- And at the end of the year, we take some days off during this high season, dear, as we have to rest from this kind of life we live, you know, we are always working  and working every single day – the grandma was saying to her new maid, a black young woman that was always chewing gum 

- I see – snatching a pink bubble on her face - You deserve a little trip – chewing.

Where are you planning to go this year ? 

- We always ho to the beach, because it is so hot that days. And the kids love the water, the sea water. It is refreshing .

- I see - snatching another pink bubble on her face.

- Don’t you get tired of snatching the bubble?

- No madam.

- I see. I need your help to get the things ready for the trip , as we have the airplane tickets for the next plane that takes off in three hours, so we have to be going to the airport in one hour !

- Yes, madam

- You will take the suitcase that is on that upper door of the closet, will you ?

- Yes, madam – snatching and snatching.

- And please, take that piece of cloth to clean it inside so we can fill it with all the clothes of the girls first, and for the boys we are going to take that other suitcase the bigger one, because we only have two rooms in that house.

- Yes, madam – and the bubble clogged her throat , so she could not swallow nor breath.

The maid started to cough , a lot.

And tried to get rid of it, unsuccessfully.

And started to look.pale, as she started to faint.

The grandmother was worried, offering her a sit, and giving her a glass of water.


The maid, just fainted.

And the grandmother looked for help, calling for her daughter  

- But she is not at home ! What can I do ? What can I do? – in desperation.

So, she took the phone to call for his grandson, a massive and strong boy.

- Anwer, please! Answer please !

But he never answered the phone.

- What can I do ? Should I call the doctor ? No! It is better to call the emergency service, an ambulance!

So, she sat on her bed, while the maid was on the floor, breathless, and took the phone directory.

- Where should I look for it ? Where us it ? – passing the pages nervously, without finding anything. 

- In “ ambulance “ ? No ! In “ emergency” ? no ! So, where can I find it ? - in a nervous breakdown.

- Fine. I am going to call my daughter, or anyone that pick it up first.

So, she called.

To her daughter – who was in the shower, according to the automatic answering machine.

To her granddaughter – who picked the call, but was too busy with her newly born child.

To her neighbor ,who, according to herself, was a kind person – but had an appointment with the dentist and it was too late.

She was almost giving up.

And she finally found the number of the emergency service .

- Oh  thank you Lord ! Thank you Lord! – and she called that number.



And at the third time, a very lousy voice answered : 

- Yes, madam, we are sending the ambulance right now.

- Thank you ! - relieved.

- What is the number of your credit card ? – asked the unknown voice of the operator 

- My what ? – in panic, as she had never seen or used that stuff before.

- Your credit card number.

- I do not have a credit card.

- No ? So, are you paying in cash ? - doubtful - We normally do kit accept cash, as we need to give a receipt of the transaction..

- Transaction? – astounding wished- but , dear, this is an emergency! There is a person that is dying in here !

- Fine. So you are paying in cash.

- Whatever. Jyst send me the ambulance right now!

- The address 

- 221 , Fourth street.

- It will take half an hour, as all the ambulances are busy right now.

- Half an hour ? That long ? – unbelieving.

- Yes, we have an extra ambulance that costs the double, and I can send it right now.

- The double of what?

- The double of the one thousand and five hundred dollars for the service 

- So? 

- It will cost three thousand dollars.

- What ? – nervously screaming.

- Three thousand dollars.

- But I do not have all that money ! – she argued, thinking about her annually trip.

- So, you have to wait half an hour.

- How about the emergency? I will suit you because of it.

- Don’t get mad lady I will send you the ambulance, but you have to wait, and pay.


That was the word that she could stand hearing. 

The time was going away

She needed to be at the airport, together with her husband  who was still shopping with her two grandchildren that were supposed to buy bikinis for the trip.

- Oh, my God ! What can I do ? 

Suddenly, she listens the front door opening.

She ran to see.

It was her husband and the grandchildren arriving, laughing .

- Finally you are back home- and she talked about everything that happened. 

Her husband, afflicted, immediately  took his car keys, and dragged the body if the maid to the car, saying :

- I will take her to the hospital. You wait for me here, I will be back soon.

So he did.

But the trafficking him was heavy.

And it took him forty minutes to get to the emergency service in the nearest hospital 

He called the nurses and the guards to help him get the body of the nurse out of the car.

He waited for a free doctor to admit her in the service.

Another fifteen minutes.

- She is dead - the doctor said to him – and you have to fill in these papers, as you ate her closest family member, then you have to get her death certificate, there, in the basement – pointing with his finger – today. Or the body will no lo get bs able to be claimed.

- Is that all ?

- Yes - and the doctor left.

He stayed in the hospital for more than one hour.

At the moment he was leaving the hospital with all the papers he saw  from the window of his car  an airplane, flying in the sky

And he nor his family was there . 

- And we will never do it again – sentenced the granny – on seeing that she had no credit card in her purse.



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