I was in a building. “Elixon” read the sign on the building. There were up to 15 floors. I walked into an elevator and pressed the button that had the number ‘1’ engraved upon it. The doors shut and opened. It was just rooms. I pressed the button that said ‘2’. It was just another floor of rooms.

        I tried the third, fourth, fifth until the fourteenth floor but they were just rooms. I pushed my finger on the button that said “15” and the door shut. Before I could see what was on the other side, my dream ended.

       I woke up, still sleepy and frustrated. I badly wanted to go back and find out what was on the fifteenth floor. I had a feeling it wasn’t another bunch of boring old rooms.

         Suddenly, I remembered. I was starting my new job today! The boss would be so mad if I was late!  I ran to the bathroom and got ready. I ran out of the house, locked the door, stumbled into the car and fixed the GPS to my new office, and drove away from my house, forgetting to eat breakfast. My jam doughnut was now wasted.

 I was almost reaching the office when Miss Peters called.

“Olivia! Where are you!” she shrieked. “You were supposed to be here five minutes ago!”

“Don’t worry, Miss Peters, I’m almost there!” I said.

Miss Peters hung up. I knew that she was the ‘bossy boss’ type.

 I parked my car near the building that I was supposed to be working at, Elixon! I felt my jaw drop open. I had to work at the same building in my dream! But how could that be? I had never seen that building before. How could I have dreamt it?

 Still in shock, I scrambled into the building and walked into the elevator. I pressed the button for the third floor like Miss Peters had told me and, I knew it, the floor was full of rooms. Miss Peter’s greeted me in the first room on the left.

“Ah, Olivia, you’re here!” she said cheerfully. “Now sort out this stack of papers now. What are you waiting for? Chop chop or I might fire you!” said Miss Peters walking away, her heels clicking on the floor.

 I sat on the table in the room and pulled the stack of papers towards me.

 After about two hours, my work was complete. I wanted to go up the elevator and find out what was on the fifteenth floor. Miss Peters had seen me coming out of the room and heaved another huge stack of papers into my arms.

“More papers for you to sort! And when you’re done, I need you to sort more papers and then make some calls.’

 I groaned inwardly. I couldn’t wait to see what was on the fifteenth floor! I was just going to have to be patient. I sighed and began my work at once.

 It took forever to finish the work. When I was done, before Miss Peters could give me any more work, I said I needed a break and went to get some coffee. I slipped into the elevator. Only a colleague was inside. I made to press the button that said ‘15’ and she grabbed my hand.

“Don’t” she said with a scared look on her face.

“Why not?”

“Miss Peters said we’re not allowed on the fifteenth floor.”

“Why?” I asked. I was really curious.

“I don’t know, but if we ever go there, we’ll be in big trouble with her,” said the colleague.

“She wouldn’t know,” I said.

“Yes, she would-”

Miss Peters entered the elevator, carrying a stack of papers. She turned and noticed me.

“Olivia, I thought you went to get coffee, what are you doing here, chatting and wasting precious time?” said Miss Peters and dumped the papers in my arms. “Here, instead of talking, sort these papers. And then, attend the staff meeting.”

 The doors opened and Miss Peters and walked out. I sadly looked at the stack of papers and sighed.

 After I was done, I exited Elixon sadly. As I drove home, I hatched a plan to somehow get into the room!

 The next day, I woke up really early and quickly threw on some fresh clothes. I jumped into the car and drove to Elixon, forgetting to eat my breakfast again. I had now wasted a chocolate cheese doughnut.

 I parked my car and looked around. There were no cars in sight except mine. Good! I ran into the building and walked to the elevator, my heart thumping wildly. The doors opened and I stepped inside and with a shaking hand, pressed the button that said “15”.

 The doors closed and I was terrified and excited about what would be on the fifteenth floor. The doors opened and I saw, not more rooms, but a huge hallway with a door at the end of it. I ran to it and yanked open the door. There was a small room with a chair in it. Metal hands forced me to sit on the chair. Iron cuffs shut on my arms and feet so I couldn’t escape.

“Help!” I screamed. “Somebody HELP!”

 The was no one to hear me. I heard a robotic cackle and suddenly, a sharp pain came from my back. Metal hands pulled a dagger out of my back. I never felt pain like this before.

 I kept thinking of all the things I should have done before. I never knew I was going to lead such a short life. I had never gone on a roller coaster with a loop before. I had never learnt how to play the trumpet even though I promised my dead dad I would. I had never finished my luxury box of doughnuts…

 The robotic cackle came again.

“This is what you get for snooping through Elixon’s secrets,” said the robotic voice.

 I wish I never dreamt about this place.

 I wish I never came to work here.

 I wish I never came up the fifteenth floor.

 The cuffs opened and I slumped onto the ground, my vision blurred.

 I wish I didn’t skip my breakfast.

July 23, 2021 12:21

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Coco ★
02:29 Aug 03, 2021

Whoaaa I loved the last ending it was super dramatic :O


02:57 Aug 04, 2021

Haha, thanks, I got a bit carried away! 😂


Coco ★
03:05 Aug 05, 2021

Hahahaa, I don't think it was carried away, it was good!!! :D


03:31 Aug 05, 2021

Aw, thanks! :)


Coco ★
08:38 Aug 12, 2021

:))) So to keep up the conversation Hmmm do you have a dog?? :DDDD


10:25 Aug 12, 2021

Oh, I do actually. I have a poodle. What about you? :D


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Niveeidha Palani
07:17 Jul 24, 2021

I loved this, Kirrtanaa, so suspenseful. Suited the prompt perfectly <3 Hope you do a Part two on some of your stories, I'd love to read them. :)


07:46 Jul 24, 2021

Sure, I'll think about it ;)


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