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Drama Fiction Mystery

I arrived for my flight well ahead of schedule. I knew the time frame and where I needed to be at this moment. Always being an early bird has proven itself to guide me more times than not. When you're on the go, 24-7, you just follow the rule book. By that I mean, get your act together and don't blame anyone but yourself for your lack of time management. Too many people are not on the ball and definitely playing on the wrong court. I had my eye on the clock, per usual, walking casually on my way, across and into the airport entranceway. I had my ticket in hand and attempted to cross over to the escalator, and then up, over and into the security line. When I had to go where the wind took me for work or leisure, I never played the game we played as kids, red light - green light. I learned better not to hurry up and wait and to always be prepared. Although sometimes you do all the right things, but then there's that glitch in the matrix when you hadn't prepared for someone else taking a wrong turn into your lane.

It was only a few minutes ago, that someone seemed to be having a wild and crazy day and pulled me into it. The scene was a little over the top, but it only made me shake my head and laugh at the whole incident as I calmly readjusted myself and headed up the escalator. What started off to be just an average day for me changed in a second. On the way across the lobby to head upstairs, this big guy came storming into the airport entrance of the building, shoved me out of the way as we crossed paths both heading in opposite directions. He said 'sorry' but was not sorry as he was on his phone and with his bulky frame stepped squarely on my foot. It was all about him. I grimaced and swore under my breath but didn't let him get the better of me. After taking a deep breath, I proceeded within my own travel routine but saw this character large and in charge in the distance thunder down towards another airline ticket counter. And I do mean thunder. His heavy-footed run with the most ginormous bag was hilarious not just to me but others who he bombarded over in his destination quest. He shouted at everyone to move out of the way holding his hand out to push away any and every one that delayed his race to the finish line.

I proceeded along my merry way as the wait time in line was not an issue and got through security with no delay. There was always a friendly and accommodating staff at this airport that made travel for me a breeze. Today, however, I seemed to notice a sudden collaboration of higher ups as several supervisors and the airport security manager talked amongst themselves occasionally pointing one way then another. I'm sure it was nothing grand. Just a day in the life of travelers with security personnel going about their shift duties in a small airport. Or so I thought.

I had stepped aside to the closest seating area to gather my items together and noticed Mister 'Large and in Charge' talking out loud to whomever would listen as he waited in the line of three people to get through security. When he began barking orders to hurry his wait time, the staff felt it was time to address his rude behavior. With a stern, yet calm attitude the supervisor spoke to the big guy who after stating his message, promptly told him to go to hell. 

This infraction seemed to rise to a certain level of interest when shortly after several police officers appeared and discretely stood nearby. They observed the situation and what was going on yet refrained from approaching, more likely waiting, to escort the big guy to his gate without further ado. I noticed more people became alarmed as he now spoke loudly to the officers right to their faces claiming his civil liberties were being put in jeopardy and he would not be quiet. Was this a ruse?

I was done with listening further to the loudmouth and needed to leave the situation at the check point. Did he just wink at me? I grabbed my bag and with disgust, turned and began to walk towards my gate. I could not and would not let him ruin my day. The commotion was still heard far away and had yet to lessen. Others noticed but by now seemed to not care. I had a feeling as I continued to walk that someone else purposely began to follow along side. 

"So, what'd ya think of ol' Humpty Dumpty?" I was caught a little off guard but knew exactly what and who she was referring to. She was in a different uniform than the others but a security staff member for sure. Why she spoke candidly to me was a question of surprise. 

I answered without hesitation to offer her my frank opinion and told her that he was noticed from the get-go as soon as he stepped into the building. His ignorant attitude was not the usual style of a stressed traveler that I had come to observe over the years as he swept through the lobby charging in a bull-fighting manner on his way to the ticket counter. It was obvious that everyone noticed his bad behavior. But like any seasoned traveler, they, like I, just pretty much ignored this oaf. We talked more about life in the fast lane, and she was polite in asking about my upcoming trip and work. It morphed into other places that I'd traveled but fell back into this current situation and how it must be a real challenge for everyone working here right now. She smiled and thanked me for the information. What was not added was that the incident would be given a positive check mark and taken to a higher level for evaluation. 

We stood at the gate and turned to see what was happening upon hearing quite a loud, but familiar voice approaching from the other end of the airport where I had checked in. Several police officers and the ones at the security check point were now escorting Mr. Humpty Dumpty down and out. Apparently, things got out of hand as he was now in hand cuffs. His scowl seemed to have never left his face and he continued to spew angry words scolding one and all. He glanced over with a smirk, and I wanted to shove him so hard but resisted when the officers firmly took him out and into the squad car.  

"Good!" she replied in hearing his raving banter disappear into the traffic and knowing her job was over for the day. "He went over easy. Sunnyside down."

December 23, 2021 01:19

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