Should I tell her?

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Friendship LGBTQ+ High School

Stella Montana, a 16-year-old girl, is planning stuff to do over the summer with her friends, thinking about what she should do when she finishes school, and wondering what she could do to make her last two years of high school the best two years for everyone. Stella loves to stay updated with everyone’s drama so she can help some people when needed if she could, she also loves to stay up to date on trends of whatever, she checks the weather for each week of school and picks out an outfit for each day of that week ahead of time, so she has time to do whatever she needs. Overall, Stella likes to be ahead thinking of what what could happen in her future next.

It’s Wednesday, 9:34 A.M. everyone was in the middle of class including Stella when their teacher stood up and said, “Good morning class! Today we will be having a new student here, he transferred here because he had some issues at his old school with kids there, but let’s all be nice and help him have a new good fresh start!”

Everyone stops listening to what their teacher was saying and looks at the classroom door as the knob twists and the door opens. Walking through, there was a boy, he was tall, skinny but not at the same time, he has blonde hair and brown eyes, and he scanned everyone in the room for a split second but stood there and looked at Stella in the eyes for a good 15 seconds. Stella looks away feeling a bit uncomfortable, and she thought to herself, “Okay don’t make yourself look uncomfortable, that’s weird. I wonder what His name is, maybe I should ask.”

He stood in front of everyone and said, “Hi. My name is Xander, I just turned 16 a few days ago, and I hope we can be good friends.”

The bell for everyone’s next class rang seconds after he finished. As everyone made their way out the classroom Stella goes up to Xander and says, “Hello! My name is Stella, would you like some help getting to your classes?”

“Yes actually, please.”

They both head out of the classroom talking to each other to their class, they have their next two classes together. And as they get close to their classroom a girl that looks a lot like Xander went up to him and said, “Hey bub! How’s it going so far with your first day?”

“Uhhhhh, good. Can you go your Kinda embarrassing?” Xander grouches.

The girl looked hurt then said, “that’s not how your treat your sister, especially when we’re twins.”

Xander walked into class as she was talking. She said to Stella, “I’m sorry about that, him. I’m Faith, and I’m guessing your Stella? People were talking about you, nothing bad though. Sorry I know I talk a lot.”

“Oh, it’s okay I love people that talk a lot! I heard that you both just transferred to this school, maybe we could hang out after school if you good with that so I can tell, you some stuff about our school.” Stella said.

“That would be great actually! "Faith replied.

Stella felt herself getting warm in the face, so she made an excuse to get to class.

After school, Faith was waiting outside for Stella and said that, “Xander won’t be here he said he was going to hang out with some guys he met today.”

“Okay that’s fine.” Stella replied.

After they talked about school, they went around town to hang out and have some fun. When they both decided it would be best if they went ahead home so no one would get in trouble.

Faith said, “it was really fun getting to know you and hang out, we should do this again,”

Then she took off, Stella stood there feeling really happy and warm inside, like a warm funny, safe feeling.

When Stella got home, she told her mom all about her day, and how happy she felt and still does for some reason. She checked her heartbeat, and it was Beating so fast, but she doesn’t understand why, so she goes to her room to add stuff to her plans. Stella can’t stop thinking of Faith and how happy she felt with her, she thought to herself, “is this what it’s like to have a good friend that gets each other really well? I think I could she her in my future life.”

Months has passed by like it’s nothing. Faith, Xander and Stella gotten super close with each other, so close it’s unbelievable to be honest. But I think, some of them may have caught feelings for someone. But who likes who? Xander fell for Stella when he first met her, Stella has confused emotions towards Faith, and Faith, she doesn’t really know if she likes anyone. Xander and Faith are straight, Stella is bi. Stella noticed most of her feeling when she’s around Faith, it’s when their the strongest. And she realized, she likes Faith, for a while now, for months. So many things could turn and ruin someone in that trio or ruin all three of them. So, Stella thought about what she should do, not knowing who likes who other than she knows she likes Faith. She doesn’t know about anyone’s sexuality, so she just lets it be and ignores her feelings and just goes on and prays nothing happens to their friendship.

She prays for nothing to happen to their friendship because, she is moving, four hours away from them. And she doesn’t know how to tell them because it’s so hard, hard having to say goodbye to the ones you really love. Then she thought about her feelings for Faith and just thought for a while, “maybe I should tell her. Should I? Would I regret it? This is all too confusing.” She thought to herself. Randomly her mom barged into her room and said, you have a week to say your goodbyes to your friends and pack

April 12, 2021 14:11

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Rose Quartz
23:20 Apr 17, 2021

“that’s not how your treat your sister, - I think you meant “that’s not how you treat your sister” “maybe we could hang out after school if you good with that” Maybe you meant , if you are good with that? - also when a character is thinking to themselves, it’s usually presented in italics... The ending is shocking, though I feel instead of just throwing that at us, maybe you could have exaggerated it slightly -this story felt kind of rushed, and had some grammar issues - overall, it was easy to follow and I enjoyed reading it. Good ...


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Svara Narasiah
13:35 Apr 30, 2021

It was a good story :) if I may add some critique? You say “your” a lot of times when it’s supposed to be “you’re.” Maybe work a bit on the dialogue, otherwise good job!


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Ansley Banks
00:20 Apr 22, 2021

Great story! Try to work on not making it so rushed. Also, try to read through it a couple times after you finish writing it to check for grammar issues. Besides that, you did a great job!


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