I grabbed my headphones, locked the door behind me and made my way down the street. It was one of those moments where you feel like you're in a music video. All I could hear was my music. All I could feel was the sunshine and the small breeze. I walked with a little bounce in my step. Today was a good day.

It only took a few minutes to reach the little corner store on my street. I hung my headphones around my neck when I went in. "Mornin' Miss Maelie." I waved to the store attendent. "Good morning Sylvaine. How are you this sunny day?" "Not bad. How about you?" "Oh just livin' life." "Ain't that the truth." I chuckled. I walked around for a moment and grabbed a few things.

I got back up to the register and Miss Maelie grinned. "Don't look now dearie, but there's quite a looker givin' you...a look." She chuckled and gestured behind me. I looked behind me. Down the aisle a ways, there was a guy giving me glances. When he realized he was caught, he gave us a small wave.

I giggled and turned back around. "Go talk to him." Maelie said. "Oh gosh, no." "Well you're missin' a chance." "I'm fine with that." She gave me my bag. "Young lady you're not gettin' any younger." "Gee, thanks for the reminder." I said and left.

I didn't get very far down the street before I heard, "Hey!" I stopped and turned. "Hi." I smirked and kept walking. He caught up to me. "So, uh, Miss Maelie told me you could use some company." "Oh she did now? Doing what?" "Uh...walking home?" We both laughed. "I'm Sylvaine." "Adrien." We shook hands. "So did you just move here?" I asked. "That obvious?" "Well no one really goes to Miss Maelie's store if they don't live nearby. And I go almost every morning. I've never seen you around." "Yea, I just moved down the street yesterday." "Oh you're the new kid on the block everybody's been whispering about." He laughed, "I guess so."

We got to my little house and stopped at the gate. "Well this is me. It was nice meeting you Adrien." "You too." I went in and smiled. Today was a good day indeed.

March 02, 2020 02:28

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