Adventure Friendship Funny

Master Lin Xiu, of XingXi sect, just defeated a pile of WuXing sect’s disciples.

He cultivated a thousand years, and became a wuxia hero in no time.

Lin Xiu, once in his youth, had killed 59 demonic cultivators with just a pair of tuning sword magic trick. A way of swinging your sword in tunes to phrase a divine slash on the enemy.

Awkwardly, when he first defeated the 59 demonic cultivators, one of those lasts words were spoken,

“Hey… hero… be wary for our demon king will crush you into bits! Urgh…” and he died after a few seconds after that.

After 16 years, while the hero, Lin Xiu was cultivating, his Shifun came to him.

“Shifun?” he asked with a baffling tone.

His Shifun frowned, inhaled and exhaled, deeply.

He said, “You are a hero, you must defeat the Wuxing sect and must gain victory! Hero must put discipline in the world order.”

The hero made an impassive expression on his dull face.

“Oh,” he made an unconcerned sound and showed to didn’t really care much.

After 3 days, the hero decided to finally set off to his journey to end history with the demon king.

Neither did he know of his name, nor his age, nor his abilities, just that he is very attractive and powerful.

While he was walking on his path to defeat the demon king, he met a small village on his journey.

The villagers were pleading for help amongst the rageous cultivators.

The group of 8 demonic disciples were bullying the acquitted humans, Lin Xiu was exasperated.

The hero raised his sword and phrased his words. The wind around Cang Ya started to blow sprightly. The ice-blue magic particle trail around his sword, in an instant, enormously surged in the sky and an electric-like wave hit on the bully’s group.

They all got alerted.

The hero grinned and gave a wicked sentence, “You’re Wuxing sects’ damn disciples, right?”

They all started to look at each other.

The hero merged another spell and magic roared up in the sky, a while hit them again.

They became fearful of Lin Xiu hero and bafflingly ran away…

The hero sighed of pressure and slowly went back to his pace.

While he was polishing his blade with a white napkin, the town’s leader came to him with rush.

“Young man, Young man! Listen to this old man!”

Lin Xiu alarmingly stepped back. He hitched and spoke, “Wh-what is it, elder?”

“You are a hero, you must defeat the Wuxing sect and must gain victory! Hero must put discipline in the world order.”

Our hero, Lin Xiu, realized he had heard this phrase before also…

But our hero’s, regrettably, memory used to slip in a moment, usually after every minor point.

“Okay…” he anyways nodded to the elder and palm-saluted him.

Lin Xiu continued his journey once again.

This time, he ended up in a country of food. The royal majesty was a foodie, the princess, and the whole country loved food and dared not to waste a mouthful of rice.

Lin Xiu had zero interest in the country’s basis. He continued, anyways.

He somehow ended up in the castle.

How, it was actually an ending where Lin Xiu, the hero of wuxia, ended up saving the princess, who was on a ‘food expedition’, from bandits.

A considerate hero. All right.

After he saved the ingenuous princess of Huan Hu nation, he was not only invited inside the palace for a big feast of delicious meat and various fresh-plucked fruit drinks, the Royal Majesty even proposed him to marry his daughter. Now that was quiet a present.  

He saw the princess eating and drinking, almost as if she had never ate or drunk in her whole life. He thought, If he managed to get married with this mouthful beast, he would not have to worry about his death anymore.

Lin Xiu regarded himself as a fool, in his entire lifetime. He wanted to hurry up finish things, and go home. Let’s go and marry his best friend, Jiang Shu. Then all things would be done slickly, anyways. All right!

For Jiang Shu, he was good at housework, cooking, sword arts, and was also known as the ‘Divine Martial Artist’. How could he just omit this great chance?

Although, Jiang Shu had no interest in him, he still liked him as of a best friend. Okay.

Lin Xiu had nothing to do except watching the fat princess eating and drinking wholesomely. He was obviously bored.

“Your highness, why do people hate the demon king, when he hasn’t done anything in a decade?”

“Of course, because, he is a demon. Aside his race, that illicit demon has crossed his limits! He confidently stole all my country’s meat the other day. He also ordered his men to steal our wines and fruits. What else could we do rather hating?”

Hero nodded. But he didn’t get it. He at the least, wanted to see for himself, how the demon king at least behaves. Well, for now, he was reserved by the fatty princess.

After the royal invitation for saving the princess, the King reminded him.

“Hero, have you considered the proposal once more?”

Lin Xiu took a glance on her.

He impassively replied, “Not interested.”

The princess shouted with a mouthful of meat and crumbs scattered around her mouth,

“Alright, whatever, marriage isn’t a problem. What bout cuisines, you love food, right?”

“Not exactly. I have adapted myself to eat anything for survival.”

That finished the Royal Huan Hu arc.

After he wasted a lot of effort and time in Huan Hu country, Lin Xiu dragged his feet to the demon king’s demise pathway, he encountered another malicious arc.

The hero of wuxia was on his verge of tiredness. He drought any more power or courage to win.

Across the forest, the dungeons, there states a dark valley.

Fighting with the thorny vines in the forest. Vanquishing the dragon of the dungeons, then at the last, enters the dark valley.

To be honest, there wasn’t any kind of trouble in the dark valley, but Lin Xiu was a hero.

Lin Xiu gradually fought all the demonic ghosts, that unexpectedly appeared in the valley, and won in his escapade.

When he did finish his fight, he staired up to the top of the tower.

At the top, our hero, Lin Xiu, meets a man in mask. The boss, probably?

Okay, you/he were right.

“Who are you?!”

No, no, our hero is not the type of who’ll just egocentrically run up to slash over his body. He will talk.

“Hahaha. What do you think, hero?”

“Don’t play futile, of course it’s my duty to banish such likes of you from this world!”

“Do you even hold such power to do it?”

“Of course, see for yourself!”

“Sure, sweet hero.” he buttered up Lin Xiu, but our hero was modest.

Lin Xiu cast a spell and a vigorous blue flame emitted from around his sword. He cast another end spell, and the electric-wave-like trail of magic flew towards the masked man.

Lin Xiu kept on throwing magic trails, but the masked man either dodged all of his powers, or just shot flying knives.

“Why Don’t you… fight seriously?!”

“If so I’ll do, you won’t stay alive.” He grinned.

“Urgh! You wasted all of my energy to bits! Now if I lose to the demon king, it would be your fault, you devil!”

“Hehe.” He giggled and ignored the hasty, power-shredding hero.

Lin Xiu could no longer help but feel utterly devastated.

He finally accepted fate. He decided to use the divine spell to finish that outwardly ghost king, but a real black chimpanzee.

Good, hero won.

Ah, our hero, modest and absolute.

After defeating the masked villain, Hero, Lin Xiu takes off directly to the demon palace.

He was given directions where he needed to go through the blood mountains, the icy cold river, and the pathway of demonic road, which roads up to the demon palace’s gate.

After finishing the demon city explore, our hero crossed the dangerous paths; blood mountain, where he had to climb for endless 3 nights.

He did suffer. Hero got injuries and even sprained his ankle and wrist. But he still kept on walking and moving to the destination.

On the last way, the demonic pathway road, Lin Xiu inhaled and exhaled slowly, smoothly.

Before, the moment he got inside, a pile of guards aimed at him so suddenly that the hero lost control and fell on the ground.

He lost consciousness.

When he was slowly closing his eyes to depart away with his soul, the demon king came!

The demon king knelt down on his one knee, and said in a precise voice, “Hero… welcome, before even finishing for what you came here, are you going to die so early?”

He spoke as if he knew everything.

Hero Lin Xiu dizzily answered, “I’m in no shape… to defeat this lord…”

Everything in front of his eyes was slowly fading away. He felt so dizzy and wanted to sleep for a few days.

The demon king stood up and in an angry and loud voice, ordered his soldier, “Throw away this hero. He who not fights, shall not live long!”

Thus, the glorious hero, Master Lin Xiu, was thrown into the dungeon.

He was ordered to sleep, eat, and nutrient his energy so that a real demon vs hero duel could begin.

For whole a week, while the hero was slacking in the dungeons, with everyday good meals, wine and even unlimited sleep time, his disciples and master were worried to death in the sect.

And so, a rumor spread in the world, the great hero who defeated several demons and enemies, went missing after a few weeks.

People couldn’t believe, such a heavenly-blessed deity got missing on a demon defeating voyage?

On the other hand… our hero was enjoying his last day of the week in eating great feasts.

This time, he was invited by the demon king to dinner. Wow. Who could have thought the demon king would be so delighted with the human hero?

“My lord, this is amazing!” he idly spoke.

“I know! I know!” he also idly spoke.

Both acted and ate like lazy monkeys on dinner.

“Hero, tomorrow, we shall hold our long awaited duel.” He spoke, imagining victory already.

“Eh…” the hero felt losing already.

The night went over, and the hero went back to his dungeon.

The next day, was the duel day.

The demon king vs the mighty hero!

People from different nations came over to watch it. Even the demons were excited. Would their extreme sole lord win, or rather, the solemn, sincere hero would? Ah, either results were acceptable already, since everyone knew both could.

Last scene > Battle view.

The great big stage, which looked like an altar, was where the two great people stood.

One, two, three… as if a war between demons and humans started.

The hero, Lin Xiu rose his sword up in the open air. Thanks to the demon king’s compassion, the hero got the first chance.

Many of the demon people couldn’t believe much as they only knew the side of their king who was selfish, arrogant, and one-man army.

Lin Xiu, upon raising his sword, cast the spell.

In the days he was given to rest, he actually not only slacked off, but also spared some time to cultivate his qi, so that the next time, he would be able to use the complete, Spiritual Swords of Flying Seagulls.

He cast the same spells again. This time, his magic light emitted more powerfully than before.

He swiftly twist-moved the sword with tune and lastly, with his right hand index and middle finger elevated, he smoothly surfed them on the blade upright.

Then, he said out the spells once more, and the trail struck towards the demon king. It was so strong, shining beautifully.

Next, he rose his sword once again, but the moment he was going to cast for second layer, the demon king threw a big fire ball over him.

Luckily, Lin Xiu dodged it, but lost his qi control a little bit.

He straightened up his body and relaxed. Seemed to be his turn now.

Finally, he could manage to swoosh his real skills.

He again rose his sword in the sky and cast the spells.

The swords rapidly duplicated one after another and as Lin Xiu pointed his index and middle fingers, joint, towards demon king, the swords turned their blades on him as well.

Lin Xiu said for the finale, “Spiritual Blasting!”

And thus, the swords, with unity, went over to stab the demon king.


“Hahahahaha!! You think this would kill me? How cool! I like it,” he licked his lips.

“Take this, now!”

The demon king rose his sword, made out of hell dragon’s fangs and said that the sword itself cultivated absorbing the hell dragon’s pure blood.

When he rose it, Xu Ya’s blade glowed red with beautiful, shining light pulses around it that slowly emitted.

With that, he casted those spells, and used the technique of demonic arts, ‘Blood eating demon splash’.

Lin Xiu wasn’t really surprised but the demon people were cheering and roaring out in joy.

With the final lightning arrow, the trail was shaped as an arrow of red blood shining light.

When the demon king struck it on him, Lin Xiu abruptly dodged it!

The fight between Xu Ya vs Cang Ya was massively interesting and awesome.

In the end, the demon king won in destroying the hero’s qi and thus, Lin Xiu failed. But the battle didn’t actually end.

Lin Xiu arose up slowly, suddenly!

The demon king was astonished to his knees.

“Why give yourself so much pressure when your qi isn’t even fixed?”

He arose with difficulty. With taking back his sword and calming his fatal heart beat, he stood up on his feet again.

“A hero never gives up, even if his own soul is damaged!” he said his sentence, which left the demon king in astound.

“You…” he obviously had no words to describe his endless glory.

“Spiritual Advancing Array!”

The last spell, which not only astonished the demon king, but also hit him!

The spiritual arrow of advanced array struck straight towards the heart of the demon king.

In an instantaneous moment, he coughed and split blood.

cough, cough! You’re really… good at this, heh?”

Lin Xiu hitched his glance on him. Might have hurt the baby demon king too much?

The duel ended and the winner was announced, the great long witted, Hero Lin Xiu, the master of Divine Spiritual Arts.

“Honored, my hero.”

“Thank you, my lord.”

“Then, what’s your demand? The wish for victory. After each hero came with a demolishing aim to me, none of them survived.” He smirked.

“So you mean that this had been repeated overly?!”

“Of course not. Up till now, there had been 3 heroes who tried to defeat our lordship, however, none of them won! Haha!”


Lin Xiu had no words to reply.

Anyways, the scene, battle, and excitement ended. But he indeed enjoyed the journey.

“Your wish to come true?” asked the demon king.

“Although I had already decided to marry my best friend, after the journey… I don’t think I have anything else to desire for. After all, I got what I wanted. And it was more than what I ever expected; I got to become a fulfilling great master of a respectful sect, and got a heroship.”

His smile, sincere and cute.

The demon king frowned and stubbornly restrained on his fact.

“No, for leaving from here, decide on your wish first.”

And so, he left the throne.

The hero was dumbfounded.

Not only is he cruel, arrogant, selfish little brat, he is also domineering!!

The other day, in the Xingxi sect, when Jiang Shu found the news of missing Lin Xiu, he was a bit dejected, but completely baffled.

And so, he went to find him.

Throughout his journey, he didn’t have to fight or defeat those scum enemies, thanks to Lin Xiu, who had already cleaned the route for him.

However, when Jiang Shu arrived at the palace, right after 3 days, he met a bad situation.

He was overall injured and blood dripping slightly from his scars. Just like the previous hero, the new hero, to rescue and bring back the old hero, was also thumped by those demon soldiers, upon the entrance.

He thought, ‘Have the demon king never taught his soldiers right manners?!’

Next, what he saw, was he could never believe in his eyes or brain.

The demon king came over and sat on the throne.

The hero, master Lin Xiu came over and sat on his lap.


“Interspecies couple?!!”

No, no, no, not really. He was only thinking.

Jiang shu, laid thrown on the ground, injured pitifully, saw Lin Xiu wink at him and smile vigorously.

If Lin Xiu were his wife, he would kick his ass right away.

“Junior disciple… L-lin Xiu?” he said in a croaky voice.

Lin Xiu came over and knelt down. He smiled and said, “Not only master Lin now, demon king’s partner, too.”

“What?! You bastard, you dare defy Xing Xin sect?!”

“Not really, junior-disciple, Jiang Shu. I was really planning on to marry you, but… an idea struck inside my head. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have the share in the power of the great demon king?” Lin Xiu said while grinning.

Jiang shu’s expression soon faded and he collapsed.

After when Jiang Shu returned and married the Huan Hu's princess, as a punishment to Lin Xiu, news rapidly spread that the divine martial master of the Xing Xi sect, has united and become great, best friends with the demon king.

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