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Friendship Christian Mystery

When you think of the saying “All Glory to God” what do you think of? Most would say we live to respect and to deliver the Most High, The Almighty. Creation itself is beautiful, we as people must learn to follow the creator because we too fall deeper into love with the creation. It all started on that sweet Saturday evening, when my great ol friend Tye came to town. He had said once when we were younger “Let’s go on a walk” so I as any other 14 year old boy went along with my pal to wherever he had to show me. Along the Ol Guadalupe river we had walked. You’d find all sorts of arrowheads chiseled by the Architect. We cannot see him but all the arrows he lay beneath our feet, to remind us of the Indians who used to roam, wild as the Buffalo and strong as the ox. We two boys had the young spirits of two pure sheep and we didn’t know who to follow. Time passed on Tye moved away and I stayed here in Kerville, beyond all the arrow heads and fresh running water I really did find a sense of peace here. Tye said he was coming so I waited along the shoreline right up where him and I used to go fishing and gather twigs to make a fire and eat our fresh caught rewards for the night. He then pulled up in a nice truck as he’d been working for. It was great to see him, like ol times it had felt like he never left. Conversation led to laughs and night came quick, how time could fly above us like an Eagle. The sunset dropped down and up went the moon. “The stars are so vast here.” Said Tye. “The Moon glows down on us emitting the perfect blue light, the crackling of the twigs and the light flames that keep just the right amount of warmth too.” I said I appreciate this time with you, and he just looked at me, “I do too.” We really did enjoy the night. “Look up.” He said “all we really need, is the love he gave us” he told me “when I’m in doubt, and I feel like like life is a drought with no waterfall, I think of this place, the running water, the shooting stars, the crickets at night and how God wants you to look up, see the stars, look at the moon watch it glow in the darkness cause you too can. The morning rose, and the darkness fell short. Yellow morning sun how you always deliver, I open my eyes and there we are another day. Thank you God, for here we are together along this river. We dip our feet into the water, feel the water wash away our sins, we can always find a new set of footprints that lay here. Where God carries the weak, he held you. Where you stand alone and your worries are washed by the River, by the holiness of the water he made flow from dirt. We awake in the morning, and get to smell the flowers that came from the ashes and bloomed in the night time. That sleepover that night at kerville with my good old friend Tye I won’t ever forget. Because Gods Glory is written in the waters, it’s written beneath our feet, his heart lives through the ones we see, the living heart of Jesus flows through all who ask, knocks or whispers. Quiet as the wind, but strong enough to blow a house down, we are strong but he is stronger. We are weak but God gives us months. Take a time today to remind yourself, although you may not see it yet, you must deeply believe it to see and know the secrets the holder will show, and give through hope and through strength, love and family, friends and all blessings placed in your path, tribulations and chaos you will be led to still waters, you will be fed on a table with fruits you will eat and live a fruitful and righteous life. One day to maybe wake up and hear Jesus say “Come let us go on a walk.” You are in my hands and have no footprints I carry you now, for you trusted and we shall go on this journey together. This walk of life is harder than a hike and more mighty than a heavy push, we are flooded with love and covered everyday in the blood of the Prince of Peace. He has already walked the valley of darkness. He was the one and only who could and will save you from this experience. He knows the nails, you hammered. You must put all trust on this walk, on this spiritual journey, because he does not fail, he is the only God. We trust, in him alone. Because he moves mountains, he forgives sinners who were forgotten, he knows the names of all who roam and have roamed. Walk this journey with your hands up ready to praise a hallelujah because we will learn and we will be faithful. Friendship is more than an oath of goodness it’s a gift, to cherish and to be a good friend we must walk this journey not alone but with the goodness of the lord. The friendship of the messiah. The lessons of the holy bible must take place in some way in your life. The afterlife is waiting, and is so alive and flourishing. So take the step today to be carried by his wing, swept by the storm and into the eye of the light. Be that set of footprints that listened to the guidance and got nurtured, by the River by the mother of the earth, by your family and your friends your blessings and your tribulations. Strength can be found in the weakest feelings, push through and walk the journey until you see the face of glory and run to the end.

January 14, 2023 23:34

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Wendy Kaminski
03:26 Jan 24, 2023

What a lovely and heart-felt call to spiritual awakening, Avery! It is clear you are strong in your faith, and admirable that you wish to share the word with all who would receive it. I particularly liked this line: "learn to follow the creator because we too fall deeper into love with the creation." Thank you for sharing your missive to faith, and welcome to Reedsy!


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