Who is the boss in my late day

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Drama Fiction Mystery

Zombie, yea hell I look like a real zombie. Wait no, zombie is the beautiful creature any one could see compared to me. Why? Because it's been only 3 weeks since I finally got the job, but today I am late for the 3rd time. It's not only that today is a special day for the company. There is a huge seminar all this week and we are finally making a huge a really huge business agreement. And I am supposed to be there since I am one of the presenter. And it is gonna be the first time that I am gonna meet the boss. Yea the first time.

Wait am the presenter and I look like a zombie and it's to late to change thanks to my stupid alarm for not waking me up early. Am in a rush am in a rush. So the only choise I have is calling a cab and change and put my makeup there in the cab.

Thank God the cub is here in a minute." Hello Miss. I am glad you are a girl." Well I don't even know what am really saying but I know for sure how much I feel safe to get a girl driver since I will use that cab as my bedroom. " Hello miss am glad to meet you where should I take you?" Oh she is polite. After giving her the address. I start changing there and also all the accessories I should have. The woman look at me in the rare view and she smiled." I think you are late for your program."

"Yes yes and if you don't mind please speed up a little more. It's a life and death situation." As I said this the sweet driver speed it up only giving me a sympathetic smile. Where is my phone? Oh its here. Jeez there is 35 missed calls. 10 from my colleague and best friend jasmine, 15 from the manager who is the last person I would like to see now. And 10 from unknown numbers which I don't have any interest right now. Well there is also tons of messages saying, are u alive? You are late and the like.

Well finally am here well I have to get a coffee first yea it's a must. Running to the coffee house something as hard as a wall hit me and I fall. As if the day is not enough by it self. And in front of me there is hot man with suit and he is on the phone. He gave me his hands and said sorry with a very irritating face. He looks mad but I am mad to. "Hey watch your self." Saying this I go and grab my coffee my phone is ringing but it's not a time for it. Being ready to run with my coffee then again something hit me and half of my coffee splashes. To my surprise it was the first man again. Being beyond angry I splash the rest of the coffee in his face and I said get lost you idiot. He doesn't say anything exept what a manerless person. If it was a normal day I will slash his back but not today. Leaving the coffee I start to run to the seminar but guss what it's almost ending. Seriously how can it end this fast ?

When I am about to go to the stage the manager who I want to avoid at any cost saw me and drag me to the collider.

" how dare you? How can you be late on the most important day? This is too much you know what you are fired. You are the most irresponsible person ever. If it was not for jasmine we would be in great loss." Wait what he is still shouting but I feel safe knowing jasmine make it. At least the company is not .... hurt I guss.

Wait the manager is still shouting. Giving him a puppy's face." Look sir am sorry am really really sorry. It's like my alarm went off and I sleep let preparing for this service and.."

He doesn't let me finish infact he is right. he cut me off by saying " don't you ever dare to even say a word. I know you were lazy from the beginning and we don't want someone like you so you are fired."

This is alot , I swear this is a lot and this was the only job I managed to get. And know it's gone as well. " please sir please give me one last chance I would never ever make you angry. Or show me the boss and let me beg him."

As always he cut me off " this is more than enough lina, even the boss is angry at you. He was calling you none stop he tries to understand you but you are such a useless. "

Now am off limit, the day is more than I can take. And when I am about to shout the same man from the coffee house were in front of me. Well here comes the displacement theory I have to let my irritation and anger on someone and I got the right person. With out thinking again I go in front of him and said. " what do you want now, are you trying to hit me. You know what you are not my type. Have some manner at least." And I splash the glass of water I got in front of me. This is the displacement theory but I know I didn't displace on the right person. When the manager came running saying " are you crazy lina?" Before I can answer anything the person in front of me said " is she lina the employee who is late and that I am trying to find?" What is this person talking.

But I know the moment the manager said " yes boss, I am very sorry. Tho jasmine take her part and its going good."

What is he the boss the one I splash coffee and water in minutes difference, the one I insulted as if he is no one. Every scenario is running in my mind now. I remember how irritated ad mad he was at the coffee house, how he was calling for someone and how my phone rings with unknown number.

I wish there is a magic who can make me disappear right the moment. But the only thing I can do is running. And now I know that today I am fired with out even getting to my job. With out saying a word I am running in a rush to hide from my embracemnt

August 29, 2021 13:18

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