My fingers tense around the lipstick tube in my pocket as the bathroom door opens.

Not the target.

I loose a small breath and appear to be washing my hands and applying makeup.

I hum under my breath as I do inspect my face, looking for any area I can fix.

I know Jack is our guy in the van, and Ben has to intercept and direct the target but did I really have to get stuck in the bathroom?

'Of course stupid you're the only girl, besides it's all for the cause. It's worth it.' The logical part of my brain argues.

The woman who had entered the bathroom washes her hands and briefly smiles at me, a gesture I lightly return, then she exits,

"Target's headed your way C.C.." Ben says over comms.

"Copy." I say out of the corner of my mouth then the target enters right on time, flustered, furious, and smelling strongly of champagne.

"Are you alright?" I ask.

"Some drunken idiot dumped his champagne glass down my dress!" She exclaims furiously.

"Oh I'm so sorry, that's awful. Is there anything I can do to help?" I offer.

"I actually do, I'm a designer and I ripped my dress straight down the back last event I attended, it was horrible, so I brought a spare this event. I can't believe I actually get to use it!" I say, smiling delightedly.

"The stars have aligned!" The target exclaims. "I'm Katherine by the way."

"Selena," I reply, not a single fiber of my body even hinting to the fact that I'm lying in the slightest. "Now come with me and lets get you out of this wet thing."

The target and I walk to my car, an inconspicuous black family van.

"How long have you been designing?" The target asks.

"Since I was little. My family had no sense of style, my dad wore plaid with polka-dots for heavens sake, so I was the family stylist." I ramble, barely pulling on the latch to the trunk of the van.

"Oh, whoops, I left the keys in my pocket one second." I say, shaking my head and laughing as if to say 'silly me'.

"Oh I do that all the time, I forget everything." The target laughs amicably.

"Well we're all human," I say, fastening my grip around the lipstick tube. "But you less so than others."

"I'm sorry what?" The target asks.

I whip out the disguised taser and pull the cap off, the wires springing from it and electrocuting the woman in front of me until she passes out.

"Katherine Marie Spencer, good luck running your black market empire dead." I say.

The communication device in my ear crackles to life. "C.C., you got her?" Jack asks.

"Kitty cat's in the bag, headed to rendezvous point now," I confirm, picking up the now unconscious woman and hauling her into the back of my unlocked van.

"You know they say curiosity killed the cat." Jack muses.

"Then I guess C's new name is curiosity." Ben interjects, jumping on comms.

"She's not dead yet, I'll let you boys help me with that." I say, positioning Miss Spencer so it looks like she's passed out in the back of my car from too much alcohol.

"After what she did to us, we all deserve a piece of that pie." Ben growls.

"Three shots." Jack agrees.

I slide into the drivers seat, buckle up, and park my car.

"This is just day one boys," I remind. "Today we finish off Spencer, tomorrow, we start picking off the rest of them."

"Not one left." Jack says.

"Not one left." Ben repeats.

"Not one left." I finish then I start the car and speed off to the rendezvous point.

Down with The Monarchy.

December 05, 2019 14:34

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Sam Lauren
18:29 Dec 12, 2019

This sounds like the beginning to an epic spy movie! It leaves me wanting to know who the rest of the targets are and what they did. So intriguing!


Sylvia Hurley
17:54 Dec 17, 2019

I'm loving this sight because I'm writing openings or clips for things I'd love to continue. I think this little exert is definitely going to turn into a spy novel if I can keep up a good plot. The title needs some work it's so cringey but keep an eye out! Thank you so much for commenting!


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