She knew it was her last night on the earth. She lied on the house terrace by looking at the stars shining dimly on the sky.

She sighed deeply by closing her eyes and drifted her thoughts by thinking about tomorrow.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

Her thoughts were disturbed by her favorite voice. She opened her eyes to look at the love of her life, to whom she had promised to be with forever.

"Just thinking."


"About us." Sam looked at her with a furrowed eyebrows and smiled by her simple reply.


"Yes, honey?"

"How do you put up with my family and me?"

Sam started to laugh when Lara asked the question. Of course, it was not easy for him to satisfy his in-laws.

"I don't know babe. I guess your family likes me more than you think."

"Oh please, stop saying nonsense." Lara snorted by her husband's reply. Sam knew why she reacted like that.

He was chased by his father-in-law with a stick when he found them confessing to her parents.

Sam and Lara had been childhood friends, but they never knew their feelings for each other, until one day when Sam decided to take their friendship to the next stage.

"Time runs fast isn't it?" Lara sighed heavily and looked at her loving husband. He was in his twenties with beautiful black hair, cute dimple which Lara always adored, and the beautiful twinkling eyes which shined whenever he saw Lara.

"What do you mean runs fast? I feel like it's running slow. I thought by now you would be fifty, but to my disappointment, I have an eternity to drag my life with you." Lara hit his chest playfully and earned an angelic giggle from her husband.

"Ah, your father called me."

"Don't you mean your father-in-law?" Lara teased Sam.

"Why do you have to bring that stuff again?"

"That's the sad truth, honey." Lara patted Sam's shoulder and looked at him with puppy eyes.

"Whatever. I am happy that we are leaving."

"Why so?"

"Because I get to spend some peaceful lifetime without my in-laws."

"I am seriously getting bored by your conversation. Why do you even bother to come up here? To spoil my mood?" Lara rubbed her temples since she was slightly starting to get a headache because of her husband.

"Awww, is my baby mad at me?" Sam cooed at his lovely wife and stroked her beautiful hair.

"Shut up. Aren't you sad about leaving?"

"To be honest, yes."

"Y-you are?"

"Of course, I am going to miss that old man's nagging and scoldings. And especially the chasing, the running, and thrilling."

"You know what? Forget it. I am going down. Hope you freeze in here." With that, Lara tried to get up, but Sam laughed at her childish behavior and pulled her down, making her sit on his lap. Her back was facing his chest, and Sam placed his head on her right shoulder, and both were enjoying the cool breeze.

Sam breathed in Lara's scent, which made him calm. He hugged her from behind, which Lara gladly accepted. She leaned against his chest and closed her eyes.

"Jokes apart, honey. I wish your father could come with us." Lara opened her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows by her husband's statement.


"Yes, he has done nothing to me but good. He gave me a family" Lara smiled while hearing her husband's words. She knew he will get emotional about the sensitive topic.

"I was shocked when he gave his approval of us getting married. But after living with you, I understood."

"Understood what?" Lara turned back to look at her husband, who was grinning widely.

"You are a handful, he used me as a bait, to get rid of you."

"I can never have an adult conversation with you." Lara shook her head and decided to remain quiet.

"Look, look," Sam shouted making Lara flinch and she opened her eyes and looked where her husband was pointing out.

"What? What happened?"

"Just kidding." Sam stuck his tongue out producing a funny sound. Lara sighed heavily and rubbed her stomach smoothly.

"I don't know how I am going to deal with our girl when I already have another baby here." Sam pouted at her reply.

"Lara, are you happy with me?"

It's been three years since they got married, but Sam had never asked her this question.

"If not what are you planning to do?"

"Nothing much, I will thank god for giving me another opportunity to escape from you."

Lara chuckled at the words. She was not getting angry since she knew her husband was joking with her.

"And you think that's easy?"

"Of course not, it would be difficult for me, but I can give a try."

"Why don't you do it now?"

"You are planning to get me killed by your father, right? I knew it. That old man is eagerly waiting for that day."

Lara and Sam laughed together by imagining those words.

"I am more than happy, Sam. I know no one can deal with my attitude other than you. You are made for me like I am for you."

"Haaa, I wish I could meet that person who talked about soulmates and destiny."could

"Do you have any plan to tell why father called?"

"Ahh, he asked us whether we packed or not?"

"Isn't he more excited than us?" Lara smiled by her father's concern about them.

"Hope I could see stars on Mars," Lara mumbled herself and looked at the dark sky which was twinkling with stars.

"Well, we will see once we board the spaceship tomorrow. I am happy that the scientists found an alternative planet for humans to live." Lara nodded in agreement and couldn't wait to live there.

"Sam, can we sleep here?"

"Anything for you baby." Sam got up by making Lara confused as he ran down the stairs. She decided to go down to look for Sam, but soon he came with bed sheets and pillows making Lara smile.

Lara rested her head on Sam's arms, and both cuddled while looking at the sky.

They both couldn't wait for tomorrow and the life which was waiting ahead for them on another planet. They smiled by thinking about it and drifted off to sleep by admiring the beautiful stars on the sky.

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