High School Sad Teens & Young Adult

The wind billows fluttering the black colored guys hair that's Immersed in looking at the lone purple violet flower at the corner as it's becoming wet more and more by the drizzling rain with the pitter pattering as background music his memories flashed back to the past 

"that day was raining too" murmuring to himself he said 




Crouching down the silver eyed girl was feeding a beautiful curled up stray cat with a warm smile on her face not caring whether she was getting soaked with rain or not as if she was in her own world she was patting on the cat like a little kid

When she flinched with a guy behind her suddenly saying " you will get wet take this umbrella" 

Getting up she looked at him with her silver emotionless eyes as if she was a totally different person from a while ago without saying anything she turned around to go on her own way not taking the umbrella 

Confusedly rubbing his head he looked at the empty wet street saying "she didn't even take the umbrella" 

Putting his hand on his shoulder his friend in a sarcastic laugh said "yah kay don't mind her... She is always like that... Never talks to anyone..... doesn't have any friends.... at school she is totally isolated" 

"but why jin?" Kay said in question 

 he nonchalantly said "i don't know" 




Making kay startled with his sudden appearance he smiled sarcastically saying "yah kay what are you doing" 

Looking outside the window he saw Elyana

Turning around he sighed saying "looking at Elyana again" 

While resting his chin on his palm he calmly said " say is it not sad that she is always alone.... at this age we should be surrounded by friends... having fun.... Chit chatting.... Isolation is not good for ones own self." 

Looking at him with scrutinizing eyes he said "since when were you this carrying.... Wait Don't tell me you?" 

Looking at his full of suspicion eyes he sighed shaking his head saying "yah it's not like that...." 

Remembering how she feed the little cat with a warm smile on her face and how she always gives money to the old homeless man 

Turning around with determined eyes he said 

"I just think she is a really good person so i want to help her make friends do you have any idea jin" 

Looking at his serious face he said :okayyy i have an idea




The sky was grayish as the clouds generate more and more predicting a soon coming rain

Looking at him deadpanly kay said " didn't you say it will not rain" 

Looking at his dark face he smiled sarcastically saying "hayy the forecast said it not me.... .. Also Why is this even important we just need to go by our plan making her come to the hospital and then surprise her by celebration and make her becoming friends with sara and others" 

Sighing he said "you are right" 



Indulged in reading a book with her chin resting on her palm when she heard a small howling of the sky

Looking up she saw the bright blue sky being invaded by the grayish clouds closing her book she started inhaling the fresh clear air mixed with the beautiful fragrance of the purple violet flowers surrounding her

A beautiful warm smile appeared on her face saying "really spring days air is like no other day"

When she felt a sudden pain in her heart making her crouch down on her knees for a while

trying to inhaling and exhale steadly as the pain slowly started to fade away only then she got up carefully to seat on the bench leaning by it she saw the big wide sky reaching her hand out she murmured saying "wah what a beautiful sky..... I wonder for how longer it will embrace me"

When she heard someone say "hey Elyana you are here"

Getting up to look..... it was Kay the popular handsome guy in her class she has never talked to him but from how he wanted to give the umbrella to her she new he was a good guy

Panting from the run kay was too nervous and not good with acting but still he got a hold on himself 

Giving a smal paper to her he said while looking down " elyana i am sorry but there was a phone call that said your mother had an accident you need... "

Listening to him Elyanas heart started to raise as if the world around her crumbled she only heard his voice.... not carrying about anything she started to run murmuring to herself "mom...no"

Running for only five minutes elyana starts to slow down as the sound of pain makes it's way out *ahh it hurt.... No heart not now please *

The noisy street full of people and cars couldn't suppress the sound of her heart throbbing as it grounds her in the center of the street..... she really needed to to get up 

but before even standing up a car hits her making her roll on the ground several times tearing her clothes off for only blood to ooze out of her body as she slowly closes her eyes into a complete darkness 




As the glittering light of cars shone it created different shades on his face with emotionless eyes he murmured to himself 

"if only i haven't done that......" 

Coming to his sense with Jins voice saying 

"Kay you are here again.... looking outside at the homeless old man Jin said "are you going to give him money again"

Kay only nodded and said "why is this even important?" 

Wanting to not say anything but after all he could not he said "Kay i did not want to say that but.... It was not our fault hmm"

not carrying about what Jin said ..... He indulged himself in writing again as the rain started to pour more heavily with the thunder becoming stronger

He stopped his fingers from writing saying "say Jin don't you too hate it when april fools day come" 

Looking down jin said "amm"

Leaning by the chair again and looking outside the window at the trees as they move with the wind he said "Jin I wonder why she hide it.... That she had a heart disease" 

Jin looked at him saying " maybe she didn't want for people to look at her pitifully "

Looking at the pitter pattering rain Kay closed the laptop without saying anything and just got immersed in the beautiful scenery

The purple violet flower in the corner was still shaking vigorously with the wind but still maintained its grounds 


I wonder if there was no day like April fools day instead it was April's truth day then may be things would have changed

Why we humans chose lying ..... Lying is bad even if it is for joke it will still hurt to some points

May be april fools day exist because peoples don't give truth a chance.


March 29, 2021 18:47

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