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In the spirit of the leo season and myself as one- I consider my zodiac sign to be seen as extroverted; but can be seen as an introvert as well. Leo's are fun, loud and energetic. Although- around certain people, they can be very quiet and reserved. We are fire signs; that are full of pride, optimism, radiance and different dynamics. Being seen as an extrovert- but a true introvert at heart... I am very careful and observe all options before proceeding.

One major factor as a leo- is we will always try to show we are happy and strong. Even when we are at our lowest, we still will be the loudest in the room. Many leo's love to go out, hang out with friends or family, while being the center of attention. I am the type of leo that is a true home-body, and enjoys my own company (or being with my dog of course!)

I mean who does not love animals!!!??? I am slightly biased in that regard- because I am a veterinary technician and have always loved them. I have one dog myself, and he is a big puppy at heart. He also is a leo as well! My dog is true extrovert though - always enjoying a pet from anyone he can. An amazing dog, but moving back to the true story here (about an introvert...)

Here it goes folks....

Now, since this story is about an introvert, which I am. Ha-ha we shall start from the very beginning of time. No we are not going back as far as the Land before Time, jokes aside - I am not that old yet. If you do not get the reference there; it is an animated film about dinosaurs.

Here is a link if anyone wants to check out the movie:

The Land Before Time (1988) - IMDb

During my younger days- I was quite the shy and introverted person. I would hide away from large groups and stick to what I knew. My three friends at school and my teammates was enough for me. I would spend a-lot of time studying and playing sports. In middle school- flag football, volleyball and cross- country were my favourites. As a TRUE introvert- track and field and cross - country were where I would feel the most free. Also- winning a race on your own was always quite satisfying. (UH - OH .. My leo is showing ha-ha).

Running was a stress release from daily life and a way to cope. Physical exercise is one of the best therapies I think! The dopamine release from winning the event or feeling good about myself; always kept me going. Of course- I loved other sports too, but as leo; we definitely enjoy what we are best at.

In school life during recess times- sometimes the bullying would get so bad that I would hide behind the portables. (HAHA ... funny for them but not me!). Not sure what the boys got out of that - but now as a pretty young woman- it sure is satisfying when they want to take me on a date. Of course I reply and say "no, thank you sir."

I guess that is the extrovert or possibly the leo in me? But- the attention can be nice, but as well on the other hand; I would like to be left alone. As an introvert- I use to enjoy reading and writing quite frequently on my own time!!! I would also spend my days alone with my dog - listening to music while doing my work. Or enjoying long romantic walks on the beach (just kidding- this is not a dating website ad ha-ha). I much more prefer- a hike in the mountains with my dog in Northern Ontario where the views are phenomenal.

I would get a-lot of pride and joy out of reading. I must say my favourite books of ALL time are the Harry Potter Series. J.K. Rowling is a fantastic writer and there is always an adventure on the following page.

Check out these sites for any other fellow Harry Potter Fans!!!

Wizarding World: The Official Home of Harry Potter

Home - J.K. Rowling (jkrowling.com)

Now as young female who thought the worse days were behind her- I endured quite an adventurous life throughout northern and southern Ontario. Unfortunately, along the way; I encountered some people with bad mindsets, you could say. As an introvert- making friends can be hard. As well- I seem to be the person that gives people chances and trust too much.

I have been assaulted (no need for details) (And I hope for any survivors- you are doing better and it never happens again!)

Please support the Me Too Movement and help those that may need it. Attached below are two links for more information:

The #MeToo Movement in

Canada | Learn the Facts (canadianwomen.org)

me too. Movement (metoomvmt.org)

ANYWHO!!! Moving on from discussing that dark time..

I now realize to be careful who you trust and let in your life.

Pain does make us stronger though!!! (And ALOT OF THERAPY - ha-ha). Jokes aside- as an introvert I do find that you struggle to reach out. When you are shy and for many years of pushing my feelings and emotions deep down; it can be hard to open up. Talk therapy is very difficult for introverts and/or people that have experienced trauma.

I found that One- on - One Therapy worked best for myself being an introvert. Although- it did take alot of time to find someone that I meshed with. Being a leo- I am very picky; plus I do not like talking to just about anyone.

I did find that I tended to thrive more and speak up in a setting with only one person. Maybe it is because there is not a-lot of other people around to judge? At least- that is my opinion on the subject of therapy. Also, as an introvert- doing mindfulness exercises; such as painting, dancing or listening to music can be helpful.

Check out Paint Nite if you need ideas on some creative pieces!!

Attached is a link for some fun ideas if interested:

The Original Paint Nite | Connect Over Unique Virtual Events

60 Paint Nite Ideas | beautiful nature, scenery, landscape (pinterest.ca)

Lastly, I would like to wish all my readers a happy and lovely

day. Keep on going friends!!! Things do get easier. Take care, stay safe and do not forget to smile.

Signing off-

Your friend, online writer family member and newbie writer Miss

Maggie Maria

July 29, 2021 21:21

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