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It was a sunny day. Krystle was sitting in her room studying for her upcoming end semester exams. This will be her last exam as after this she will be working in a hospital.

She hears a knock on her bedroom door. She asks the person to come in.

It was her mother.

'So, What are you doing?' , questioned mother Jane.

'Preparing for my end semester exams, Mom. ' , replied Krystle.

'Whatever. I want you to spend a day with us tomorrow. We are going to meet a guy's family tomorrow and fix your marriage with him.' ,ordered Jane.

Krystle was shocked.

'What? I said I don't want to get married now. I want to work and fulfill my dreams. Why don't you both get my point?' , yelled Krystle.

'No, You are a girl and you have to get married and have a family. And what were you talking about ? Getting a decent job ? Impossible. Nobody gave you the right to go for work after completing your studies. You wanted to study that's why we agreed to your decision. So, don't dream of getting a job. By the way, you are getting older day by day so we have to get you married as soon as possible.' , explained Jane emotionlessly.

'What? Wait, I wanted to do something else. You both pushed me to become a doctor and now you are saying it was my decision. What a lie, Mom. And What did you say? Iam getting older. Iam just 22 years old, Mom.' ,yelled Krystle.

Jane left the room by slamming the door in agony.

Krystle was both angry and sad.

She slammed the flower vase against the wall. It was shattered into pieces.

She thought her dreams to shattered the same way as the flower vase.

She sat down crying recalling few important moments of her life.

Five years ago,

Krystle had secured 95% in her higher secondary exams and wanted to become a Writer.

When she confessed this to her parents,

'No, you can't become a Writer. You have to become a Doctor to lead a happy life.' ,said her father.

'But, What about my dreams, Dad?' ,questioned Krystle.

'You have to listen to your parents. You don't have any option other than becoming a doctor.' ,said Jane coldly.

Krystle accepts her fate and agrees to her parents decision and starts pursuing MBBS with love.

Two years ago,

'Krystle, Today we attended a party. You were sitting alone. Uncle James noticed it and told me to teach you some basic socializing skills. It was too embarrasing for me. Why don't you socialize with everyone, krystle?', questioned Jane.

'First of all, I wasn't interested to attend the party. You decided that I would be attending the party at any cost and took me there. I dislike everyone from their family that's why I was sitting alone in the party.' , answered Krystle.

'By the way, What is Uncle Jacob upto ? Why does he even bother about me and my life? I have told you a couple of times to warn him about not to poke his nose into my life. Now, Please tell him to stay within his limits.' , said Krystle to Jane.

'What is this, Krystle? James is your uncle. Show him some respect, you crazy little girl.', yelled Jane.

'Iam not crazy. Uncle James is Crazy. You are crazy. If you want me to respect him, then tell him to stay within his limits.' ,said Krystle and left the room.

Present Day,

Krystle recalls few other moments of her life where her parents decided what she should do. She realized her parents were controlling her life. She decides to confront them.

She confronts her parents who were sitting in the living room and having a chit-chat.

'I don't want to get married now. I want to do a job and fulfill my remaining dreams. That's my final decision.' ,said Krystle boldly.

'Oh, Come On ! Dear. Go have your meal and sleep for a while. We have to meet the Groom's family tomorrow. You have to look beautiful. Go, Darling.' ,said her father.

'No, Dad. I'm Serious.' ,confronted Krystle.

'Have you lost your mind ? Just go to your room, Krystle.' ,yelled her Mom.

'No, Let her speak. You can't go for a job after your studies. You'll have to get married and have a happy family. That's what a girl should do.' ,said her Dad.

'Oh, Is that so, Dad? Then, why did you wanted me to become a doctor. I would have atleast followed my dream of becoming a Writer. You shattered my first dream and now you are trying to shatter my other dream too.' ,questioned Krystle crying.

'I wanted you to pursue MBBS because my friend used to boast about his son's MBBS life. That was the reason why I wanted you to become a Doctor. You are now a Doctor. That's more than enough for me, I don't want you to go for a job instead I want you to get married.', said her dad.

Krystle was shocked to hear these words from her dad.

'I won't get married. I would rather die than marrying a stranger.' ,yelled Krystle in pain.

'Oh. If that's the case. First time in your life, Iam giving you two options:

1. To get married now or

2. To leave my house right now forever.', said dad without any emotions for his daughter.

Krystle with her wet eyes chose the second option and left her home with a heavy heart,

Two years later,

At St. Patrick's hospital,


'You have a surgery scheduled for today,Doctor.Patient's name is Daniel. 50 years old.', said the nurse.

Krystle signed as soon as she heard the patient's name.

It was DANIEL............ her father's name.

When Krystle entered into the operation theatre, she was shocked to see her dad there.

YES, He was the Patient.

Krystle cried silently seeing her dad's condition. She performed the surgery. The surgery was successful.

After the surgery, Daniel wanted to thank the Doctor who saved his life. He was shocked to know that his daughter was the one who save his life. He thanked

Krystle and apologized for his mistakes.

'Forgive your dad, Krystle. Iam sorry.' , said Daniel crying.

'I love you, dad.' ,said krystle hugging him.

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