The Things I Think About When I'm Alone

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Smiles are fake. Meant to trick and decive our minds. They can mean so many things, but yet so little. You don't know how 

much pain is behind that smile until you find out the truth behind the mask. You have to look very hard at there face to see

the truth. Smiles mean nothing to me because all of them are fake. But if there is ever a chance that it might be a real smile,

then you are a lucky person to see this become witnessed.

Its hard to look after your friends depression and lonleyness and also deal with other peoples weight on your

shoulders on top of your own. Its easy to weep for them though. You know exactly what they are going through. You just don't

have the strenth to say it, because your so scared that you will add more pressure to what they are already dealing with. 

Its weird how dogs can read emotions so well. Defenatly a LOT better than people thats for sure. Sometimes they

even comfort you better than your best friends can. Dogs don't get enough credit for saving some of the suicide rates for teens.

Just seeing a dogs fluffy face is always enough to cheer a person up. 

Ears do so much work. They have to listen to all the sounds around them and they are always on alert. Even if it is

completly silent, they are always listening. Sounds and radio waves as your ears pick up every single one of them. Sometimes

its ok to hear all the sounds around you, but sometimes its not. Sometimes all you want to do is block all the sounds all around 


Love is very compicated. You think someone likes you back and then you figure out you were wrong all along. Its almost

like they did it just to break your heart. When I figure this out I usally cry myself to sleep in pain and lonleyness. Then its weird to talk to

them like there just a friend again. It feels like they called you an idiot and never said sorry and yoy still both remember that moment every

time you speak. Love is complicated. Because no one loves me.

Friends are also another thing. They can destroy you, or they can build you up. Some friends don't even know the pain your in

sometimes. Others, they know exactly what your going threw. How can you tell someone is a real friend?

1- play truth or dare with some of her friends. if he/she only picks you once, its just to make you feel better.

2- trip and fall. if they walk right past you but go, "are you ok?" there fake. if you ask if you ok and offer a hand, thats a real friend

3- put on diffrent clothes than you normally wear. friends are always paying very close attantion to what you are wearing and what your

wearing with it. it may sound weird, but its true

4- see how many compliments you get from them daily or weekly. make sure to remember what they were about as well. I always get at

least one compliment a day. weather from my friends, or my family.

5- how much time do they spend with you? make sure to butt in a converstation whenever you can and see if they become interested or

if they account for it but then continue with it on there own.

Sometimes the world can trick you. It can play games with your mind. When you think you know something, you really don't, not until you find out the truth 

about what really is happening in this strange world that we call home. Sometimes it's even hard to belive we exist with all of these lies and truths and all of it just 

confuses our little mind into beliving whatever we hear and whatever we want. The world is a mess as we know it. 

September 13, 2021 13:31

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Angel {Readsy}
21:17 Oct 21, 2021

The starting sentence ; "Smiles are fake. Meant to trick and decive our minds". I disagree, smiles are infectious, it makes others to live happily , smiles makes life more blessed as before


13:46 Oct 22, 2021

I get that! Sometimes they can be good. But in this case they are bad, because our world is tricking us.


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TJ Squared
22:37 Sep 14, 2021

Wow, really interesting story! It’s kinda like a bunch of things glued together, but they all relate to one another. I like the end point though :) great jobbbb :D


17:55 Sep 15, 2021

:D thanks bestie!


TJ Squared
19:45 Sep 15, 2021

Np :)


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