'The secret world of dinosaurs in my close'

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In the month of May. The sun was so hot it could fry a fish alive and the green grass, as the hot sun reflected on it; was shining like a diamond.

My parents and I emigrated to London. In a small, peaceful and beautiful neighbourhood name Charlotte.

I could still smell as if it was just yesterday; the smell of the fresh, orange coloured paint.

I could remember the amazing appearance and my thoughts about our great mansion at first sight.

The mansion was owned by a famous, old and powerful wizard named Marlock but he died, or so we were informed and thought.

I was unhappy because I lost contact with all my old friends, teachers, pastor and neighbours. In charlotte, I am the only child living there. I have no one to play with or communicate, that made it more frustrating.

In the great mansion, inside was filled with many rooms, more than my grandmother's teeth.

One cold, silent and windy night. I was awoken by a nightmare of my grandmother giving me her fake teeth to clean. I got up out of my bed scared while dressed in my yellow daisy nightwear. I decided to explore the mansion for myself.

There I was walking through the great mansion; feeling lost and confused in my mind because of all the different rooms. I had already found and searched 9 nine rooms already.

The first was a room with different sizes of mirrors, the second was a room filled with fishing equipment the third was a room filled with old clothes, cobweb and dust, the fourth was a room filled with old guns and swords, the fifth was a room filled with different size of old clocks and watches, the sixth was a room filled with old and wooden toys, the seventh was a room filled with old bicycles and wheels, the eighth a room was filled with old bottles of wines and the ninth was an old library filled with many old and interesting books.

I decided to head back to my room and luckily I found my room because I felt like a mouse in a lion home.

In my room, as the clock struck 12, I heard the sound of beasts in the old and wooden closet. I was scared but bravely, I opened the door and I couldn't believe my eyes.

I had found a secret passageway to a secret and unbelievable world with the many breeds and sizes of dinosaurs, that are considered extinct in the modern world.

We all heard and know the different wonders about the dinosaur world and the tales about dinosaurs; Whether we learnt about them from the elderly folks, parents, relatives, grandparents, neighbours also in the Museums, schools; at camp while around the campfire telling stories.

Tales they are called because, We don't have any actual proof that these stories about them are real, just rumours like mermaids and other creatures passed from generation to generations.

I felt happy and awesome to witness the mighty and great dinosaurs before my very own eyes.

With my mouth opened because I was shocked by this discovery inside the old and wooden closet; seeing the dinosaurs and my eyes felt like they wanted to pop out of their sockets.

I pinched myself, thinking I was dreaming but ahh! , the pinch hurt definitely I awoke.

There was Marlock the wizard riding on the back of the great and huge Tyrannosaurus also known as T Rex dinosaur; belief to be the greatest breed of dinosaur. Marlock saw me and he said, "Come ride with me child". I accepted and went to ride with him on the back of the T rex.

The feeling of riding on the T rex back, there is no word to describe my feeling. Marlock said, "I know you think your dreaming but your not, I am taking you to the dinosaur queen and kind, they will explain to you".

On a mountain, the queen and king of dinosaurs; T rex breeds name Murphy and Maria were standing on the great mountain. As all the fellow dinosaurs bowed their heads before them.

The king said, "Long ago there was the first kingdom in the world name Long silver, the king Solomon and I were best friends; We had an agreement and divided the land into two because our sizes were great to live among humans, We lived peacefully until he became greedy wanting all the land for his people and himself alone, he betrayed and killed many my people by poisoning our crops, which we ate".

The queen said, "Yes your ancestors are the enemies of our fall, we decided to pretend to be extinct to protect our kind from the cruel and selfish humans also it is impossible for us to live with humans and all the stories you heard your ancestors made it up, so you would think we are a danger and to hide there the dark and evil secret of betrayal".

Marlock said, "I found the dinosaur many years ago, I helped them to protect and conceal them in this magical world, Which I had created with my magic power".

I said," I am sorry for what my ancestors did, but we are not all the same, I would love to be apart of your world and you must know this is the modern world, things are better"

The king said, "Your welcome anytime here but you can only come at 12 am because only then the spell works to open to our world and you must not tell our secret to the world".

Marlock carried me back to my room and read me a bedtime story. Then he leaves and went back to the dinosaur world.

I was shocked, confused and unhappy because of the stories that I heard about my ancestors. They were hiding and protecting their the secret of hurting the dinosaurs. Then I thought to myself I was not dreaming but rather going crazy and hallucinating.

I was like a Tarzan but even better I was not in the jungle but rather in the incredible world of dinosaurs.

I told their secret too you but it doesn't matter. You wouldn't believe in a million years or you would send me to the asylum; strap me down to a chair and electroshock my brain.

March 22, 2020 02:42

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Alex Sumner
11:08 Mar 29, 2020

I love your story, u impressed me again another great story.


Tyra Johnson
11:10 Mar 29, 2020

Thank you.


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