As the last petal falls

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Drama Friendship Romance

 I never thought I could fall in love but everything changed once I met him, but let me start from the beginning. It was a normal day in english and I was dreading to see Mckenna. Sometimes I just couldn't stand her so I decided to text my best friend Eliza but of course she didn't answer, she's always in her own world and right now it's getting on my nerves. As the teacher rambled on and on about how poems and books  were fascinating I couldn't help but stare as a new student walked into the classroom. He had dark hair styled into a messy fringe that looked like it was dampened,  with deep brown eyes. He was very condescending, but also gorgeous. I was instantly flustered like I had a middle school crush, but I wasn't that dumb I knew I couldn't instantly like someone I literally just met him. But he did look very appealing and seemed nice.  But I shouldn't think about that because two weeks ago I just stopped liking my old crush Austin and I swore that I wouldn't have another crush for the rest of the year so that I don't get heartbroken ever again, because I can’t deal with that pain anymore.  But still I think what if I do get crushed on, because that would be amazing, I guess I wasn’t listening though because suddenly my best friend smacked me.

“Ruby Ruby,” yelled my best friend.

“Ahh what!”

“You were zoned out, you were just staring at me, it kinda scared me…a lot”

“Sorry, um who is that?” I asked.

“Ooh someone has a crush”

“Be quiet i don’t have a crush I just want to know who he is”

“Benjamin Perez, Junior in high school just like us and a total hottie”

“Hey Don’t call him that,” I said.

“I thought you said you didn’t have a crush on him”

“I don’t I just don’t think you should call him a hottie when he could have a girlfriend or he could not like anyone at all”

“Mhm sure”

“Ladies, would you like to share what you two are talking about with the class?”

“No sorry” I stuttered, my cheeks flushed, I would hate it and be embarrassed if I had to tell her what we were talking about. As I looked around the classroom me and Ben’s eyes met I almost screamed. What if he thinks I'm weird, what if I'm making a weird face. I was so scared that I almost peed my pants.  I was thinking about the worst things what if he thinks im ugly or people tell him things i’ve done, I mean i’m not the most popular.  I’m definitely not as popular as Mackenna or other people But I would say that I’m well known not liked because I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure most people know me.

“Hey, Ruby are you okay, you don’t look so good” said Eliza

“No I'm not me and Ben just made eye contact and I thought I was gonna pee myself!”

“That’s not good, that would be really embarrassing if you did that because then i would have to pretend that I don’t know who you are”

I just stared at her, would she actually pretend that she didn’t know me?

“Are you serious?” I asked her not sure if she was for real or not.

“Of course i’m not serious I wouldn’t do that to you I’m your best friend”

“I love you so much you are the bestest friend anyone could ever have”

“Aww thanks”

As the bell rang I bolted up from my seat and suddenly ran into Ben,

“Sorry about that, I didn't mean to run into you” he said softly.

Internally I screamed but I keep my cool and just say, “It’s okay”

“Hey I wanted to see if maybe you wanted to talk sometime here’s my number” He hands me a piece of paper that says his number. I stare at the number “330-643-8864”

“Thanks, by the way i”m ruby, Ruby Moore”

“Ben, Ben Perez”

“Well it was nice talking to you”

“Yeah you too, see ya later” And just like that he walked off leaving me in more distress than I was than when we bumped into each other. I was screaming maybe bawling internally but I had to keep my cool. I couldn't let it out, Maybe when I was alone with Eliza or over text. Suddenly as if on cue Eliza texted me, I read hey saw you and Mr. Hottie talking, what were you guys talking about? I quickly texted back we bumped into each other and he said sorry, of course I acted like a dummy and said it’s okay, and then he gave me his number. After that I powered off my phone and walked to my next class.  I thought about what Ben had said and blushed immediately that this had to be just a crush. I couldn't be in love with someone I had literally just met. It was impossible, well maybe not impossible but dumb.  My thoughts were interrupted by the bell and suddenly I felt my feet running without any thought, I didn't even stop by my locker to change my supplies, I just ran.  As I enter the classroom I feel all eyes on me and to make it worse Ben's eyes are on me too I feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.  

“Miss. Moore, what is your reason for being late, it better be good”

“Sorry Mrs. Finnigan I was c-caught in my thoughts and didn’t realize the bell rang i’m so                  sorry I didn’t mean to honestly”


“What that’s not fair”

“Don’t get an attitude with me, anyone else wants to get an attitude and get detention?”

“You're kinda being really mean, I mean aren’t teachers supposed to be nice.”

“Detention Mr. Perez, but thanks for defending your little girlfriend”

Immediately we both blushed.

“Um, Mrs. finnigan he isn’t my boyfriend

“Whatever, both of you detention in Mr. Samples classroom from 3:00 to 4:00, after you serve you can call your parents but during your time you must hand in your phones, i’ll allow you to text your parents now to tell them”

Great, now my mom is gonna be really mad. I have never gotten detention before. I've always been really careful not to get detention but now that I’ve got one I am kind of disappointed in myself.  Guess My phone’s gonna get taken away, Mom did say If i ever got a detention that I would be grounded for two weeks and boy am I looking forward to that.  Just then Mackenna taps on my shoulder so I turn around to hear her start to say something.

“Hey sorry you got detention,”  said Mackenna.

“Really, I thought you hated me?”

“Oh I do I was being sarcastic”

“Wow well I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”   I said snarkily.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?”

I just ignored her, I was Mad so I wanted her to think the worst because honestly I didn’t care about Mackenna anymore. She has been bullying me ever since 4th grade and now we’re sophomores in high school.  I don’t even know how it started.  I was coloring in the classroom when Mackenna came up to me and put a piece of gum into my hair and then told the teacher I had hit her and then put the gum in my own hair to make her think that I did nothing wrong, because of that I got in big trouble.  Ever since then she’s just been torturing me for no apparent reason and I've yet to figure it out by the time I get to my locker to switch out my stuff. Someone else is already at my locker.

Chapter 2 The talk

As soon as I see who is at my locker I blush, It's Ben.

“Hey Ruby, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to hang out sometime, maybe over at the dock?”

OMG was Benjamin Perez asking me on a date? I couldn’t believe it he was so cute and I, well with my black beach waves and blue eyes I wasn’t really considered pretty, that’s mainly why I wear makeup, a dash of mascara, a dab of blush, a little eyeshadow, a pinch of highlighter and voila that's my look for the day. But I was seriously considering running at that point I had no idea what to say so I just said:

“Yeah, of course we can go down to the dock. I'll text you my address, maybe next saturday?”

“Yeah, that could work”

“Ok see you then”

As he walked away I almost faint, I could not believe what just happened. He was so sweet about it and it seemed genuine, not a hint of doubt in his voice. I was hoping maybe he actually liked me and not that he dared to, or that he just did it because he felt bad for me. Just thinking about him liking me for a dare makes me sick to my stomach. I couldn't imagine a seemingly nice guy being so mean. I walked to my class before lunch and took a seat, glad that I wasn’t late. I watched other people shuffle in and take their seats, looking for Eliza, but sadly not finding her.  I kept looking around though because I did want to know if she was there, I mean for heaven's sake she is my bestie.  I try to zone out so I wouldn’t have to listen to whatever boring thing Mrs. Trisha was talking about…But It didn’t work so I just decided to pay attention…

“Alright class today we will be learning about how your worldview affects how you see other things and how you act around others, now of course because we are all christians, We believe that God is our savior and that we are sinful human beings.”

“Mrs. Trisha?” a random student asks, raising their hand.

“Yes, Gabby?”

“I was wondering, why do we have to have the same worldview when some people believe in different things? I just don’t think that makes sense” Gabby mumbled.

“Okay, that’s a good question when you believe the same things as someone else it doesn’t always mean you have the same worldview some people have different worldview which is okay”

I ignored the rest of what she said, I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying because I was thinking about Me and Ben’s date next Saturday. I couldn’t wait, but I was also really nervous because it was my first date.  I zoned out for most of the class because I didn't want to be distracted by everyone's intolerance.  After the bell rang I ran to the cafeteria, where we were having sloppy Joes for lunch.  I got in line and picked out milk, a fruit, and of course sloppy Joe.  After I got my food I went and sat down, waiting for Eliza, and after a while she finally came and she looked really tired, but I could tell she didn't want me asking any questions so I just kept quiet and ate my food.  After a while though, things got awkward and I really wanted to say something, but I didn't want to force her to talk to me either.  So again I just kept quiet because it seemed like the best option I had so far.  Then Eliza finally said something.

“Hey I need to talk to you”

“Yeah, of course, what do you need?” I was hesitant to hear what she had to say.

“Well y’know Mike right?” She said,  I could tell she really wanted me to know who that was.

“Yeah the guy you’ve had a crush on for so long”

“Right, well he got into a relationship…”

“What, I'm sorry!”

“But that’s not even the worst part, he got into a relationship with Mackenna”

“WHAT!”  Suddenly I felt furious.

“Mackenna, what does he see in her, you’re so nice and sweet and pretty, and she’s pretty, mean, not very smart and doesn’t like a lot of people”

“Yeah, well I guess he just likes girls like that”

“Well then he doesn’t deserve you”


“Anytime you’re my best friend and I would do anything for you”

“Okay thanks but I gotta go i’ll see you later”

As she walked away I suddenly felt really good with myself. It felt good to be helpful and I really loved my best friend. What really made me mad was that Mackenna was dating Eliza’s crush. She was always a pick me girl, bullying me everyday and getting her way, but no one gets away with hurting my best friend, no one. I’ll get my revenge somehow, but not today. I throw my stuff away and go into science class, where there is one seat left. And it’s right next to Ben, just my luck. My stomach does little flip flops as I sit next to him.

“Hey” He says waving at me. “We meet again”

“I guess we do”

“Alright Class I hope You’re comfortable where you're sitting because these will be your seats for the rest of the semester” The teacher announces to my dismay.

“Well since we’re going to be sitting together everyday do you want to be partners for the activity we are doing for dissecting frogs?”

I nod my head, but honestly feel like throwing up. Eww, I hate science but for some reason I feel like it's the best day ever. Probably because Ben is here. My face flushes as he helps me with my goggles and I seem to notice his face too. The teacher goes over boring rules like hair being pulled back and having closed toed shoes. 

“Ok, now if everyone would go over to the counter and grab the pan that has your frog in it you may, then have your partner go grab the dissecting tools. You can get started”

As Ben leaves to go get the pan with the dead frog in it I go and get the tools, I’m only a few steps away from my table when suddenly I trip and fall. I look up and see Mackenna trying to hide a smile while saying,

“Omg, Ruby are you okay?  I didn’t see you there”

“Can you shut up?”  I said angrily, not being able to hold in my anger.

“Hey I was just trying to be nice”

“No, actually you weren’t because 1. You stole my best friend's crush 2. You have bullied me ever since 4th grade and 3. You just tripped me”

“Hey Ruby are you okay”  Ben said while helping me up, making me realize I was still sitting on the floor.

“Yeah, thanks”  I said, trying to keep my disposition.

After we dissected the frogs, the bell rang and science was my last class, so I gathered my stuff and went back to the science classroom since the last class of the day was the room where you stayed and waited to get called for pick up.  I powered on my phone and went on Snapchat and added ben, a few seconds later he added me. After waiting a while, my name finally got called and I walked out to the parking lot for my mom as soon as I got in the car she asked 

“How was school?”

“Well my day wasn’t really that special, except for meeting a really cute boy!”

“Ooh what’s his name?”  My mom asked eagerly.

“His name is Ben”

“Aww how sweet, did you get his number?”

“Yes mom I got his number”

“That’s my girl”

After that we didn’t talk for the rest of the drive home. I turned around half expecting to see my little brother Caden but he wasn’t there.  Oh well it didn’t really matter anyway, I didn’t have time to think of where my little brother could be.  As soon as my mom pulled into the driveway I ran into the house, took off my shoes and then ran the rest of the way up to my room and plopped down on my bed.  I opened TikTok and looked at my fyp, but there was nothing interesting, so I got sweatpants and a hoodie on and just watched youtube until it was time for dinner.  As I walked down the stairs to the table my mom started talking.

“So your father wants to know more about ben, the new kid”

“Oh ok, wait that reminds me I forgot to tell you that I have a date with Ben tomorrow”

“Ok can you be back by 4:00?”

“Yeah I think so”

“Well you better find out”

“Ok, ok i’ll text him right now”  I said as I pulled out my phone and started texting him…delivered…few seconds later…typing!  He responds with sure I can get you home by 4 and so I respond with ok thanks, just my mom freaking out.

“Ok I texted him, he can get me home by 4”

“Ok good”

After I eat dinner I head straight up to my room and get on my phone again, then after a while I go to bed, excited to go on my date with Ben tomorrow…


February 08, 2023 21:19

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Aeris Walker
12:51 Mar 22, 2023

Hey Maddie—sorry it’s taken me a while to come read your stories, but just wanted to say first off that you’re doing yourself a huge service by beginning your writing journey so young! I wish I had taken writing seriously in middle school/high school and I know if you continue the habit/discipline of writing consistently, you will go far. I enjoyed your story and I think you do a good job of getting out on “paper” all of the moving parts of what makes a good story: distinct characters, relationship drama, history between friends, the emotio...


Maddie <3
21:57 Mar 24, 2023

Hi Thank you so much for commenting and telling me what you thought i really appreciate that you took the time to read my story thanks for all your thoughts and i will definetly take that into consideration🥰


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