Drama Fantasy Mystery

“After me, Beatrice Samuel and her older kid - which is mine will inherit half of my property. My café will belong to my first son Harry and my real wife, Lucy.”

“What the fuck…?” Harry shouted, and he was utterly shocked, and the Will letter slept out of his hand. 

“Daddy’s kid? He was having a relationship with Beatrice,” he asked his mother, and the nebulous electrifying cloud of surprise covered his eyes. Mother Lucy had fallen on the ground; her languid muscles were quaking under the shock of the truth. The tears were pouring the havoc. “The imbecile old man was doing the sin behind my back. I’ve no idea about it,” she wailed.

She was worried more about his second wife rather than his death. Neither the important was his Will. But it was so perturbing how he made his daughter as a wife? It was insane.

Harry’s eyes were replete with shame on the deeds of his evil dad. He made his sister, stepmother. What disrupting anything else than this? No matter the Will he wrote. It would be digested more easily if he wrote this entire property to any stranger. 

A sudden boisterous wind blew the French window open with a thud, and the curtains blew to kiss the ceiling. And filled the room with a familiar scent. The young hoyden of 23 years rushed from the door crying, Beatrice she was.

“Poppa… You can’t do this to me. It isn’t possible. I know you’re kidding, and you love pranks,” she wailed whilst beating her chest, and plonked down herself on his abandoned bed. He died two days ago.

Mother Lucy won’t able to embargo her anger. She wiped her tears and made Beatrice facing her—rolled her entirely with her hair and slapped her on her cheek with a force that thwarted her back.

“Mom…” she shouted with the fear and baffle on her face. Beatrice couldn’t understand the reason for the unprecedented anger of Lucy.

“Asshole. What you thought, we are not aware of your secrets?” Lucy shouted with her throat in hand. 

“What secret, mommy? I don’t hide any secrets. I’m all open to you.”

“Shut up! No more lie. You fucked your dad, do you? I say… tell me,” Lucy came in the scrutiny of anger, and she plunged on her neck to press her throat. “I’ll kill you. You couldn’t be my Beatrice. This is a bitch.” Harry grabbed Lucy’s hand to stop the mishap. 

“She is pregnant, mom. Control yourself. You gonna kill her along with her unborn kid,” Harry reckoned her. Besides, her two years old kid was watching the fight in fear from the corner, and tears were caressing over his mushy cheeks. 

“I don’t know. What are you talking about, mom? I’m innocent,” she said. “I rather die before doing this, mom. I sware to my kids,” and cried badly; her legs were weak, and she fell on the floor. 

Harry lifted her kid in his lap and embraced him. He was badly frightened, shivering as he is in the cold.

“Your father had written his Will on your name, and your kid also wrote this one is his kid. So, it means the goofy old man was lying.”

“I don’t know, mom. I sware to Jesus. They are my and Andrew’s kid. Why poppa would do this?” Beatrice’s throat was choked badly in a cough.

Lucy had cried a lot. She felt pity for her daughter. Beatrice’s tears were not fake; it isn’t a hard job to convince a mother. She always forgives her kids, anyway. She forgave her even when she had given birth to an illegitimate child, and now today. In a while, Lucy hugged Beatrice tightly in her arms and baptized her with the sacred love of a mother. They both cried a lot on the shoulders of each and made it wet evenly.

It was a hard time for them; it was the pain of losing the synthesizer of their family. 

Many hours spent their tears dried and a calmness taking over in their heart. But the whereabouts of chaos has always been a mystery. A tumultuous boot tap was hammering their hearts. All settled their eyes on the door to welcome the new guest to share some pain.

It was Andrew. A manly scent scattered all around. He was an utmost handsome with wavy brown hair, blue-black eyes, and a carved personality. No doubt Beatrice had fallen for him. However, he has no grief about the loss of his future father-in-law. They lived together soon to get married. 

A glint appeared in Beatrice’s eyes like she saw Jesus, and she got everything. Lucy welcomed with a dreary smile.

He sneered with his proud smile, and quickly teeth were sheathed under his bulged lips. His unceremonious expressions were looked peril. 

“My baby. You cried a lot. For your husband or your father?” he said and laughed hilariously with each word filled with jibe whacked on her heart. Tears deluged in her eyes and started coming down. 

Harry’s fist clenched, but he controlled his anger. Otherwise, he was monstrously giant, and the single blow of his fist could take the shit out of Andrew.

“I thought, you will return with a piece of good news and your ass stuck here. You didn’t come. So, I had to come,” Andrew said.

“What good news, Andrew? Stop mocking us. Behave yourself,” Beatrice barked.

“Good girls are never lying their momma; you are my good baby, say it.”

A fear-filled on her face; she blanched, and the sweat withered out. 

“What… truth… Umm... talking about..?” She was stammering like as she caught red-handed while killing somebody.

“You kill your father for the property; you gave him the poison he died before expected. You have relations with him. You were sleeping with him under the same blanket,” Andrew hissed.

Her eyes bulged out. Her voice stopped coming. Lucy almost died after the truth. Harry couldn’t believe him. He jumped to beat Andrew.

“Harry, he is just telling us the truth. Jesus, why I wasn’t aware of this witch? She killed her father. What do I suppose to do now with this murderer? Please forgive my sin. I’m goin’ to kill her,” Lucy looked towards the ceiling as she was seeing the god.

Beatrice compelled to shiver badly. She tried, but her jammed throat didn’t let her deliver her words. She was crying with her heart in hand. She closed her eyes and accepted her defeat. She accepted that she killed him. Her body was shuddering, and her breathing was fast, and blood was congealing inside her veins of fear. Lucy grabbed her neck amid her palm and pressed in rage. Harry didn’t stop her this time.

“Please. Please. Mrs. Lucy doesn’t do this,” he said. “I was joking believe me. She didn’t kill him. I sware,” Andrew pleaded. Lucy turned and gave a hard slap on his cheek; he shuddered. Beatrice gave one slap behind Lucy.

“Is this a joke to you? My father had died you though this is the time to joke. I hate you. You are very insensitive. I never expected this from your side,” Beatrice shouted with shrill from her choked throat.

“I’m sorry, honey. I wanted to see the fear on your fearless face. You said you don’t afraid now look. Today, I am satisfied to see it, you also afraid, hence proved. Even your husband must be seeing your deadly exasperating expressions from the above, Mrs. Lucy. He asked me to do this to see your possessiveness and the limit of your anger. I’m sorry I shouldn’t do this,” he pleaded for sorry.

“Shut up, nonsense. Your gruesome prank said you have no heart otherwise, you wouldn’t do this. A murder was about to happen from my hand. The world would spit on me that I crushed the throat of my daughter. Moron.”

“Yes. I’m a bastard. I know she has no relation with her father. She is sacred.”

“Really? Will? You mean my husband was lying, isn’t it?” Lucy grimaced.

“Where does he write that Beatrice was his wife?” Andrew asked.

Lucy frowned and re-read the Will. She nodded her thoughtful head. She was embarrassed about her direct conclusion with understanding anything.

My father and Mr. Samuel were best friends. It was the reason he didn’t stop Beatrice to stay with me. He said nothing, even after Beatrice got pregnant twice. They were upset about our carelessness, but still, he didn’t scold us. 

They were always fighting like kids and compare who is most successful among them. They fight in brotherhood, but still, each one wanted to prove his supremacy.

Eventually, their fight was distraught and obsolete. I fed up with it. Meanwhile, Beatrice was pregnant the second time. I suggested them to borrow my kids. A goodman is the legacy of their upbringings. As the guardian like the kid will be.

Hence they adopted our kid and whose kid will be most successful. He will be the winner of this year of a friendly war that slowly catching fire of ego. Hence, unofficially he adopted Jonny, and my father adopted my unborn child. The race will begin after the birth of the second child. Their fight came to hold. When I found Mr. Samuel had cancer last age. Every fight went to the abyss now the time came to fight with life. I helped him to write his final Will. At the last, he said, “I wanted to see Lucy, angry. She would look cute in anger. I can even imagine the tanginess with anger on her face, it is hazy and vaporizing over my eyes. I was always loyal to her, I never flirt to anybody, and so I never saw jealousy on her face. The possessiveness she had stored for years. I wanted to see it coming out. I’ll be seeing her from heaven. Tell her.” ” 

September 04, 2020 09:29

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10:08 Sep 11, 2020

When I found that you did follow my story it made me vivash to rush to your stories. I see that you indulge in using hard words but not in the best possible ways. You also use the wrong words also like "slept" where it should be "slipped". I "swear" and not "sware" which probably is archaic. This I saw in the present story and the earlier one about the Power Outage. Many of the phrases are nice like the use of "embargo" but many sentences of your's are ungrammatical. But your efforts are laudable. Best Wishes


13:02 Sep 11, 2020

I highly appreciate your feedback. The detailed feedback you gave it made me realized my mistakes. Thank you so much. I love to know if you can point out some sentences with grammatical issues so I can work accordingly. Again thank you so much.


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13:29 Sep 11, 2020

Utkarsh I had do sangharsh to write stories and review the works of others and would like you to sparsh on my stories with likes and comments to reach higher with karma points this varsh. Best wishes


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Milja Luomala
09:53 Sep 10, 2020

I was a bit confused about the characters in the beginning but otherwise a very interesting story :)


13:08 Sep 10, 2020

It is my failure, I couldn't make it clear to you. Next time I'll try to be more clear. Thank you for your read. :D


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Lynn Penny
22:39 Sep 05, 2020

This was quite the interesting family dynamic, good job with the prompt.


05:36 Sep 06, 2020

Thank you so much, Lynn.


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