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Hunky Dory

by Peyton Cee

I just can’t stop staring into the mirror. I’m completely blown away that the girl I see there is me. This Chele is half a foot taller than the old one and quite a bit curvier. The ivory skin is now covered with a kaleidoscope of colorful ink. I haven’t explored all of it yet but so far I’ve found dragons, flowers, birds, unicorns, suns, moons, zodiac symbols, peace signs, vines, leaves, and rainbows. The face is still the same and it’s also now the only part that’s not inked. Also, my piercings are all still there, plus quite a few new ones. I’ve got to hand it to the staff at The Body Mod. They did an amazing job and did it in between rental periods. I remember how my friend Rikki gasped when I finally told her that was how I was going to pay for my changes. We were out celebrating my last night and I had to swallow a laugh to keep from spitting out my drink at the look of terror on her face. She’s so dramatic sometimes!

“Oh, Chele, no, you mustn’t,” she said.

I told her there was no other way. “I used up all of my elective care credit when I went female, a loan is out of the question, and I’m not doing an indenture,” I said.

So she asked, “well, can’t you just wait, then?”

“I’ve already waited as long as I can,” was my answer.

She wasn’t done yet though. She gave me one of her classic exaggerated shivers and asked, “but how will you live not knowing what might have been done to you or who might have done it?”

A tray full of fresh ‘lixers came floating by so I finished the one I’d been sipping and grabbed another. As if on cue the Cyberfunk Revs tune “Intercourse for the Greater Good” came thumping over the sound system. “But that’s the point,” I said to her. “This is the only way I can live.” She still didn’t look convinced. For a few moments I just wiggled in time to the music and watched the constantly shifting streaks of transparency and color that swirled, also in time to the music, throughout the material of her dress. Finally I reached out and hugged her and told her she was a dear to care. About that time Rey, Rikki’s dude, appeared from somewhere over by the restroom. He took a sip from Rikki’s lixer and pecked at her cheek. They’re the most ridiculously adorable couple I’ve ever known.

Rikki looked from Rey over to me and then back again. Her face got all stern and serious and she asked him,“did you know Chele is going to be a rental?”

Rey completely cracked me up then. With Rikki expecting some kind of big reaction he just nodded kind of indifferently and said, “guess you’ve got to pay somehow.”

For a second I thought Rikki’s head was going to explode. It was hilarious.

I tried to say, “Yep,” and it came out in a strange sort of half laugh half bark. I took a breath then said, “so far writing about the rich and famous hasn’t made me rich and famous.” I looked at Rikki and she was frowning. I shrugged and said, “there’s going to be just enough extra to publish my first book.”

Rikki handed her ‘lixer back to Rey and folded her arms across her chest. “I can’t believe you’re both being so matter of fact about this,” she said. Rey smiled at her and I just shrugged again. She threw both of her hands into the air, shouted “I can’t stand anymore,” and pulled Rey onto the low-g dance floor just as the Revs segued into the chunky slinky bass intro to “Art Slut.” I watched them dance for a minute or two and then decided to head upstairs.

I was sipping another alcolixer and watching the holomurals whirl through the air just above the crowd when I glimpsed a familiar head of gold and black braids and beads. It was Lyn, my ex, looking unbelievably hot, of course, in a pair of fishnet pants and a black posing pouch. My first thought was to run back downstairs and hide but the thing is I was kinda horny and like I said he looked really good. Also he was dancing by himself. So, instead, I started toward him. I managed to come up kind of behind and to the side of him so he didn’t see me. The music was perfect again. This time “Bad Girl Bangs” by Messiah Motherfucker was playing.

So I sighed and said, “you know, this total hotty I used to hang with used to love for me to go completely ape-shit on him to this song.”

He turned and smiled and all I could think was, “oh damn!” We hugged and he whispered, “you look as fine as ever. Tell me again why we broke up.” I couldn’t help myself. His breath across my ear and neck left me tingling all over while visions of us dancing and brushing and teasing for hours before finally going to his funky little studio apartment and having insane make-up sex until sunrise flooded my mind. I started to lead him downstairs but suddenly he was being pulled away from me. Sinewy bare arms, tattooed with red and blue serpents, reached around from behind and caressed his chest. A boyish male face, topped with spiky silver hair and fairy antennas, appeared on Lyn’s shoulder and rested there. He turned and they kissed. When they finally pulled apart Lyn, who sickeningly was suddenly beaming, sorta partly turned back toward me. “Chele, this naughty little thing is Tink,” he said. We pressed palms and then Tink draped themself across Lyn’s side. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or vomit. Lyn said, “Chele’s the one I told you about going to all those Blind Owl shows with.”

Tink looked up from Lyn’s chest and asked, “Isn’t that who we’re seeing next week?”

Lyn put a hand in Tink’s hair and laughed. “It’ll be Tinky’s first show,” he said.

Tink bobbed their head “yes” and wiggled up against Lyn. “It’s going to be just too amazing. They’re supposedly going to recreate this nineteenth century piece called ‘Horny Donkey,’” they said.

I honestly didn’t know what they meant at first. So, I said, “I don’t guess I know that one.”

So then Tink nodded sorta knowingly and said, “it’s by this old-time singer called David Boney.” Lyn looked like he was partly amused and partly embarrassed. I was proud of myself for not laughing out loud but I couldn’t keep from smiling.

Tink looked back and forth between Lyn and me two or three times and then said, “what? What did I say? Did I say something wrong?”

I could see that Lyn wasn’t sure whether or how to answer so I just said, “don’t worry dear. Everything’s hunky dory.”

I told them both it had been nice to see them and then used a bathroom trip to excuse myself.

After that I did go back downstairs. I didn’t see Rikki and Rey anywhere so I figured I would just have a drink on my own and try to decide if I was upset that Lyn already had somebody new or amused that said somebody was an empty headed little skank. One thing I was sure of was that I was tired of ‘lixers, But, that’s all the trays were serving, so I made my way over to the bar and got a weeping angel. I turned around and almost fell right into the most striking looking woman I have ever seen. She was tall and chiseled but definitely feminine; somehow both statuesque and sexy at the same time. Her hair was a purple so dark it was almost black and reached halfway down her calves. She wore it like a cape or cloak. Besides her hair she wore only chains and shields. Before I could apologize she pointed at my drink and asked what it was. I told her and she said she had never tried one so I handed it to her and got another for myself. She told me her name was Sylvan and her voice turned extra raspy and sensual. I think I stammered a little but finally managed to introduce myself. I told her her hair was magnificent and stroked a hand lightly down her side. She laughed and we talked and flirted and drank and eventually found ourselves at her apartment. She pulled a stim‘haler out of her nightstand and we had a couple hits apiece then shared a deep, luscious kiss and fell onto her sensifoam mattress. I brushed my lips down her long, sleek neck and onto her chest while she unhooked her chains. Her nipples were big, dark, and delicious. After I had them rock hard she went to work on my perky little pink ladies while I slid the rest of the way out of my see-through romper. It seemed like we tasted and savored each other for hours. Finally there was a moment when we both stopped for a breath at the same time. She reached into her nightstand again and this time pulled out a gorgeous, thick, eight-inch penis with a double Prince Albert. I stood in front of her on my knees and watched her strap it on me and plug it into my spinal link. She licked around my bellybutton and then slid slowly downward. I watched her for awhile and then put my hand into her hair while she kept working up and down. She stopped and grinned up at me I spun her around and shoved her forward onto her hands and knees. We both finished at the same time and then collapsed and laid there side by side. When she got up to go to the bathroom I tossed the cock onto the bed, jumped into my romper, and was on my way to the Body Mod before she got back.

So, like I said, to me it seems like that all happened last night. It was really a year ago. And now, I’m home again, admiring my new self and feeling amazing.

October 08, 2020 20:39

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