"And a little bit of Ash Moonstone... then a pinch of Black veil... and then that just leaves the golden flower... Which we don't have." I sighed.

Okay, let's pause right there. So you'd be wondering, what the heck I'm talking about, wouldn't you? Well the explanation is crazy but here we go...

First of all, my name is Jasmine, and I'm 18 years old! I have a younger sister, Natalie, who is 17.

Alright, so basically, this world is unlike you've have ever heard of. It's filled with something called... magic. Yes you may have read or heard of it, as fairy-tale's and myths.

However, I assure you that this world is very real and so am I. Anyway I know it sounds crazy, but you just got to believe me!

So, you can't live in this world without knowing about magic, every where you go you can see it... feel it. All the families here have their own 'Gift'.

You see there are all sort's of gifts that families have for example:





All sorts, my families gift is a rare one... Spell Casting.

So yeah, anyone in my family, is able to Cast Spells, all sort's of spells. Of any sort, including things like Fire... Water... Mist... etc. You get the idea don't you? And this is why it's considered the most powerfullest.

Now that you know a little background, how about we go over some current events?

Basically, I also found out in books, that if a spell caster masters, this one specific spell, that they would be able to master ANY spell.

This spell currently consists of these ingredients:

1) Ash Moonshine

2)Ember water

3)Black Veil

4)The last leaf from an Oak tree

5)The finest feather from a raven

6)The Golden Flower

You see I'm nearly done with the spell, and I have all the ingredients except for one, the Golden Flower. The only problem is... To find the Golden Flower well... It's actually located in high cliff, at the North side of Eve's Ville (Which is where I live!). The journey to that place would take at least 6 hours let's say?

Which is all fine and well, except if I don't get the flower in 24 hours the spell won't work. So I need to go... Now.

Alright all caught up? Good! Let's continue.

"Okay, mom... We just need a bit of supplies, as in food, for the trip. If I don't return in at least 20 hours get ready to destroy my potion, and well... send a search party won't you?"

After I walked over to the other room where my younger sister Natalie was, "Natalie, you ready?" Natalie, looked up from stuffing her bag with things, "Uh... Yeah just about."

I walked over to her bag, "Yeah... but you don't need... this." I pulled out the sleeping bag. "It's not a four day journey you know... We should be back by Nightfall anyway. And we need to be back if we ever want to be actual Spell casters."

Natalie nodded, "Alright, if you say so, let's go." We both stepped out of the room to the kitchen where our mom was stuffing my bag with food.

"Mom. Mom! Oh my god, it's not a year trip it's just 6 hours that should be enough!" My mom turned around, "Your always so dramatic Jasmine!" I laughed, "Oh mom, We'll be back before you know it! Hopefully... With the flower..." I trailed off thinking on how we'd actually get it when we reached.

My mom snapped me out of my reverie when she said, "Oh please stay safe, and don't forget to eat along the way!"

I opened my mom to say something but Natalie beat me too it, "Of course mom! You just don't worry too much okay?"

My mom gave a nervous laugh, "Oh, I'll try"

After we finally bid goodbye to our mom we set off, but we instantly ran into one of my friends, Isabella, she has the gift of Water, which I've always found very fascinating... The way she can walk on it...

"Hey Nat, Jas! Where you off too with all that?"

"Well... You have heard of the um tradition we have in well my family about the spell thing?" I asked her.

She looked thoughtful for a moment, "Oh... Oh right! I remember my mom telling me about that when YOUR mom did it!"

"Nice!" Natalie piped in

I then said, "Well we better get going if we're to come back by nightfall, see you tomorrow Iz!"

"Bye ya too!"

An hour later...

Natalie broke the silence when she said, "Hey Jas... I was wondering. After we finally do finish the potion-assuming we do-what would happen? Like something does happen right?"

I laughed, "Of course something happens Nat! And that something is this: For just 5 minutes you can go back to any date and place!"

Natalie stopped in her tracks, "Wait... seriously!? That's... Well that's incredible!"

"I know right! Which is why we need to continue on!"

Two hours later...

"Hey you hungry there?"

"Yes! I haven't ate anything all day!"

"And who's fault is that? Anyway we have the Sandwich's mom packed us."

Two more hours later...

Siri spoke through my phone, "You have arrived at your destination"

"Perfect" I said aloud.

I looked around. We were currently located at a bottom of a very tall, steep, cliff. The cliff was covered top to bottom in vines. And did I mention how steep and tall it is?

Natalie was the first to speak "Well... this is tall... um"

"What did you expect a simply meadow with the flower just glowing in the center begging to be picked? Uh no. I don't think so."

"Shut it. And you're the one climbing that thing. Those vine's... look strong but defiantly not strong enough for two women climbing at the same time. Plus by a landslide you're the most muscular one in the two of us."

I snarled at her, "Coward."

But she had a point. I walked over to the vines, and gave it a strong tug, it barely moved. Seems good enough I thought. Then I looked up, to the top of the cliff, Well this is tall. At least it'll make a good story later.

My hands sought out two vines nearest to put my hands on and another two for my legs. Then I began climbing.

The further I went, the thicker the vines became, which was good and bad, because well yes it was easier to put my feet on it, but it also became harder to properly grasp.

I got a flash of vertigo as I stupidly looked down. 20 feet was a long way to fall.

Only then did I realize how insane this 'idea' even was. I mean COME ON! Climbing a 30 feet cliff? With no support or protection? Yeah, I think that falls under the category of 'insane' or 'crazy'.

Like what was I thinking!?

Well there was no going back now though. Not when I'm already 2/3 of the way to the top.

When I was about at 25 feet I looked up, "Okay Jas. You can do th-SHIT!"

I slipped.

My legs lost their balance off one of the vines, and now I was dangling 25 feet in the air with only my hands holding on.

For a moment I thought this was it.

That I was dead.

For almost a full minute I kicked my legs uselessly, until I was finally able to feel the vines again.

I was able to hear Natalie screaming, but I didn't dare look down.

Instead, I continued climbing.

Until I finally reached! The air up here seemed thinner, but it wasn't as though I couldn't breathe, which was good.

I looked around the cliff, but I couldn't find the flower.

"What the Heck!? It's SUPPOSED to be RIGHT HERE!? I did not climb this stupid cliff for nothing!"

I looked around. There were bushes… maybe it was behind one? I looked around scattered the leaves of the bushes until… I finally got my hands onto the flower!

Something strange happened though, I can't really put my finger on it… but I… felt something… as if a surge of energy buzzed through me…

I picked up the flower. For a moment I just stood there, and inhaled the sweet scent of it…

"Alright. Now… How in the world am I getting down from here?"

I walked over to the edge of the cliff and leaned in to see how far I had to go.

Gulp, that's a long way to go. I took a deep breath and began my way down. Every time I placed my foot on a vine, I felt as though I'd fall off. Once I was finally 1/2 of the way down, I felt as though I may lose my grip. I was extremely tired. I should have taken a break before I continued downward!

 I sighed.

"Just… a little… further… Almost… There." I whispered in between gasps.

When my feet finally touched the ground, I collapsed on the ground…

"Hey Jas? You okay?" my sister grunted as she pulled me up to my feet, "HMP! Get up, god your heavy"

Honestly I know as I was describing what happened it didn't seem so hard to be climbing it, but trust me when I say this. It's hard as hell!

After I had a few minutes to catch my breath me and my sister returned home, and after nearly 5-6 hours of walking when we finally reached, we were both EXHUASTED!

However, there was no time to rest. The potion had to be finished. But even before that, me and Natalie had to decide on a place and time, to travel to.

"Natalie can we..."

My sister grabbed my hand, "Yes. Yes we can"

I took a deep breath and stirred the potion, I threw in the flower and said, "2012, March 23, 2:30 PM, at Eve's Ville 23rd ST NE" I closed my eyes.

I felt the same rush of energy go through me as I had when I picked the flower, but this time it was defiantly stronger and when I opened my eyes...

There he was.

Our dad.

Me and Natalie never had the chance to meet him before he... passed away.

Those next 5 minutes were the best of my life. Magical.

Even though I knew I would never meet him in real life... this was better then nothing. Out of all the enchantments I'll cast in the future I know this one will always be closest to my heart.

June 27, 2021 22:31

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