As you started your day with your favorite breakfast, oatmeal, bread and tea you picked up the newspaper or else you would not be able to resist the temptation to check your phone. The phone was switched off as the message box was almost flooded with weird, murderous threatens. They all claimed money but as you consulted your boyfriend; he had disagreed to take it seriously. He expected them to be pranks.

You had considered them to be rather serious about the money and threats but were convinced that they were pranks as your boyfriend confirmed it. Thus it was switched off to prevent any distractions in her peaceful life.

You were desperate to open the phone as it was 11:00am in the morning and you hadn’t had any talk with Mark. Opening the phone you noticed that this time not only your message box but your inbox too was overflowing with emails. Unfortunately they were all from Mark and that too between 4 and 6 in the morning.

This is odd, if he really had to talk why not call me, and what is the point of emails when we have numbers and can message each other.

Hastily opening the emails you noticed that he had already mentioned the reason. They were probably only two lines but the number of mails was almost 10.

I guess the messages are believable now that I am in this situation/BTW I am emailing as I want you to notice this over the messages/ I think I know why they are here/It’s very dark in this garage and scary/There are so many of them around this place/I think they are here to kill me now/Well I don’t think you are even reading all these/ I think I made a mistake in telling you not to believe in them/Now I insist you believe in those messages it’s important for you to get out of this/They are dangerous, they have all kinds of weapons with them/I think its time I say goodbye they are just 2 cars ahead of me.

All this time, tears gushed down your cheeks which were completely red and your eyes puffy.

I don’t think I’ll be able to write anything more so GOODBYE and please believe what they are telling you and do as they say……. And just know this that I love you. --5:20 a.m.

 There were no more of these mails, this one was the last and her legs were trembling with fear and guilt and pain and grief and all emotions were at the moment gathering inside of you. You lost grip on your phone and it fell on the floor. The sound broke the trance you had slipped into since you read the last email. Picking it up and you sat on your chair in the dining room. Your heart was beating faster and you were having problem breathing, one of your asthma attacks.

No, no not again please I am already so devastated why bother with another attack, I am already having a ‘heart-ache’.

You took your inhaler and started checking the messages.

He is dead believe it or not/ you will die if you don’t pay me what I want or…if you try acting too smart ----5:30 a.m.  

These messages were from Mark’s phone itself. They were really clever and you didn’t have any clue what garage he was talking about neither was his death made public.

You stood there horror-struck. Your body was not moving at all until……. Until someone/some people started banging on your door.

How are they so fast, how do they know where I live and how did they manage to get past the guards of this building. This time if I live I will have to pay 100x more rent as they are perhaps going to break my door apart.

You still couldn’t get yourself to walk over to the door and open it up to the monsters or the humans. As you continued pushing your body the sound and the banging grew louder until the door fell apart. You just sat there still and were even stunned how your life was going to end this tragically. Guns were drawn but there wasn’t one of them but 10 or 12. All were in blue uniform wearing badges with their names on them. They looked confused and lowered their guns at the sight of a helpless girl clinging on to her chair

They can’t be burglars or money looters or killers; they don’t at least wear badges and show their names off in public.

The next moment without any permission the head officer motioned them to search the house and flooded you with hideous questions. The lady officer stood patting your back that didn’t help as she tried to make the questions even trickier.

“What do you know about this boy madam and how did he die and what messages was he talking about? Who are these ‘they’? By the way the body was discovered by a driver, he found it in his apartment’s garage and madam, we’ve read his mails and according to them what are those messages what did you not believe Miss? Can we check those please? That would be a lot of help.”

All this time the cops were rambling you had zoned out. But suddenly something clicked….. Perhaps the cops can save me, I mean they are meant to protect us and I don’t want to die in the hands of a murderer.

The head was nowhere to be seen and so you began jerking the lady cop.

“What? What is it?” She was extremely irritated at this odd manner of yours but without giving that any thought you proceeded with what had to be done.

“I need the head officer, where is he now?” You tried getting up but she pressed you down. “He’ll be here in a minute.” Sure enough he was standing right in front of you and with authority in his voice he spoke.

“What is it that you want me for?” he looked calm and satisfied though.

“Sir, about the messages. I just want to show those.” You had guilt in your body, eyes, face and everywhere as if it was your fault that he laid, dead in a garage.

“What about those?”

You told him all you had discussed with Mark and showed all the messages that there was, which took almost hour.

“I think we should trace this number and start moving and Miss Dayna, you may stay with Miss Parker and stay alert as the killer might attack her, make sure Miss Parker, all the doors and windows are locked and stay inside…. I mean in your room and lock yourself in.” nodded and motioned his juniors to follow him.

“So you’re Miss Molly Parker, right.” The lady officer, Miss Dayna seemed to be an optimistic lady as she looked around the house and had a small smile on her lips.

“Yes,” you proceeded towards your room to get yourself together and just meditate.

“Where are you going by the way Miss?” she still wasn’t looking at you.

“Well, my room of course.” You slammed the door in frustration and guilt.

After only probably 30 minutes of sulking and crying did you hear something weird from outside. Your heart started racing at 10x speed and your hands felt sweaty with another asthma attack. Here comes the panic attack with its companion, asthma, your mind went blurry. As the thought, of going out and see what was being destroyed, came into your mind you pushed it aside and pressed your ears against the door fearing, probably, a bullet would go through the ear hole.

 Everything was in chaos and you did of course hear gun shots and remembered that there was a police officer at home but that in no way calmed you.

What just happened? Everything had suddenly gone so silent just after 30 minutes of the fight. Is she really such a good fighter that she alone saved me from probably…..wait then why isn’t she checking on me?

The worst thought came into your mind and adrenaline rushed furiously. Fight or flight? Fight or flight? Flight is no way the option if she is …… wait why don’t the criminals just break the door and kill me?

This was the tiny speck of hope that you saw and holding onto this you proceeded to open the door and check it yourself.

As you opened the door you were greeted by a pile of dead bodies. They were all shot in several places.

As you moved forward the thing that made your hurt sink was the dead body of a girl and on tilting it a gasp escaped your lips and everything became clear.

“There is no escaping this time. Dear, I didn’t want to kill you, after all, this would leave me with no one to threaten, I just wanted the money and you couldn’t arrange it. BUT…. But you did manage to contact the police and this is what happens when someone tries to outsmart me.” A bullet shot from the gun and hit your knees. Crouching on the ground you tried hard enough to snatch the gun from the officer’s lifeless hands but he was too quick.

He kicked the gun away and gave an outburst of laughter. “Neither of you, not your father, not your mother and not even you are loyal to your lives; thus you die.”

Your eyes were almost coming out, “What ….you………………… killed my father, mother didn’t?” the pain in the leg was affecting the whole body and mind as it had gone completely blank.

“Yes of course, and why wouldn’t I? Your father was indeed a good gambler but because of him I lost all of my money and when I asked him to spare me some for my daughter’s treatment, he denied and ….killed my ….princess,” there was a sudden flash of emotion but it lasted only a second, soon there was the malicious grin spread on his lips, once again.

“So where do I come in this? I didn’t even see my father, he was dead by the time I was born. Shouldn’t it be me to take this revenge?” your eyes were welling up with tears.

“No of course not, see he killed my daughter and justice will only be done if you DIE.” He shouted and a bullet rushed towards your temple and suddenly all was dark.

June 26, 2020 15:03

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