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My True Love

Have you heard of Jessalyn? She used to live on Mainard Street? She was once my true love you know. Her tale is quite sad. Can I tell you about her now? That is if you have the time? Oh, I see. You have a commitment to keep. I do understand. Perhaps we can speak of her later when you are free. She used to come here, to this little outdoor cafe, often. Sometimes we came together. But that was years ago. 

What's that? You are late you say. I'm sorry to have bothered you. Seriously, I don't mean to keep you from your duties. It's just that I have this uncontrollable urge to confide in you about what happened with her. She's on my mind now constantly and I really must divulge the information I keep inside with regards to her. I feel like I shall just explode if I don't tell someone. 

Of course. You certainly must keep your appointment. But I would be highly appreciative if you could spare me a few brief moments. She has long honey colored hair and the bluest of eyes. Have you ever seen the sky on a cloudless summer's day? That's the color they are, only bluer, if that is possible. When the sun shines her eyes reflect it's light combined with a sparkle of their own. Yes, they shine brightly even on a rainy day. 

What's that you say? Yes, I guess it is time for us to part company so you can get moving. Remember to look me up later so that we can talk. You are my closest mate you know. That is why I wish to disclose to you all about her. It won't take long. She is an interesting person, you know. Highly talented too. She plays both the piano and the clarinet. And she sings. So beautifully does she sing that the birds seem to envy her for the ability. She is quite tall for a young lady almost as tall as you are and she is very slender. So much so that many of her dresses are hand made especially for her. She comes from good stock. Her parents are quite well set, and her younger brother is at the top of his class at university. 

Oh yes, I know it's getting late. I won't take long, I promise. If you could just afford me a few minutes of your time. You can't. Certainly I understand. I can tell you about her at another time. I know it's a cliché but she has the sweetest personality of anyone I've ever known. She always has the time for her elders and the very young. And she is kind to animals. Of all the traits a person can have it must be an enigma to you that I should single out this particular one. But wait, you haven't heard the best part. It seems like a miracle, but she took a liking to me, of all people. This beautiful, gifted person actually chose to be with me! How extraordinary for that to happen, don't you think? I imagine it's difficult to believe it, but I swear on our friendship that it's the truth. 

You have to leave you say? Certainly. I really do commiserate with your predicament Tonight then I must tell you all about her. Would that suit you better? I can't wait to tell you about how she and I used to sit on the park bench and discuss the different species of wildlife that passed our way. It was such a fun pursuit. But anything done with Jessalyn was fun. She could make the mundane seem fabulously special just by pointing out its unique characteristics. She has a good eye for details and a fantastic power of concentration. We could sit for hours and not run out of things to say. It was certainly the most enjoyable time that I ever spent. And what's most incredible is that she enjoyed it too. She of the flowing hair and sparkling eyes had fun with me! Can you believe? We took walks by the lake and held hands as we went. She always seemed to find the things I said quite amusing and would laugh as she kissed my cheek. Her laugh, oh I must tell you about her laugh. It's like tiny bells ringing inside of a silver goblet. She is so perfect. 

Oh, you are looking at your watch. I must be taking my leave then so that you will be on time. I wouldn't want you to be tardy on account of me. I'm just so anxious to share about her. Did you know she told me several times that I was the handsomest man in the world. I wouldn't exaggerate. She actually said that. And one day I finally got up the nerve to ask her to marry me. I can't believe that I was so bold. I was shocked, and you will be too, when she agreed to be my wife!! Can you believe it? This marvelous creature said “Yes” to my proposal. I was so happy on that day. I'm sure you can imagine. The only thing that bothered me was that I didn't have the money to buy her an engagement ring. She just said we would go shopping for one someday soon. But money is tight, as you surely know, and I dreaded as well as looked forward to that day. I really lost sleep over it. Trying to come up with ideas to make some quick money. And a lot of it, because she was used to fine things and nothing but the best would do.

You seem to be nervous. Sorry if I am keeping you. We really must talk tonight. Yes, then I can tell you all about her. She was so gentle and caring that I thought nothing of it when she was seen out with another man. She cared for everyone and everything so what was wrong with her talking to another person who perhaps needed a little bolstering of some sort. And I was about to make her very happy. I had figured out where to get the money for the best ring in the shop. It was a stupid plan but she deserved the best. I got up the courage to go into our neighboring town and I got the money from a bank there. Not in the best way however. They caught me the next day and threw me into jail. I got off with a light sentence because I returned the money and I think the judge felt sorry for me when he heard my story. Excuse me. I have a tissue here somewhere. I didn't mean to shed tears in your presence. I'll talk to you tonight then and tell you all about the girl of my dreams. Two weeks into my jail time I got word of the wedding of the century. That's what the newspaper called it. Two wealthy young people got married to each other and one of them was Jessalyn.

What's that. You say you were mistaken about the appointment. That's good, mate, I appreciate it, I honestly do. Let's sit at this table and talk. Perhaps we can order a spot of tea. I don't know where to begin. Thank you for listening. I'll make it short.

Have you heard of Jessalyn? She used to live on Mainard Street. She was once my true love you know. Her tale is quite sad. Can I tell you about her now? That is if you have the time. You do? Splendid.

May 17, 2021 03:48

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