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CRASH! The universe swiveled as I landed on the frigid snow. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry," a man apologized, towering over me. He took my hand and lifted me off the ground. "That's okay. I'm sorry, too, should've watched where I was going," I gushed. The moment I set my hazel eyes on this man, it felt as if for once, I didn’t desire anything else. Crushes expired approximately six years ago, but I couldn't help turning them back on.

His chocolate brown hair brushed his forehead in an utterly handsome way and he inquired, smiling, "What's your name?" I blushed. "I’m Paige." He chuckled. "Henry. Nice to meet you." An unclear figure off in the distance waved at us. "Hey, Henry! Grab your skis, we're off to the mountaineer inn," he hollered. Henry nodded at me and winked. "Well, I'll see you later." I could barely muster a whisper as I replied, "See you." As he sauntered off, I felt as if I was surrounded by rainbows and pink cotton candy clouds. As I repeated the words see you in my heart a million times, I strolled towards the mountaineer in. Maybe I wasn't staying there before, but I sure am now.

"So there's this cute guy Henry, you think he's tall and handsome, and you have a serious crush on him," my friend Jessica confirmed. I nodded, blushing. "Now you want to chase after him by staying at this low-quality mountaineer inn? Girl, we don't know where he's going next," Jane reminded me, blowing swiftly at her hot chocolate. I glanced at my steaming mocha and muttered, "I can ask him." Jane plastered a sinister grin. "Sure, go ask him. Go ask him who his girlfriend is. Maybe then you'll know that he already has a girl." I grumbled and turned my back on her while plopping on the bouncy mattress. "Good night." Jessica’s laughter filled me with warm feelings. "Good night, BFF."

I gazed at the endless hills of snow. I was sighing in delight, thinking about how romantic it would be if Henry asked me out for dinner. I squealed just at the thought. Unfortunately, my heart shattered at the sight of Henry with an elegant lady strolling in the distance. I hastily turned my neck when Henry finally noticed me staring at him. How humiliating. “Hey, Paige! This is my girlfriend, Angelina.” Angelina had milk-white skin, rose-red lips, and honey-blonde hair. One glance at her and I would’ve melted. Angelina is an absolute Miss Perfect, and there’s no way I could beat her to Henry. Angelina grinned at me maleficently. “Hello there,” she greeted. She seemed friendly. Only to discover she was not. When Henry and his little girlfriend sauntered off, Angelina hissed into my ear like a furious serpent, “You’re pathetic, Paige. None could ever like you. So don’t get your hopes up!” 

I felt my face reddening and my skull was ready to explode. How dare that girl blurt rubbish right like that in my face! However, the anger I was feeling was not nearly as irritating as that last little but infuriating nickname Henry called Miss Perfect. “I love you, Angel!” Okay, so that’s when the tears I’ve been blinking back completely broke and I started sobbing with all my might. Sprinting miserably back to my room with Jessica, I babbled the whole incident to her. “I told you Henry wasn’t so wonderful at all,” Jessica rolled her icy blue eyes. “He’s a jerk for dating someone as smug as that. You should give him up.” I was desperate. “But-but-but I still want to be his girlfriend! What should I do?” Jessica exhaled. “Girlfriend, take a CHILL PILL! We’ll figure it out, okay?”

During lunchtime, I spied Angelina and Henry. Placing some romaine lettuce on my plastic red plate, my eyes slightly moved to follow Angelina and Henry. They plopped down at a table for four, and I secretly celebrated in my heart. Perhaps I could sit down at their table before Henry’s and Miss Perfect’s friends arrive. I threw croutons on my hearty salad and grabbed a bottle of orange juice. Then I steadied my tray and tried to look as nonchalant as I could as I plopped down on their table. Angelina raised a disgusted eyebrow at me and Henry stammered, “Um… Hi, Paige, but I think you have to go somewhere else. My friends and Angelina’s are expecting us here.” I tried not to slam the table and scream at them while Angelina nodded diabolically, smirked, and blabbed, “Yeah, this is our table…” Then she whispered-shouted, “...jerk!” She made a face at me and stepped on my boots. I cringed and tried not to yelp as I nodded like an obedient robot and stalked off.

While I was strolling back to Jessica’s and my table, I recognized a fairly familiar voice screaming, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!” The whole dining room turned and gawked at me. I was bemused, since I was very sure it was not me who hollered. However, in extreme embarrassment, I realized that it was me who screamed like a maniac in front of the whole cafeteria! I squeaked like a mouse and scurried out of the cafeteria. Pressing my ear towards the door, I heard Angelina’s sickening voice cackling. I really could not take it anymore. I stormed out the door and stomped into my silver Acura minivan. Then I drove away. Away from Henry, who seemed to be nice but wasn’t. Away from Jessica, who only teased me. Especially away from Angelina, who was an utter nightmare in disguise.

I returned to my apartment in Los Angeles, and my poodle Bailey was more than thrilled to see me again. I smiled, though I was still feeling depressed. I locked myself in my room with Bailey and squired under the covers like a caterpillar. 

The next day, I received a text from my cousin Amelia, saying that she was planning a wedding on Sunday and that “of course” I was invited. I sent a heart emoji back and replied, That’s awesome! Can’t wait to be there. <3 However, when I asked her who the bride and groom were, she mysteriously responded, You’ll see.

On Sunday, I wore a gorgeous lavender gown and arrived at the location of the wedding. I was baffled, since there was no one in sight. Then I was shocked by the sudden greeting– “CONGRATULATIONS, PAIGE!” My eyes widened and I blurted, “Who, me? I’m not getting married? What are you guys up to? You owe me an explanation!” Amelia’s laughter filled the fragrant air as she explained how she had dyed her hair and put on “transforming” makeup as Angelina, from the mountaineer inn. Her friend Henry had been looking for a girlfriend for sometime, and Amelia and him pranked me with an “intelligent” trick that could infuriate me in ways that he could tell that I liked him. So, apparently, I was marrying Henry! I squealed in delight, and giggled. “It’s a small world, isn’t it?” I couldn’t believe it! Henry, the crush I had gained from the crash at the mountaineer inn… We were together at last.

January 17, 2022 19:36

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