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(This is the other story. Please read the other story entitled Henery X. Please read that story first so this one makes a bit more sense. Thank you! Enjoy both stories!)

I am Henery X's mother. I live in the west with my son and my husband, the mayor. We are the most respected people in town. My husband's father was the sheriff. His son got well down. I was the daughter of the town constable. I was already treated with a lot of respect. Then, my son reached seventeen. And then, I got let in on a little secret about the town from my husband. Something terrifying. The reason why my every happiness was brought about. Why I was so respected. "Honey, can you please come here for a minute," he called me to his office.

I entered. "Yes dear, can I get you a cup of tea or coffee?" I said My husband had a dark smile on his face. I had never seen him like this. But then he brightened up. And then he continued to talk. I was scared but kept my normal bright and cheery smile around him. The more I smile, the better I feel. I feel more confident. Like I can do it for a bit more. I am pretty tricky to see what my actual emotion is. People are hard at guessing what I actually feel based on my face. They usually guess wrong.

"As you know, our son is now seventeen." I nod and continue smiling. He peered down at me and then he continued to talk again. "Well, I want to make him mayor He wants to be mayor. But to be the mayor, he needs a wife. You and I have always wanted a daughter or son-in-law. He is determined at this point to do whatever it takes to be the mayor. So it is your job to gather all the young ladies his age or a year younger so that he can have a suitable wife. That is all. You can continue your day now." He gave me one more look and then he smiled at me.

Then he waved me away. And that was it. My son was a bit uncooperative at first, but then I showed him everything and he looked pretty happy afterward about it. In fact, he put on his Sunday finest the very first day. On the first day, he had to look at all the girls from the outskirts of town. Now, these girls were hideous. I told a lot of people that. I am a tiny bit of a gossip, not going to lie. But I did gab to the girls in my group about these hideous girls who shook my son's hand. I was so proud that he had chosen to not take any of the girls from the outskirts, and I told everyone so.

On the second day, he chose five of the girls from a bit more inner town. I knew a few of them, and the ones that he did choose were really good. They were all very pretty girls. I noticed there were a lot of try-hards, and I was proud that my son could see those girls and chose only the good ones. I told every woman in my group all about it. On the third day, we had all the inner-city girls, and ten of them he picked. These girls were all perfect for my son. But these ten were the best in the group. The other woman was winking about how my son should choose their son. I told them it was his decision, not mine.

They respected that. One day, I was telling the girls about how his little dates were going. They all looked annoyed at this point. A lot of these girls who had been denied by my sons' moms were here. They were all super annoyed. "You're such a braggart. And you gossip too much. Quit talking. You're the mayor's wife. Not a mouth. Not the town's gossip. Quit gossiping about people. It's not nice." I was so upset. These women who had been so very protective and loving towards my son were now completely against me. Different. Like I didn't even matter. Like I was lower than them. I was offended and hurt.

So, I went to my husband for an answer. "Once he is married, and mayor, I think we should move." He looked at me like I was crazy. There was a disturbing silence that settled in the room. I could see he was thinking hard. I know he's wanted to travel. For at least two years now. I wasn't ready to leave the town. But now I was. So I was pretty sure he would say yes. He was clearly disturbed that this was so abrupt. But he nodded his head. "We should go on a cruise and then to Europe. Then wherever, move around the world. We'll be happy!" And that was that.

We told our son, but he was already engaged. A few months later they were married and we moved out. I do miss my friend group. I regret leaving this town. But, it had to be done. I had to leave them. They clearly did not respect me anymore! Moving out surely was the right thing to do. I was better than them anyway. I should have just kept in my own lane all along. I could have them at my disposal, not the other way around. And they had to know that. So moving out was the one way, the only way to really make myself happy. Once we moved out, I realized how respected I really was though, as we had to pay for everything.

I miss the girls, I really do. They were just trying to put me in my place, I was already supposed to be in that position, technically. Now we only visit, but I made ammends. I feel better now, but things will never be the same.

April 14, 2022 13:23

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