Early Phone Calls And Illusions Of The Mega Threat

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The box is in front of me. Though I, more or less, have always enjoyed acting I never in a million years thought I'd be doing this. I reach out my hand over the mouse of my run down computer. I hit the send button hesitantly and before I can have second thought it disappears to be at the mercy of whatever finds it.


"Did you do it?" Greg asks hastily. "Yeah, and don't make me regret it!" I bark. "Dahlia calm down, you'll do great." Greg says "I should know because I know you better than anyone. Plus there's a million to one chance that you get picked...not to discourage you!" He adds hastily.

"You practically forced me to do it, and besides, I wasn't about to wimp out after Ozzy, who might I remind you has the intellect of a dog, auditioned." I say. "Ozzy's fine, he just doesn't know where he is half the time, but does anyone really?" Greg asks. "I suppose not." I fum.

"What happens if I do get in?" I ask "What then! I hear that many famous people will be doing this movie too! My heart will stop if I see The Rock or someone like that, and you know it too! I'm way over my head with this one!" Greg sighs and mutters begrudgingly. "That's the spirit!" he says sarcastically.


"The call's coming tomorrow to tell me if I'm gonna be a big star or not!" I say and fix my covers. Greg who is sitting doubtfully on my roommates bed casts me a worried glance. He of course though my boyfriend never believes it when I call him handsome. He is...in his own special way. Man! Now I sound like a parent who is trying to convince themselves that their kid is quote on quote special.

"Dahlia you'll do fine and if you don't I still love you." Greg says. He's the kind of boyfriend you think is the one but then you can't imagine yourself in the future with, puppy love. Oh well but I know to never doubt him. "Uh huh, yeah, yeah, yeah." I say "It's either you or the stress but something's making me blush." Greg smiles, a rare sight seeing as he's always worried for me.

The phone rings. "Okay um don't worry!" Greg fretted "I mean don't think about how this could be the most important cal of your life."

I roll my eyes, like that was supposed to help. I know he thinks he's being helpful and I love him for it but I'm seriously considering putting duct tape over his mouth.

"It's early!" I hiss reaching towards my phone. "Yeah and that's either I really good thing or a really bad thing." Greg sighs. I sigh also and answer the phone.

"Hello! Is this Lovely Pope?" The person on the other end asks. "That's not my name." I say "That's my parent's sick idea of a joke. Yeah it says that on my birth records but you can call me Dahlia." The woman on the other end laughs slightly. "I'm Helga." The lady laughs "I'm here to tell you that Tom loved your audition video!" I think my heart stops. Tom Quinn? The guy who is producing this movie.

"He said it was innovative, creative, and above all, just what the world needs!" Helga explains "He wants you at studio eighty-nine on The Quinn Studios Lot on June third, two weeks from now. I'll send you the directions. You will meet me, the lady with the red hair, there and I'll give you a quick tour of the studio and allow you to meet your fellow cast members. I'm sure you can't wait as much as me. Love! Bye Lovely!" She hangs up the phone.

"Well?" Greg asks. "I got in."


"Hi you're Helga right?" I ask a lady with poofy unnatural red hair. "Yes." Helga says "You must be Dahlia! Nice to formally meet you!" She shakes my hand "Welcome to studio eighty-nine in Quinn Studios Lot! Now I would give you a tour but Mr.Quinn has asked to see you...personally!" My heart stops. "Why?" I ask. "He loves to get to know his actors!" Helga says "He's just down that way. Can't miss it!" She points down a hall.


"Come in!" Says a man's voice through the door. I open the door to see a dark room with a man sitting in the corner shrouded by shadows. There is another chair in the middle of the room with a book marked "The Sweet Sound Of Us" his book.

The walls are littered with movie posters and thumbtacks. It looks like the cleared out break room.

The man shifts into the light as I sit down. This man is Mr.Tom Quinn, a world renowned actor, author, singer, producer, dancer, artist, and all the above. People like to call him the Mega Threat instead of just the triple threat. This man is who every wants identical looks and names too. I mean he's attractive I'll give him that but Tom Quinn sound like the name of a man destined to be famous from his moment of birth.

"Hi." I say. A thing you say when you don't know what to say at all. Off to a great start already. "Hi Dahlia." Tom says. He said my name. "Welcome to my studio." He begins "As you know the book on your chair was written by yours truly and just so happens to be the book that is going to be turned into my fifty seventh movie, which means I'll be breaking the record of movies produced by a single person. Just as I publish my own books I produce my own movies that's why I'm so successful, I don't wait for anyone.

"I'm so glad to see you joining the Quinn family. I'm sure you won't disappoint. You are playing the main character, Cecelia after all." He says. "But I thought I was Carmen the lady in the background." I fret. "I realize that's who you auditioned for but you're perfect for the lead." Tom says and without another word I know it's gonna be a long couple of months.


"I wasn't told you got in too." I growl. "I guess no one cared enough to tell you." Ozzy snickers. "Don't talk to me that way Ozzy!" I say. "Mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm." He mumbles and snickers under his breath "You realize I'm Ameal, your lover in the move correct?" Ozzy says "Which means at the end you yes you will have to kiss me."

"It's all acting Ozzy." I say. "Oh even now?" Ozzy fums. "HAROLD WAGER AND LOVELY POPE ONTO SET!" someone calls from the next room over. Ozzy frowns "Can't they get my name right."


"Just do it!" Tom yells "You did your own stunts you can do a kiss!" It's true. Those stunt doubles bothered me. They looked like my demented twin. I decided that if a couple people with tough skin and the knowledge of how to hurt themselves properly can do it I can muster enough courage to do it too. It wasn't that bad and most of it was falling onto air bags or climbing over set walls. That was fine but I will never a million years kiss Ozzy.

Ozzy is laughing his head off. It's kind of funny seeing him in a rock metal outfit instead of his usual hand sewn hoodie. Of course I look ridiculous too in this pink poppy outfit and rainbow makeup.

"No way! Sorry Tom! I have a boyfriend!" I yell back up to him. "Then just pretend he's your boyfriend!" Tom says rolling his eyes.


"Greg cover your eyes!" I bark at him while we are watching the movie in theaters. "But the ending is the best part in the book!" Greg whines. "Just do it!" I say.

I almost have to do it too I can't stand watching myself kiss Ozzie, I hate it. I hear people around me saying awww and I few kids in front gagging. "Is it over?" Greg snickers. "Yes you pain in the neck and you are forbidden to watch that movie without skipping that part!" I say.

"But why? There's nothing wrong with that part...Cecelia and Ameal see that they are better together...there's a heartfelt interview...they hug each other and then..." Greg trails of and turns a shade of green. "You kissed Ozzy!?"


You're still thinking about him Dahlia." Greg warns with the sigh. I stop thumping my foot and pinch myself so it's harder to feel the pain in my heart. "Why shouldn't I be, just think it Aron, my baby going to public school!" I jitter hesitantly.

"He's my kid too and for goodness sakes he's sixteen and has never had a girlfriend before or I suppose boyfriend." Greg says. "But he's not a normal kid!" I fret "He's my kid!"

"And he'll be fine."

"Are you so sure?"

"No but I have faith."

"Okay fine but remind me to put duct tape over your mouth later."

April 15, 2021 17:34

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