Friendship Romance Adventure

How can one keep the ball rolling?

Abigail and Michael had been together up to this point for 10 years. They continue to learn from each other on a daily basis. She senses when he needs space, and he senses when she needs support. They have a mutual understanding.

Abigail and Michael met at the University back in the day. Both were hard working students. However, Michael centralized his location on campus where Abigail branched out by taking a variety of classes.

After graduation, they reconnected and remained friends. Months and continuous conversations went by and the two friends decided to move in together.

Abigail was a corporate trainer for a business and Michael worked in the I.T. sector of another business. Both had a flair for problem solving. She was more creative in her approach, and he had a more concrete approach. Somehow, the two directions merged well and they enjoyed each others' company.

Michael maintained a close network of outside acquaintances whereas Abigail was flexible in meeting people. They each discussed the art of human dynamics as well as their routine ins and outs of each day. When Abigail would get stressed out over things she couldn't control, Michael could console her by reassuring her that every personality comes with a challenge. He also reminded her that she likes a challenge.

But Abigail sensed Michael needed some variety and a little spice in life. First, she used her intuition and tried some techniques such as food and intimacy. Those methods enticed Michael somewhat for that he appreciated her care and concern. She even booked a mini vacation for the two to venture off somewhere.

The two friends had a good understanding of each others' privacy and trust. They never had the temptation to peruse each others' cell phones or emails because they kept information out in the open. Information such as individual finances seemed easier to discuss then religious and political standpoints.

One day, Michael comes home and remains very quiet. This was unusual. Abigail eventually made subtle hints to spark an ounce of conversation.

The next morning, Abigail wakes up before Michael does. She knows he has put in overtime at work recently. She then nudges him while he is sleeping. He jerks slightly and then snores loudly. She exits the room and continues to get ready to start the day. As she approaches the front door to leave for work, he sleepily staggers down the hallway. She rushs back to him, gives him a quick peck, and says she will call when she arrives at work.

Abigail sticks to her word after arriving at her job. Michael slightly sniffles in the background. His position at his job is being reduced by half because his company is outsourcing. He isn't concerned about immediate finances but for the future of his well being. Abigail consoles him and brainstorms of ways to assist him. He tells her to have a good day at work and he will see her later at home.

Abigail's job also has an I.T. department. She starts to pull some strings with the correct people.

Later on that evening, she tells Michael about the I.T. department at her job. He sounds a little relieved but anxious. He reinstates that he hasn't lost his job, but just the fact his company is reducing staff. She encourages him to hold his head up. She reminds him of their upcoming mini vacation. Once again, he is relieved but anxious.

Michael goes to work the next day and learns he made the cut to stay on board despite the new changes. His colleagues rag him of his upcoming vacation. He jokes back with them. Later that afternoon, Michael calls Abigail to tell her of the good news. She is ecstatic and congratulates him.

The date of their mini vacation arrives and they head South. Halfway towards their destination, a cloud is lifted. When they arrive to their destination, it's a whole other world. Michael commended Abigail for booking the trip. They de-connect from technology during their trip and let nature take its course.

Coming back from their trip, a happy silence falls over the two friends.

Once they arrive back in town, life continues but in a renewed fashion. Abigail is happy she made a difference and Michael's outlook is more clear.

However, back at the ranch, Michael notices that Abigail's domestic behaviors are askew. She constantly snacks and redecorates constantly.

One day while at work, Abigail calls Michael and asks if he could come home early that day. Then she hangs up and ventures back to the restroom. When he arrives home, she is sitting on the bed with a perplexed look. He notices something on the nightstand. She points to a device. He looks down at it and wraps his arm around her and gives her a peck. Apparently, the mini vacation did more than wonders. They spend the rest of the day, talking and relaxing.

Months go by and the two friends are planning to take their lives to the next level. Michael eventually gets a promotion and Abigail arranges to work part time from home, mainly training via video conferencing.

They invite family and close friends to witness their union at the mountainside pavilion. The weather couldn't have been better that day.

One day, Michael gets a call at work and then he rushes out the door. He arrives at the hospital to find Abigail asleep, with a bassinet at her bedside. He nudges her, then peers into the bassinet. He takes a double take at the bundle. Abigail introduces Michael to his new daughter, Lexi Sophia. A sense of anxious compassion comes over him. He kisses his new daughter gently. Then he plants a peck onto Abigail. Michael steps out into the hallway and calls work. He rearranges to take the rest of the week off due to the current events.

In a few days, Michael brings Abigail and Lexi back home.

The End  

April 15, 2021 09:09

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