Part 1: Fucked Seven Ways From Sunday

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Crime Drama Fiction

A/N: Explicit language and scenes


"SIANNODEL!!!!!!" She bellowed from the yard below. "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!!!" She heard his boots pounding on the spiral stairway, heard him stomping through the farmhouse, and saw him emerge from the oak door. "You're so fucked, Siannodel!" The anger in her pale features was as unmistakable as the confusion in his sun-kissed ones.

"What the ever-livin' fuck, Hollander?! Whatever it is, I had no part in it!"

"Then explain that!" She pointed off to the side of the house. "You're damn lucky I didn't call the police on yer ass!"

"Well, maybe you should call the police, Hollander! That ain't no shit I'd ever do!" He stared at the body for a minute before it clicked in his head as to who it was. The face was mutilated, but those light violet eyes and white hair were all he needed to see. His flower was dead. "Call the mother-fuckin' police, Hollander! That's Violet, dammit! Get the damn phone!"

"Uh-uh." Hollander wagged her finger. "I'm a detective. We solve this my way."

"Aw hell naw! Ain't how this is goin' down!" Fury and power radiated off of him as grief and heartache stirred his soul into numbness. "Do that n your white ass will be the next dead body, fucker!"

"This got nuthin' to do with my ass bein' white!" She signaled to somebody with her eyes. Before he knew what happened, he was on the ground with three men on top of him as both his arms were being jerked behind him. He heard the click of metal cuffs.

"You're under arrest for the murder of Violet Rain Amastacia. You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future."

"I'll sue the lot of y'all! Ain't no investigation happened! Ain't no suspects on the list! I'll sue every damn one of y'all! Starting with Hollander!" He spat on the ground as they hauled him up and into a car.


"Now, down to business." Hollander's black eyes watched as the car sped away. She went through the act of searching for any footprints in the soft earth, as well as fingerprints on the fence and rail. She took photos of the scene. The white fence had no blood, and it didn't look like the grass surrounding her did either. Carefully, with gloved hands, she pulled out Siannodel's broken watch and set it by the dead woman.


"Who the fuck are you people! Y'all ain't no cops! What the hell is goin' on?!" Neither one looked at him, but one spoke in a soft, eery tone.

"We're the ones helping you. You'll find out in due time and all shall be well." He felt the cuffs cutting into his thick wrists the more he struggled against them. "Hollander knew you'd react this way, you know. She just wants to see you happy."

"Well, she sure damn fooled me! Did she kill Violet?!" Silence followed as they ignored him. "DID SHE?! ANSWER ME?!" He bellowed from the back seat.

"No, she didn't." The soft-spoken man answered as if they were talking about the weather, instead of a dead woman's murderer.

"SHUT UP!" The other man, the passenger, whipped around with a pistol. "Say one more fucking word and you'll be dead!" He shut his trap quicker than a fly gravitates to cow shit, knowing he'd never get answers if he were dead.


"Yes, Ma'am. We've got a dead body, young jane doe, about twenty, at 108 Rattle Snake Lane." She clicked to end the call and sped out of the driveway before the nearest cop car could show up. At the highway, she slowed and mixed with the traffic. Dialing her hitman, she waited for him to pick up. "There yet? Step on it. He needs to be there before I am. On my turf, we can talk without him attacking me. He needs to see it my way before he winds up in the slammer."


"Step on it! Boss is on the way." Siannodel sat in the back, praying for a miracle and hoping his worst fears wouldn't be true.

"What're you planning back there? You're awfully quiet." The brunette turned back, suspicion in his gray eyes. "You a mute now? After all that yelling?" He shook his head and turned back around. He watched as the roads became less and less populated, as a sign that read 'Welcome to Volks County' passed into the rearview.


She sped into the long, narrow driveway that leads to the place she used as a hideout, among other things. She saw the black car and smiled to herself. Now, so long as they had followed her instructions to a tee, they'd get paid for a job well done. She heard a commotion in the house. Entering, she saw Siannodel struggling against the three men as more piled in to help out their comrades. Outnumbering him by several, they tied the fighting blonde to a chair and stuffed a gag in his mouth. His angry blue eyes found her amused black ones.

"Now, you'll see why I have you here" She motioned for the men to leave the room. Pulling up a chair, she sat facing him, the back of the chair between them. "Within the week, you'll be behind bars if you don't agree to my terms." She smiled as his eyes blazed with an icy fire she'd only seen once, years, before. "Here's the thing. I've loved you since we were kids. You're the only one for me. I've known that since we were kids, but you have failed to see that, constantly going with that Violet woman for six years straight."

She turned as a door opened. "Not now, Malone?" He bowed his head and exited. "Now, if you tell me that you've always wanted me, convince me within the week, I'll bring the real killer to justice. I don't care if you love me, or have ever wanted me, just convince me. If you don't, the fuzz will have all the evidence they need to arrest you. Got it?" A fire burned in his eyes as unfiltered rage exploded throughout his being. She sauntered over and removed the gag. "Now, what will it be?"

"I'll convince your ass, alright, Hollander." She smiled as he seethed and plotted revenge.

"Then we have an understanding, Albericus? Call me by my first name, convince me. And you'll go free."

"I understand you loud and clear, Francesca," he snarled.

"tsk-tsk-tsk..Not very convincing, Albericus." She smiled her sickly sweet smile and let the men back into the room. "Show our guest to his room." Unbinding him, he shook them off and followed them. He knew he'd have to bid his time.

Sweet Violet, forgive me for whatever I must do. I have to take her down, and I can't do that behind the walls of a prison. I'm sorry, but I have to do this. Once in the dark and well-furnished room, he was locked in and left alone. He knew Violet would understand, but didn't think he would ever forgive himself for the act, of a lifetime, he was about to put on.

How much time passed, he didn't know, but eventually, she came knocking on his door. Unlocking it from the outside, she sauntered in, dressed in what he called a "hooker's dress" and slutty shoes. A skin-tight dress that revealed too much of her d-cup cleavage and had a deep open back revealed that she wasn't wearing panties when she bent over to undo the buckles on her open-toed heels. If he'd been anybody else and under any other circumstances, she'd have set his "fuck her" radar off but she didn't affect him that way. Never had.

Francesca shut the door, sauntered to him, swinging her hips, and snaked her pale arms around his neck. "Loosen up, Albericus." She smiled as somebody put on some slow tune. "Dance with me." With no other option, he twirled her around the room, keeping with the tempo of the music. She's going to want you to fuck her before the night is through. He knew his mind was right because he'd seen her do the same to guys she'd brought to his place over the years. Dance and fuck, it seemed to be the motto of her life. "Come on. Another dance." He obliged her, knowing that his mother would personally kill him if she were here. "That's more like it," she purred against his neck.

The music kept going and going. She tugged him to the bed. "Pretend I'm her."

"You don't want me to do that, Francesca." He had too much anger to even attempt that. "You really don't know what you're asking."

"But I do, Albericus. I know exactly what I'm asking of you. I want you to do it whether you want to or not." She pursed her lips. "You don't want to end up in jail, do you?" He cursed under his breath and shoved her, stomach first, to the bed before she could try anything. He stripped and jerked her off the bed as she pressed her body against him.

"You're one fucked up bitch, Francesca." He lifted her up by her waist and forcefully entered her from behind, his heart and conscience screaming at him to not do what he was about to do. She bit back a cry as he violently plunged deeper inside of her, rampaging her until she came, but not coming in her. He pulled out and shoved her away, lumbering into the bathroom connecting to the room. Sitting on the toilet lid, he put his head in his hands. She followed, throwing herself at him, pulling her dress off as she did.

"Not enough, Albericus. I said convince me, not rampage and destroy my pride."

"Your pride?" He barked out a short dry laugh. "What about my pride? My honor? My integrity? The fact that I loved another woman? You stripped all that away from me!" He roared in fury. She stepped closer to him.

"Fine. You have it your way. For now. But one day, I'll get my way with you." She grabbed his dick and squeezed it hard as she positioned herself over him. "Fuck me. Harder and faster than you just did my ass." She bent so her mouth was at his ear. "Think of her, what she must've gone through. She could see the rage building back up. "Now, fuck me like you've never wanted another woman."

"Bitch." She had him where she wanted him. "You asked for it." He shoved her against the wall and rammed into her wet opening, before carrying her to the bed. "You want it, you got it." He pounded into her, repeatedly, harder and faster than he fucked her ass as her hips barely kept up his rhythm. She screamed into his chest as she came again, clinging to him as he pulled out.

Each evening throughout the week, it was the same. Dance for half an hour. Fuck like animals. Shower. Leave. Throughout the day, he plotted in the room, feeling like a prisoner. One of the men kept him updated on the news of Violet's murder.

Then it happened.

May 18, 2021 17:43

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Charlie Murphy
18:45 May 18, 2021

I liked it! It's definitely graphic! Tell me if this gets approved.


E.C. Nickelson
18:53 May 18, 2021

Thanks! Most certainly will let you know! Not sure how I'm going to end it yet, or how many parts it'll be, though since I can see several different endings for it.


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E.C. Nickelson
13:26 May 24, 2021

I told you I'd let you know...and it got approved!


Charlie Murphy
15:19 May 24, 2021



E.C. Nickelson
18:32 May 24, 2021

Your simple enthusiasm just made my headache-filled day more than you could know, Charlie. Thanks for that, Darling.


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