 Jan 20, 2021

I LOVEEEE ITTTTT!!! I can't believe you made 8 parts, oh my gersh. Anyway, great story!


Ari Berri
21:05 Jan 20, 2021

Thank you!


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Ari Berri
19:10 Jan 26, 2021

The next part is done!


Leo Reynie
19:35 Jan 26, 2021



Ari Berri
19:38 Jan 26, 2021



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Wow wow wow Ari and Alpha are soooo cute!


Ari Berri
18:02 Jan 20, 2021



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Ari Berri
19:11 Jan 26, 2021

I finished part 9!


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20:11 Jan 24, 2021



Ari Berri
20:18 Jan 24, 2021



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