Trick Or Treat Revenge

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You wanna do something fun? I look at my best friend Violet. She nods. Tomorrow is Halloween, I have something wicked planned. It's not just any prank, but revenge.

My name is Autumn, me and my best friend Violet have been tormented by the most vicious, backstabbing girls I have ever known. They are known as the Fab 5.

The Fab 5 Camila, Natalie, Jade, Ashley and Taylor rule South high with an iron fist, all the guys like them, the girls are little pets following them around, for us we hate them.

We've known the head witch Camila since grade school, she use to be our friend, once middle school came we drifted apart and then high school came, that's when it all started.

Camila met Natalie, Jade, Ashley and Taylor during freshman year, they became known as the Fab 5 and the torment began.

They were vicious to me and Violet. Camila and her gang did everything in their power to make our lives hell, it worked.

They turned the entire school against us, we were the outcast, there times when we didn't want to go to school, that's how bad it was, now it's our turn for vengeance.

What I have plan is going to make everything that Camila and her gang have done to us pale in comparison, they are going to wish they never messed with us.

I have planned everything down to the last detail so Violet doesn't have to worry about anything.

I told Violet repeatedly not to worry about our plan, Camila and her gang have it coming.

What we are going to do is take the most precious thing to them and that is their beauty. We are going to turn Camila, Natalie, Jade, Ashley and Taylor into the most hideous girls ever.

This will get back at them for everything they have ever done not only to us, but to the entire town of Cherry hill, me and Violet were just a warm up for Camila and her gang.

They tormented Cherry hill for so long that everybody has had enough of the so call Fab 5. We all want them gone and away from us, and hopefully tomorrow is the start of them leaving for good.

I never told Violet that part of my plan involves the entire town, they want revenge as well. I will tell Violet tomorrow.

Everything is in place. I placed cameras in every important place that I know Camila and her gang visit, the hair salon, mini mall and so on.

I double checked everything and we are good to go. I can't wait until tomorrow. It's going to be a good day.

It's trick or treat time and boy am I happy. Halloween is here and operation vengeance is finally here.

I star the day by helping my mother with breakfast, and then sort out the treats for the kids, now it's time for my trick.

I meet Violet at her house, we go over everything. I tell Violet the whole town is behind us, she's relieved.

I get a text from my spy at the mall, he tells me Camila and her gang arrived. Phase one is beginning.

Phase one of my plan: The costumes

Everyone knows Camila and her gang always get the prettiest costumes, so what I have planned is for Mrs. Thomas, Cherry hill costume designer, is going to design their costume as planned, but with one added bonus, underneath the costume is going to be another costume, the most hideous one's ever seen in Cherry hill.

I get word Camila and her gang picked up the costumes, they are extremely happy.

Phase two: The make up

Cherry hill holds a Halloween dance every year and the people vote for the best costume and every year one of the Fab 5 always wins and every year we all know the Fab 5 never reveal their costume until the night of the Halloween dance.

I get word Camila and her gang are at the beauty store picking up there make up. What I have planned is for Jenny to switch their make up with ones they are allergic too. Jenny is going to put them in the box that held the original make up.

Jenny texts me back saying "Camila and her gang have picked up the make up."

My plan is going exactly how I planned onto phase three.

Phase three: The salon

Hair is very important to all of us especially women and girls, so my plan is very wicked. This one is my most devious plan of all. What I have planned is for Sadie, owner of Cherry hill beauty salon to switch out the regular hair treatment for Camila and her gang for something special, that will be revealed at the dance.

I have received word Camila and her gang have arrived at Sadie's. I watch the feed as their hair treatment begins. I laugh and laugh at everything that is happening.

Camila and her gang have finished at the salon and as usual, they don't let anyone see the result. My plan is working perfectly.

Now onto the last phase, phase four.

Phase four: The reveal

I'm getting ready for the dance. Violet is at her house also getting ready. We are both going to be princesses. I'm going as Belle and Violet is going as Cinderella. Tonight is going to be magic for the both of us and for the whole town.

It's time to head to the dance, which is going to be held at the Cherry hill gardens. The cameras are all set up, the lights and decorations are all set, the people are all set.

Myself and Violet arrive at 7:30 followed by many of the towns people including the mayor. Camila and her gang like to make a grand entrance,. they will be arriving at 9 sharp.

The entire town is having a fun time at the dance, all the costumes look amazing. We are dancing the night away waiting for the Fab 5.

I look at my watch and its time. We all look towards the entrance and they are making their way to us.

Camila and her gang enter, the crowd parts, the lights are on them. They walk to center of the stage where the mayor is waiting.

The mayor announces "its time to announce the winner for best costume."

Camila and her gang take their jackets off, everybody begins to laugh and point.

Camila looks at Natalie, Jade, Ashely, and Taylor in shock, Camila begins to scream, Natalie, Jade, Ashley and Taylor also begin to scream. Camila turns to us, we are still laughing.

All of their hair is completely gone, their faces are blotchy and red, their costumes looks like they came from the swamp. I smile. This is too good.

Natalie, Jade, Ashley, and Taylor attempt to run away, but they are blocked by the people. Camila doesn't move, she looks at me and points.

"You did this to us."

I go on stage and hand her my tablet. She looks at it and sees herself and her gang live across social media for all to see.

"This is what you get for tormenting me, Violet and the entire town. We took the most important thing that you crave and that is your beauty, have fun looking beautiful ever again."

The people finally let Camila, Natalie, Jade, Ashely and Taylor leave. They run out of the dance.

We all have fun the rest of the night. I won best costume.

In the days following Halloween Cherry hill is free of Camila and her gang. We see Camila, Natalie, and Jade from time to time. We still laugh and point at them. Ashely and Taylor left Cherry hill the day after Halloween, We never heard from them again.


October 07, 2021 20:27

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