Romance Fiction

That's the thing about city life there's a lot of romance here, but people could still break your heart there so be careful. My mom, dad, and I are in New York City, and here's my love story.

"Luna?" my mother called

"Yes?" I asked

"Come here I need you to met someone," she said delightfully

"Who?" I asked

"Your dad's boss and his son!" she said

I'm seventeen years old, but I have never been on a date or had a love life. But that all changes when I see him.

"Luna, This is Mark Watson and his son Drake," she said

"Hi, I'm Luna," I said politely

"I'm Drake, and I've heard a lot about you, Luna," he said

And I knew and my mother knew that this was the start of a relationship.

"So what do you do for fun?" Drake said while we were walking to my bedroom.

"I like softball and tennis," I replied

"I like baseball and football," he stated

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked

"No why?"

He shrugged

"Do you want to go get pizza at the mall?" he asked hopefully

"Shure why not," I said

At the mall

"One small cheese pizza please," Drake ordered

"Order up!" the chef said

"Hey Drake," one girl said she was wearing a crop top and jean shorts with way too much make-up.

"Hey, Carmon," he said now annoyed

"What are you doing with this rat?" she said as snooty as possible

"I just wanted to get to know her Carmon. And she, not a rat she quite pretty." he snapped back

She left.

"Thanks for that." I said, "And for the record, I am not pretty so you didn't have to say that." I said

"No, I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen," he said like he meant it.

"Thanks," I said I blushed a light shade of rose

"So do you want to have dinner at The Devils Hideaway on Friday night?" he asked

"Shure I would."

After I told mother this she squealed.

"You have your first real date!" she said sobbing in between squeals

"They grow up so fast!" she wailed

"Mom, I'm still here ok mom," I said as I soothed her.

"It just that one day you're a baby then you're off to college and then you're married, and I'm old and wrinkly," she said with tears streaming down her face.

"It's ok I'll always be your little girl and it's just a date ok mom," I said.

Right before the date,

"MOM?!" I yelled

"Can you do my hair?" I said urgently

"Do you like what I'm wearing?" I asked

"Yes dear I love the moonlight blue and it's a short dress with a v neck dear you look magnificent," she said admiring my dress.

"HONK!" went Drake's car.

As I went out I swear my face went as red as a rose

"Wow! You look stunning Luna," he said dazzled

When we got to the restaurant he pulled up a chair and then that's when the night began.

"So what you want to eat Luna?" he asked

"I don't know maybe the spaghetti but it's a large I don't think I could eat that," I said

"Well, we could share it?" he asked in a hopeful way.

"Ok, let's do it."

"Waiter!" Drake called

"Yes?" he replied

"We would like to order one spaghetti and meatballs, please?" Drake said

"Ok come in right up," he said

"Luigi one spaghetti and meatballs for table three," he said

Once it was ready he brought it to the table and we started to eat.

One strand was stuck on both of our forks and got twined together

and we got closer and closer then our lips touched and,

"That was-" Drake started then I finished by kissing him on the cheek.

"That was awesome Luna you're the best!" he cheered

While we were in the car on the way home he said to me,

"I really really like you luna do you like me?" he asked

I kissed him again but on the lips this time and said,

"Did that answer your question?" I asked

"Yes," he said lovestruck

When we got back to my house we kissed goodnight and left.

"So how'd it go?" my friend Alexandra said while we were on the phone.

"How did what go?" I said confused

"The date it was because you talk like that when you have a crush or a first date," she stated

"We kissed," I said dreamily

"Who?!" she asked eagerly

"Drake Watson"

"Who's that?"

"My dad's boss's son," I said returning to normal again.

"Cool meet you at school?" she asked

"Meet you at school," I said

At school,

"Alex Come on over here!" I called to her,

"Comming!" she answered

"Meet me after school I have a surprise for you!" I said giddily

Then Carmon came over and said in a snooty voice,

"This is Sawyer Benson, my boyfriend," she said

"Did we ask," Alex said

"No but I thought you'd want to know your crush is dating me!" she snapped

"I'm not dating you because I like...Alexandra," he confessed

"WHAT!" she screamed in pure rage

"You-you do?" she asked

"Yes I do, want pizza?"

"Shure," she replied

"As shocked as I was I knew that they were meant to be, but I didn't know if Drake and I were meant to be.

Drake and I had been dating for months now and I was helping him pack for college I was sad but I hoped in time he was my husband.

"You know today is our 10-month anniversary since we started dating," Drake said

"Yea what do you want to do for it," I asked

"This," he said and fell on one knee and a ring was in his hand.

"Luna Will, you marry me?" he asked

"Oh My Gosh Yes I love you, Drake, of course, I'll marry you!" I said and then started to cry and then I realized that This was my happily ever after.

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Why did you copy the exact name from my story, "Pandemic"?


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Dylan Virgo?


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sorry I didn't know until you said that but do you like it🌯🌯🌯


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