The Broken Soul

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Adventure Christian

Walking in the streets of Soweto bleeding, exhausted, and wounded. This was Gilbert a young boy who had escaped death. He got everyone’s attention, but it seemed normal to them to see such a young boy fighting for his life. He asked for assistance but nobody seemed to pay attention.

Next moment I heard gunshots. As we all try to figure out who was firing into the sky, the streets were already full of a gang known as the Russians, they are known for eliminating individuals that bring unrest in the community. They either kill them by burning or by shooting them. People such as thieves, rapists, scammers, drug dealers, and armed robbers are the ones the Russians hunt for. It is believed that they want to keep the streets clean.

It is said if you value your life do not be found anywhere near the Russians. Streets were deserted upon the Russian mafia's arrival. Everyone ran for their lives. Was this the end of Gilbert?

l asked me as I observe everything that was happening while I’m hiding behind a truck.

Shoot him! Shoot him now! The gang members shouted, but their leader raised his right hand and everyone was silent. He explained to them that Gilbert shall not die that easy he must feel the pain he caused to young ladies and families out there, we have been hunting him down for many years.

Gilbert was a wanted young boy for many years. He was arrested several times for raping young girls and killing them, unfortunately, his dockets would vanish and the authorities had to release him as well as the lack of evidence since anyone who was supposed to be a witness on his case was always found dead. They told him they were going to burn him alive. He tried asking for forgiveness but the gang had no room for forgiveness, they are known as ruthless killers even the local police do not interfere when the Russians are dealing with such individuals.

In South Africa, the majority believes in taking the law into their own hands if authorities fail to deliver. Mr. Jack Dones a former military general leader in Soweto the most famous township of Johannesburg, believes no one has the right to take the law into their own hands. Surely it wasn’t Gilbert’s last day on earth the moment I saw Mr. Dones. I walked out from my hiding I was so confident that the war is over. Eventually, everybody was back into the street, surrounding the Russians since we were all eager to know what shall come of Gilbert. The Russians are brutal, aggressive, and not understanding.

The community members wanted justice since they discovered that Gilbert was a rapist and had committed multiple crimes killing young girls after raping them. Mr. Dones pulled out his gun, and warned them if they dare touch this young man, they had me to deal with and I noticed Gilbert was relieved through his facial expression. Russo the Russian leader told his gang about fifteen men aged between 25 to 35 to calm down. The crowd got bigger some were saying Gilbert should be burnt while others demanded him to be handed over to them so that they could do with him what they see fit.

After observing this situation for a while, a man of boldness Pastor Roby decided to stand out to calm down the situation. He told Mr. Dones that it was only the two of them who were willing to save this young man’s life. Mr. Dones shot two times into the sky and there was silence, he demanded everyone to hear the pastor out. Pastor Roby began explaining that killing someone won't change what happened in the past and it won’t help you with anything. He spoke about love, patience, and forgiveness. The pastor didn’t manage to finish speaking, he was disturbed by an elderly woman who came crying and knelt before Gilbert. She held him and put his head on her chest, she looked at the crowd and begged them to spare her son’s life.

People were moved after they witnessed a mother trying to save her only son, despite what Gilbert had done I could tell some were ready to give him another chance. Russo took out a knife and asked for Tyres and petrol. He told the crowd that the Russian's job is to end people like Gilbert. ‘’My son it is better if you spare Gilbert’s life and take mine,'’ said his mother. It became a chaotic moment; the people were now against the execution of Gilbert. They preferred to have him arrested but the Russians were not in agreement. Gilbert shouted with a loud voice when he saw that his mother and the community are on his side. He said these words crying " I am asking for forgiveness, I know that I have made a mistake and I've killed many people and I've wronged many people, but I am asking for forgiveness." When the Russians saw that Gilbert is asking for forgiveness While crying, they had compassion for him and they were now in agreement with the community and Gilbert's mother.

 After all that chaos Gilbert was arrested for a life sentence. Gilbert found his second chance in life. He started to change his life and character. After that encounter, he repented and said "I would have died a long time ago. But I found a second chance in life and therefore my life has to be fruitful, has to be a life that brings people joy, not pain, not stress." Gilbert started his new life in prison and he began to see his life from another angle. Study a

One day, Gilbert, when he was sitting and reading a book in prison. A prison warder came to him and when he was approaching him, Gilbert was very afraid and he began to ask himself questions, what did I do, have I done something wrong? a prison warder, was approaching him while smiling and when he was near to him, he said to Gilbert, "Young man do not be afraid I can see that you are afraid. I'm here to bring good news to you, as I'm talking to you now you are a well-known best achiever in your matric (Grade 12) and your results are outstanding and that you are known all over the world with your hard work in the achievement. These had never happened before, With the 15 subjects that you wrote in an exam you passed all of them with distinctions, not only that, you passed them with distinctions, but all of them you got 100% pass." when Gilbert heard the great news, he was so excited and jumping up and down saying Thank you, Lord, Thank you, Jesus. Gilbert took almost 30 minutes saying those words, Thank you, Jesus. After 30 minutes, in shock the Guardian prisoner asked Gilbert are you okay? Is everything alright with you? Gilbert replied and said, I'm okay Sir.

I'm just excited because it is not by my power It is not by my might but through the help of the Holy Spirit. When the Guardian prisoner heard those words he continued to be in shock and he asked a question and said what made you be like this today, you are now a changed person because when you came here in this prison, you were one of the most dangerous young men out there that I've never seen before? Gilbert smiled before he answered the prison warder and he said, if you see me like this today I had an encounter With the Lord God almighty. Gilbert began to share his. Encounter with a prison warder and he said the day I was arrested I had a dream that I never had before, the Lord visited me in a dream And said my child I am the Lord God Almighty The one who has saved you the day you wanted to be killed. I am the one who was speaking through one of my sons Roby to defend you and I have changed all the hearts of your Community and all who wanted to kill you to have the compassion for you and the Lord God Almighty said to me repent From your wickedness. No one is in your sight right now Except me because I consider what is rejected and make it to be useful. Look at your life now no one who wants to even see you all of them they wish you dead. The voice continued to speak with me and said on your downfall I am with you and even when you rise, I will be with you. I have given you wisdom and knowledge that will shock the world. I am always available for you If you call upon me, I will answer. These were the words of a young man sharing with the Prison warder and when he heard these words, he said to the young man I'm so touched and I need your God and he asked, how do I receive him? And the young man said " you can receive him by accepting him and surrendering your life to him by accepting him as the Lord and the personal savior of your life," On that day, the prison warder was saved and he surrendered his life to God and he had accepted him as the lord and the personal savior of his life.

The prison warder said to the young man I came to take you out of your ward because your mum and people from the news are waiting for you outside. Gilbert was about to be interviewed about his success and about what happened to his life and what changed his life? When he went outside many people started shouting and screaming as they saw Gilbert coming out because he was a completely changed man. He entered prison as a murderer, as a young boy Who had all kinds of bad lifestyles. Gilbert was shocked when he went outside because all the news media was there and they were ready to interview him. The story of Gilbert went viral, more as they started interviewing him. The first question an interviewer asked Gilbert was that "Can you please tell us what is the secret behind your outstanding results, You have achieved more than anyone who has ever achieved in this world"? Gilbert wiped his face as the tears were coming out from him when he was asked that question and he said I want to thank my mom first for her support and love, even when. I was living a bad life. Before I answer the question and he said my life was a mess before But I had an encounter With the Lord God Almighty and that he was the one who was inspiring me during my difficult time. And He said that the two continue with my Schooling. From that time, my mind was very clear and open, and the level of understanding became very high. Many people were very shocked by what Gilbert was saying. Gilbert became an inspiration to many people And they were learning a lot from him. The interviewer was very shocked by the level of his response And he began to ask another question. Gilbert can you tell us what changed your life? he replied and said God changed my life as you all know my life story. From that day, many people's lives were never the same again.

Gilbert continued and enrolled in his tertiary studies while he was in prison for a degree in business administration and he continue until he obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA). Gilbert became the most successful person around the world Managing a portfolio of more than 100 companies that he had established. 

June 30, 2022 19:04

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23:15 Jul 06, 2022

Hi Clerance! I read your story, and you really seemed to want to show us someone turning their life TOTALLY around from being evil to being good 🙂 I thought that perhaps Gilbert’s crimes were a bit too strong? Rape is a very serious and horrible thing, maybe choosing a different crime would have made me feel more sorry for him? You have some good suspense and interesting setting, keep reading more stories to help with learning how to do dialogue 😊 good luck with your writing!


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