The tale of Layla's life

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"Are you coming tonight?" Nova shouted across the hall while walking from the front door to the hall sofa. " I think I will pass," Layla's voice echoed from her bedroom. 

"Lay, why are you doing this? I have been asking you about this party for more than a week now. And you just nodded all the way and now this…" nova sheared without taking an eye from his phone. 

"I'm sorry man, but I really don't feel like going out you know" layla came walking by and sat next to nova wearing a comfortable hoodie and sweatpants. 

" Yeah yeah, I know you don't like to be invited to a party. But it's the 8 th party already and you never went for anyone of that. Saying these exact same words. Lay I understand you love your small bubble wrapped in the comfortable zone but can't you come at least for this one. And also you know what, your crush! That punk whom you admire also is coming! What do you say now?" He turned to layla and stared straight into her eyes like he would Pierce her eyes for her to admit to coming to the party.

By hearing the name she always dream about while watching romantic movies she got flustered. She started blushing. Still nova keeps staring at her for the answer. For which he already knew half of the result by that time. 

"You know what, don't come. Who cares. I tried this hard, pleasing you without telling you his name. Just to make sure you have an suprise. You yourself ruined your surprise. And guess what, even if you come I won't take you. Just so you know, he asked me to call you.your loss." He was about to stand. 

But Layla pulled him back. He looked at her questionably. " I knew you wanted to come but didn't want to… I'm okay. You sit here and watch your favourite anime. Bye!" 

" I'll come. And wait, that's true I'm coming because my crush is coming but also there is a party beast who has been asking me to come to that party for a week so yes!" 

" Oh great, I will pick you up at 7. Don't wear your black hoodies. Wear a dress.(no I don't have a dre-) Wait. You have a dress. I bought you one when we went shopping last month. Wear that"

Layla nods her head. 

At 6.30 nova was already in Layla's apartment. That apartment was the only thing left for her by her late parents who died two years ago. If it weren't Nova and his parents Layla wouldn't be able to get through that time. Layla doesn't like people at first. She hates to even speak with people. They helped her get through the toughest time of her life. Layla wouldn't say that but she really felt grateful towards them. Layla was wearing that red solid knitted dress with one short sleeve and shoulder straps which suits her round face and she let her hair down which was almost to her elbow length. That was the first time she was wearing a colorful eye-catching dress after her parents' car crash. She looked so gorgeous in that dress. And she comes to the hall to witness nova secretly eating her last piece of cheesecake. 

"Nova" at the sight of the cheesecake owner Nova looked like a rat who didn't know what to do or where to hide.

I knew it, Nova! I should have hidden it. You rat! How can you?(signs) wait till mom and dad come back from their business trip. I will tell them Nova went out to party every night and didn't even eat properly" 

"Complaining, what are you four?" Nova attacked Layla with sarcasm.

"Oh then, you steal my cheese cake, what are you a rat?" Layla Counterattacks him in his way.

"Oh come on, you know I eat when I'm nervous!" Nova mumble chews the last piece of the cake. 

"You are nervous? Why, I should be the one. Why are you nervous?" Layla Questioned him 

"Actually this is the first time, I'm going to an party with my crush" whispers

" What, I didn't hear, wait did you say crush? You have a crush, who is that person? He/she?"

Nova~ you know her! It's Lysandra! 

Layla~ Wait you have a crush on my crush 's cousin (laughs) did you ever tell her? 

Nova~ did you tell Liam you like him? 

Layla~ no I didn't get a chance! 

Nova~ same.

Layla POV~ I think I should help him. Shouldn't he be the one helping me with my crush. But he is like a little kid while talking about Lysandra. 

I asked "can we leave now? It's already 6.40 pm" he nodded and we left the apartment and we were there by 7.10.

I waited for nova to park his suv ecosport. I was looking at the car until someone caught my attention. It''s Liam he looks so fine. This is the first time I have ever seen outside the college.  That black shirt and those ripped jean. he wore one of the outfits he wore to college but why does it look different? Wait a second. Did he unbutton his shirt? He never did that. Oh my god! More skin I would pass out. Is he walking straight to me? No! Why would he? He would probably pass by me. He is coming… coming.. lay stop panicking he is not a killer. Yeah see, he is passing.

"HI" did he talk to me. Yes he is. Shit, shit, shit. 

I turned to him and smiled and said "HI" 

Liam~ you look gorgeous. This is the first time I'm seeing you this close and also you wore a dress that's not black" 

"Okay, are you here to make fun of me? Liam."

Having him this closer seems like a dream. If it is, I don't want to wake up. His scent in the air just smells like lavender. I never thought he would smell like lavender. 

" No really, you… you look fabulous. Aren't you coming inside?" Liam Questioned me. As I nodded as show nova who is walking towards me. Liam smiled and went inside. Nova came slowly and started to smiling. I knew what it is. 

"Shut up" I murmured and we went in. 

I don't know how so many people are really good at socializing. Maybe that's why they are called extroverts. Until they leave me alone by dancing for themselves it's fine. I looked for nova, my coping mechanism. He vanished. How can he leave me alone? And I got a message, it's from nova. "Lay, do you not throw away the milk if it goes bad. I think I got a stomach ache and I am now stuck in the bathroom." Oh my god, this guy I forgot to clean the fridge today. And this happened. I replied to him, " dude, you have to control your mouth. Didn't it taste different. Oh whatever come soon." 

"See there, it's Layla" 

"Is she wearing a dress?" 

"OMG, she looks so funny"

"Come lets make even more fun"

Four boys from Layla's major who are known for their bullying approached her. 

"See who is it? It's Layla the nerd queen" one said, smiling wickedly. 

Layla looked at them and stayed silent.

"Nerds don't really defend themselves, do they? It's always that idiot nova to rescue" another one continued. 

"I think I saw him in the bathroom, that dude got himself into a problem I guess" one said with a big laugh.

"Then, we have a little more fun today. With this lamp"

Layla looks at them. They made her fear and scared. She wanted nova at that time. It's him who always saved her but today he wouldn't be. 

"Can we do a little roleplay? You are now the janitor who is going to clean the place" the first one said "But the floor is clean" other one exclaimed. "Now it's not," one of the other two guys said and he poured the sauce in the cup from the counter on the floor. And also he pushed a guy who was serving drinks so those drinks also fell. 

Layla looked at them again and started to walk away. Even Though she is afraid she doesn't show that in her face. The one who poured the sauce caught her hands. She looked at him. Smiled. She smiled bigger. He let her hand.

"I think you should worry about your face." Layla said and he asked "why should I worry,I have a beautiful face, not like you, you ugly duckling" splash. Layla poured something." Yeah maybe I'm a ugly duckling but not a bully like you which is cheaper than being ugly. And also It's going to burn a little. Just so you know it's the sauce and the drink mixture. And for your information it seems that's chili sauce" he screams and falls down on the floor. While wiping as there was the mixture on the floor it touched his hands and he use his hands to clean. He gets irritated again and again. 

With a smirk Layla walks away from the choatic scenery. She walked straight to Liam who was standing there. 

Liam~ I'm sorry, I didn't do anything to help you, I wanted to but you seem a little confident so I let you handle it. 

Layla~ It's fine, it was actually scary dealing with them. But they themselves gave things to change the game upside-down. And actually I want to speak with you about something. 

(Let's just ask him to help nova to go on a date with Lysandra) you knew nova right? 

Liam~ no I don't know nova, who is he?

Layla~ Liam, I want to speak with you about something Important about nova. Actually he has someone he has a crush on. You would know her, she is the most gorgeous one in this whole party. 

Liam pov~ is she trying to tell me that nova likes her. I think yes, definitely because she is the most gorgeous woman in the party. She doesn't seem irritated about it, I think she likes him too. Why wouldn't she they are best friends from 6th grade. I think it's better to leave the conversation here itself or else. When she explains how she "likes" nova. I would become pieces. "Lay, you know what, I actually have something to take care of. There he is, nova! Talk to him"

He left Layla alone. He doesn't want to do that to her. But he thought that he would get hurt by Layla as she would say to him that she loves nova. 

Nova approaches Layla and smiles at her. He looks at Liam who walks away and giggles near Layla's ears. Layla smiles and pushes him playfully. Liam, who was walking, turned and saw this. He felt really sad and walked away. While walking Liam witnesses his cousin Lysandra who was sitting in the distance and watched everything and took a deep sigh and walked away. 

Lysandra understood what that deep sigh meant. She stood up and walk straight to Layla. But in few seconds Nova walks away with the phone pressed to his ear. Lysandra stood infront of layla and smiled.

Layla~ hey, hi! 

Lysandra~ hey actually you look gorgeous in this dress!

Layla~ why everyone is making fun of me. I knew I look funny.

Lysandra~ no, seriously! You are drop-dead gorgeous and adorable girl. 

Layla~ actually you know what, I was about to say those same words to you. You look marvelous today. I have to tell you, I thought you won't even talk to me, you'll are beautiful and me who literally looks like potatoes. I thought How would you talk to me. 

Lysandra~ seriously! Lay, you need to stop thinking that way, you are much more beautiful and stronger than you think. I love all the books you recommend to people. You gotta good taste than our college milkshake you know!

Layla~( smiles) you like it, that's so great.  Actually I want to ask you something. Do you know my friend nova. That guy who just now left. 

Lysandra~ That guy who left in a white shirt and a black Jean. I know him. Nova. Funny and innocent and also so cute and caring too. I saw him taking care of you. By the way did you say what happened few minutes before to him. And apologize for not helping you. I would have but I thought you would have some greater good comebacks.and also just so you know I got that recorded in my mobile. Where did he went right now.

Layla~ no, actually I didn't tell him. Because he would go beat them. And he would be behind bars for that. I already took care of that. No worries. His dad and mom called. It would take some time. And actually I wanted to talk about nova. He is kinda interested in you. He told me that today. And you two would be a great couple together. 

Lysandra~ wait, are you setting me up with your best friend. Aren't you two already like each other? 

Layla~ what? No, I actually like someone else, not him. Even nova knows that. What gives you that idea that we both like each other. 

Lysandra~ lay, give a second. Is that someone Liam. My cousin's brother. 

Layla's eyes widened and instantly blushed.

Lysandra~ oh my god, is this what you were trying to say to Liam for a few minutes. I mean nova like me? (Nods) what an idiot he is! 

Layla~ what, who is that idiot?

Lysandra~ Liam, he thinks you and nova likes each other. And that's why he left you alone a few moments before. He is thinking about asking you out. Actually he was planning to ask you out today. But that guy seriously should stop reading fanfictions what an nice shipper he is. He literally shipped his crush with her best friend. And also one more thing I would love to go out with your best friend. 

Layla~ (smiles) that's so great. Wait Liam. oh my effing god. Seriously! I should find him now. 

Lysandra~ no need, I knew where he would be. 

They arrive in a room full of people who are sitting in a circle at a round table. They were playing do or drink. 

One of the seniors who is organising the game "Oh, it's Layla, our new guest who came for the party. We came to know about the incident. Don't worry, We will take care of them. And you have to pick a card."

On this side, Layla was kind of searching for that one face. There it is. He was standing there across the room at a corner. His glowing face doesn't glow, he looks like he is kind of in a heartbreak situation. 

Layla, picked a card. 

Senior read it out, 

Kiss the hottest person in the room or drink 10 shots. 

"Actually you can kiss someone you like, it doesn't have to be the hottest person coz everyone is hottest on their own way"

"Senior, you are fluttering us" the girls shouted.

Liam was shocked because of the card. He doesn't want to see his crush kiss someone else. He turned away.

Layla walks straight to Liam. She knows if she misses this moment she would never make him understand that she likes Liam.

She pulls Liam who was looking outside the window. And leaned for a kiss. 

Everyone gasped.

She pressed her lips onto his and pulled herself back. More Than a kiss it's more like a peck on his lips. While she backed off. Liam already has tears in his eyes. He hugged her tightly. It seems like he would never want to break the hug.

 Liam's eyes had thousands of stories that had to be read. And layla would be the one who would read that. They would have hardships too but until they have their love they will definitely have the happiest life.

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Lots of energetic dialogue! a very romantic ending! This is a lovely story. Thank you for the story of Liam and Layla.


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I'm glad that you like my story. Thank you<3


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