Author's Note: This story was somewhat emotional to me for some reason and I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and by the way, the three sentences at the end belongs to Grandpa. 😉

“Miss Sterling.

I turned my chair around, slurping my chocolate mint milkshake.

“You’re late, John,” I said.

“Yes- I know- I’m sorry Miss Sterling but-”

“Where are the reports I asked you to work on?” I demanded.

“Oh, I’m sorry- I haven’t finished them. I-”

“You’re fired,” I said.

“What?” said John, stunned.

Fired,” I repeated. “Now get out.”

I coolly slurped my milkshake loudly.



I moaned as I rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a thump. I hated Monday mornings. I had always hated them because my boss is gonna give me even more work than usual. Speaking of work, I hadn’t finished my assignments from last week. I’m gonna be in big trouble. Sighing, I got up and started getting dressed.

I hastily chugged down some coffee and raced out of the house. I was already late. I had spent too long in the bathtub. The hot water was too comfortable to leave. I hoped by any chance, Miss Will wouldn't get annoyed. I wish I could be her. Loads of money, a huge shiny car and getting to boss every one at work!

Anyway, that was an amazing dream I had.

I parked my car and walked into the office. If Miss Will was preoccupied, I could quickly finish last week’s reports and not get into trouble.


“Sara!” called Miss Will. “You are late!”

“I know- I’m sorry Miss W-” I stammered.

“Where are my reports?”

“They- I’m sorry, I didn’t finish them.”

“I will not stand this!” she said calmly. “This is the final straw, Sara. You’re fired. The end.”


Miss Will picked up her coffee.

“Shoo,” she said after taking a loud slurp.


I had no idea how my dream kind of came true. I thought I would be the one sitting in that cozy armchair and firing people but I ended up getting fired. That was my job for two years and just because I hadn’t finished the annoying reports that kept bugging me, she fired me. And how was she so okay about it!?

I burst into tears as I stomped out of the office and got into my car. I drove straight to my house and got changed out of the stuffy work clothes. I put on some comfortable clothes and decided to somehow find a way to earn money. Maybe I could sell something or get another job?

When I looked out of the window, I saw an opportunity. There was a poster outside. The heading said,


I guessed having a job at a fast-food place is better than no job so I went back to my car and drove there.


I stepped inside The Fast Fries. I loved this place. The fries tasted amazing and they served the best soft-serve ice cream. I went behind the kitchens and found a room. I assumed that was the office belonging to the manager.

I knocked and a voice said, “Come in.”

I opened the door wide and spotted a man sitting at his desk.

“So, have you come to work here?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“What’s your name?”

“Sara Sterling,”

“Okay, get to the kitchens now.”

“What? I thought I was starting tomorrow,” I said, nonplussed.

“No, no you start now if you want paying.”

I stood up and went to the kitchens. I was never good at cooking so I hoped I wouldn’t make a mess of this. One of the workers handed me an apron and told me to serve a double cheeseburger and iced cola to table B-16.

I made a real mess of things. I added too much cheese and I used tomatoes instead of the patty. I tripped on a burger bun and split the ice cola. I couldn’t remember which table I was supposed to serve and served table B-6. The customers glared angrily at me and stalked away. Table B-16 got angry that they hadn’t received their order after waiting a long time and left with dirty glares.

After that, the manager asked me to leave and gave me a paper bag.

“Your pay,” he said and slammed the door in my face.

I opened the bag and found some greasy fries and a small packet of ketchup. How very kind. I bit into a fry. Another job went wrong. I was careful not to burst into tears again but my face was getting red and hot.


I drove to my Grandpa’s house. I seemed to be driving a lot. Whenever I got to his house, he always offers me a hot drink and some snacks. Then we have a long talk and say goodbye. I often visit him because it must be pretty lonely there since Grandma died.

I reached Grandpa’s house in ten minutes and rang the doorbell.

Grandpa’s cheery face answered the door.

“Sara! How are you? Come in!” greeted Grandpa.

I went inside and sat on the puffy cream sofa while Grandpa brought me mint tea and a slice of chocolate cheesecake.

“Mm this is good,” I said taking a huge bite of the cake. “Did you make this?”

“Yes,” said Grandpa beaming.

Who knew Grandpa could bake? That was one of the secrets he had kept hidden.

“So, what’s going on, Sara? Spill the tea,” said Grandpa.

“What, you mean this?” I asked pointing to the cup of mint tea, jokingly.

“Not that, silly.”

We laughed and had a long talk about what happened, me getting fired from my job and how I couldn’t do so well with the other job and then Grandpa excused himself to go to the bathroom.

While he was there, I stood up and went to his and Grandma’s bedroom to look around. Grandma died so I wanted to see what Grandpa had done with the room. It looked the same. I spotted a letter on the dressing table. It was addressed to Grandma. I wasn’t one to go against someone’s privacy but I badly wanted to know what was written. I let my curiosity get the better of me.

I opened the letter and pulled out a piece of paper that was in it. I scanned the paper. That handwriting looked familiar. It said,

Dear Jessie,

Thanks a lot for the vase. It clashes horribly with my coffee table. I wonder why I haven’t heard from you for the last few months. I am doing quite well thank you. Work's exciting now. There's a lot of drama going around now. Someone tried to steal Carrie Jone's purse and John vomited in the elevator. I have fired Sara as Digby asked me to. Firing her was really easy like taking candy for a baby. Just push it off with some sill reason like being late and not finishing reports. I'm not sure why Digby wanted that. Ask him, will you?

You’re sister,

Rhea Will



I turned around and saw Grandpa.

What is this?

“Sara, please, it’s not what you think…”

I stared at him.

“I know you’re in shock but-”

“I know I’m in shock!” I yelled. “I just found out Miss Will is Grandma’s sister and that you asked her to fire me!”


“I lost my job and I’ve been having a hard time trying to get another one! I don’t suppose that matters to you Grandpa. Why did you do it?”

“I- you wouldn’t understand Sara.”

“Okay fine! Don’t tell me. Don't tell me why you lost me my job and why you didn't tell me Grandma had a sister."

“I know you’re upset-”

“That was a mistake, coming here. Bye Grandpa.”

I went outside and slammed the door. Running to my car, I didn’t think how my own grandfather could keep secrets from me. I wiped tears as I started the engine and drove away.


I watched Sara as she drove away. I should have told her.

But she wouldn’t have understood.

Oh Sara, one day you will know.

September 03, 2021 06:17

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Nirosha P
01:31 Jan 26, 2022

Pleeeeeease do a part two. It was sooo good!!!


07:22 Jan 29, 2022

Hi Nirosha, the Part 2 is here 😘:https://blog.reedsy.com/short-story/1an8km/


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Thanesh Kumar
10:58 Jan 15, 2022

Okay, this is actualy like really good.


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Niveeidha Palani
13:00 Oct 03, 2021

Absolutely hooking, Kirrtanaa! Keep up the great job <3


04:52 Oct 17, 2021

Hi Niveeidha, sorry I didn't see this earlier, I was away for some time. But thanks for the comment! :)


Niveeidha Palani
00:33 Oct 19, 2021

Aw no that's okay, I was gone too :)


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Keya Jadav
17:31 Sep 03, 2021

Tell me what's the reason!!?? I need another story, pretty please? You can't leave the readers on this note. C'mon! Coming to the author, very nice! I loved it. How diligently you showed the display of karma with a jaw-dropping twist at the end. Great Work Kirrtanaa!


04:50 Sep 05, 2021

Hi Keya! I've been thinking about what you said and I think I will write another story. Sorry, I took this long to reply. Thank you for this because I wasn't sure if I should continue or not and thank you for taking the time to comment! <3 :D


Keya Jadav
05:16 Sep 05, 2021

Yeah!! Finally!! Thanks a lot! Let me know when you post it :)


06:17 Sep 05, 2021

Alright, I will!! <3


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