"Ahhh what a morning!"

I stretched my arms, and widely grinned by looking at the other side of the bed where my friend was sleeping.

Her bedsheets were on the ground, pillows not under her head, her half leg on the floor, and her remaining body on the bed.

"Hmm, work from home is stress I guess," I mumbled myself and looked outside. I could see through the window that it was early morning.

"Why not take a walk?" I grinned by the idea that popped in my head and got down from my bed to visit my favorite place.

The backyard.

I and my friend Lily, who is sleeping inside in a weird position, used to go for a walk outside. But now due to some happenings around the world, we are stuck inside.

But I don't feel any sadness over it since I get to spend more time with her. She was so stuck with work that she sometimes completely forgets me.

I walked into the kitchen to get some milk and found Lily's mother preparing breakfast. She saw me and hugged me tightly to her chest and snuggled me. I felt ticklish but still, this is how our usual morning is like.

"Awww are you hungry Blinky?"

I nodded cutely at her.

"I knew it. Here have some milk." She poured some for me and I took some sips in it. After filling my stomach, I walked to our backyard peacefully and the door was open already.

I knew it would be her mother who had opened it. I had been living with them for the past six years, and her mother always adored me.

I reached the yard, and the sun was starting to shine.

"Ahhhh fresh air." I closed my eyes and felt the soft breeze.

"Hey, Blinky."

I annoyingly opened my eyes by the voice, I knew who it was.

Tom, my neighbor, my frenemy.

I ignored him since I didn't want to start a fight in the early morning. We always end up in arguments whenever we have a conversation.

"Walking huh?"

"No dancing."

What kind of silly question was that?

"You do know that your jokes aren't funny."

"And you do know that I don't care."

I replied and started to walk in the green yard. The grass was still wet, from last night's heavy rain and I loved it.

"Where is your friend?"

He never keeps his mouth shut. Does he?

I sighed and decided to speak to him since no one was there for me to talk.

"In the bedroom. Sleeping."

He hummed and started to walk in his yard.

"So how was the sleep?"

"Why are you acting weird?"

"Weird? I am just getting to know about my lovely neighbor."

My lovely neighbor? I know about Tom, he is not a friendly type. Something is fishy.

"Oh come on Tom, we both know who you are, my lovely neighbor, my feet."

"Haaa, thank god you found it. Eww, I didn't know how I pronounced you as my neighbor."

I shook my head by his behavior. Something is wrong with this guy.

"Mind to tell me the reason?"

"Oh nothing much, my friend John told me to be friendly with our neighbors. I guess he is rooting for Lily."

I snort by his answer.

"Lily? Really? Does your friend ever look at his face in the mirror?"

"Hey, that's face shaming."

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Now tell me the real reason for your strange attitude."

He sighed heavily by breathing out his air out of his mouth.

"He told me I would be banned from eating food if I didn't listen to him. And I am stuck with him since he is the breadwinner in this house."

I hummed and we both started to walk by chatting a little bit about ourselves and more about others.

"Hey, Marty got a new bed."

Tom said out of nowhere, and I was not surprised. He belonged to a rich family, and no wonder he got a new bed.

"That's not an unusual thing." I shrugged my body and looked at the road, which was empty without any vehicles crossing our houses.

"Ha, you bet it is this time if you hear the reason."

I looked at him, and he had this smirk on his face. He came closer to our yard and stood beside the border, which separated both the yards.

He leaned in, signaling me to come closer.

"He peed on his old bed."

He whispered and we both started to laugh by the reason.

"Oh, sugar honey iced tea! What is he, two?"

"No Eight." We both looked at each other and started to laugh hysterically again.

"Ahh man, this topic would go viral, if we are not locked in our houses."

I sighed and lied on the green grass and looked above the sky which was starting to get brighter.

"I know. He is just one lucky bastard." Tom kicked his legs in the air, and I chuckled at his behavior.

"Awww, is Tommy sad?"

"Shut up."

"Well, you should be. The whole street knew when you were grounded for peeing on the flower vase."

I started to roll on the grass by laughing. I knew how he was pissed, and we all made fun of him by running and shouting outside his house.

"You are testing my patience. Aren't you? I don't know why I bothered to speak to you. Had my friend not threatened me with food, you would be six feet underground right now."

I stuck my tongue out to tease him more.

"I wish you starve to death."

"And I wish I could eat you now."

"Ewww, what are you a cannibal?"


"Hey Tommy, what are you doing outside here?"

His friend John came out with just wearing grey pajamas with his hair standing out unevenly.

"I am just talking with him, just because you told me to," Tom replied, and John picked Tom in his arms, and I looked at the door behind me and saw my friend Lily coming towards me with a beautiful smile.

"Ahh, she is the real beauty," I called for her attention, and she patted my hair by leaning towards my height.

"Oh hey, Lily!"

John called for her, and I could see her smiling cutely, and waving her hands at him. They both bid their goodbyes and went inside the house by ignoring me and Tom.

"Just wait till this lockdown gets over. You will be left alone and I will have a lot of time with you."

I slightly gulped by his statement.

"Oh dear god, I hope Lily takes me with her to work after this shutdown." I thought to myself but still, I didn't want to show him my fear.

"We will see about that."

I said and turned around to walk inside the house. He yelled and called me but I ignored him by wiggling my tail at him.

"Tommy, stop barking, now get inside."

I heard Johnny shouting at Tom, and I went inside and saw Lily eating her cereals. She saw me and took me on her lap, and softly brushed my fur with her fingers making me fall asleep again.

April 20, 2020 13:19

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Estelle Westley
08:58 May 02, 2020

Clever twist to write about two animals. I enjoyed that. There are tenses to be worked on but as I note English is not your first language, I must commend you on your writings. Good work. I would appreciate your time and critique on my work. https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/contests/38/submissions/13961/


Saranglogy R
09:18 May 02, 2020

Thank you, and I would love to read your work. :)


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Felicity Edwards
12:19 May 01, 2020

Interesting story but you twisted your words a bit. I presume English is not your first language. Little points like I annoyingly opened my eyes by the voice should read I opened my eyes hearing the annoying voice. There were a few other inverted points but on the whole, it is a good story.


Saranglogy R
12:31 May 01, 2020

Thank you. yes, English is not my first language but I am rectifying my grammatical errors, and will improve in my stories.


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