Friendship Middle School

The wind runs wildly. I sit down on my front porch. Sometimes it’s good to be by yourself. I close my eyes and feel the wind brush against my face. I grin as it gives me the cold shivers. These are the things that make me feel at home. The wind, the grass poking my feet, and the cooling water of the river. It’s comforting in an odd way.

           But now, the world is being destroyed and polluted with chemicals’ that hurt the earth. Rainforests cut down, people who can’t sleep at night because there to worried about paying the bills. All these things revolve around our earth. And I, Zoey Magdalene, plan to stop it. 


                      Don’t pollute the earth with your sharp tongue and bitter words. Don’t throw it away like it’s nothing. The world is our home, and we should treat it like one.

           Yes, there will be some people who might hate the world and pollute it, but there are some like me who want a change. We are what’s called Spearheads. We want to stop all of this and put an end to it. We ride our bikes instead of our cars or the train, we pick up litter that might be seen at a park or a beach, we don’t use pesticides on our crops, we care about the world and how amazing it is.

           And the ones who don’t, there called the Ruthless. They don’t really care about the earth. And the ones who can’t or haven’t picked a side yet are called the Impersonals. These people don’t agree with anything that the Ruthless and the Spearheads say, they just want to live like everyone else. Well, not really.

           I don’t expect people to choose sides just because of rumors, or things they herd. I want them to be devoted to this and stand up for it. I want them to fight for it and chose a side they know is right. I have never forced anyone to join my side. Not a single living soul. I also tell the other Spearheads to take after me and to make sure no one is being forced to do anything.


           Sometimes I wonder why the people want to keep ruining our beautiful earth. I also wonder why they don’t want to prevent it. Some of the things are simple! Like, riding your bike instead of driving in your car. Yes, I can understand that maybe its quicker, but the state of our earth is at stake!!! You can’t just ignore that! A bike could save lives of many innocent animals and plants. I need people to realize this and it’s time to take a stand. Sometimes this can be hard. Especially to people who don’t care about these kinds of things. Those are the Ruthless ones. They don’t care about the world, and they don’t want to have to deal with anything that will change their daily lifestyle. These are the real problems in the world. The ones that no one cares about are the most important ones. They will help save an animal from extension, but they won’t stop the rainforest from being cut down. You see my point? -Zoey Time: 7:30 a.m

“Annnnnd- post! Another great success!!! I wonder if I will get any more followers from this post… Just might!” I bound up and grab my backpack. I was late for school, again.

           Every day I post a written article about the Spearheads or the Ruthless and what the drama is between us. I also give people information if one more forest is gone because of them, or if one more beach is filled with trash. They post pictures of the new and squeaky-clean beach, or a tree sapling they planted.

           My phone rings like crazy in my pocket as I run to school with toast in my mouth. I smile as I think about what my fans and Impersonals could be saying about my newest article.

               “Great Job Zoey!”

               “Yet another great article! Keep this up and we’ll have the whole world on our side!”

               *Everest Pup joined! *

               I smile and then see the school bulletin as I run, and my smile turns into a frown. I ran to my locker and fumbled with my lock.

               “One, Seven, Eight, Two, oh come on! Don’t tell me I forgot!!!” My palms start to sweat, and I try to remember the code. The bell rings, signaling my fate. I frown and fumble with the lock some more.

               “Miss Zoey. Your late once again. What’s up with you lately huh? Ever sense you got that new phone of yours; you’ve been late to class every single day.”

                “I’m so sorry Mrs. Dumdum, I overslept again.”

               “That is a horrible excuse young lady. Now open your locker and grab your things for class,”

               “Yes Mrs. Dumdum…” I open my locker slowly. Why did I have to spend another hour of my day writing that when I could’ve just done it when I got home. That hour better be worth it.


               Later, in detention, I hid my phone behind my science book. Mr. Walkman takes a nap anyway.

               So far, most of the comments were the norm. But this time I feel like I got a lot more hate comments saying I label them in a category, and they don’t like it.

               Now, I understand the hate and the despise, but you must realize that I don’t have control over any of this. I’m just a normal girl like everyone else. I’m not, and never will, ask you to agree with any of this! No one should be forced to do something. And I usually group stuff and give them names because it’s easy for people to tell in which group they stand. I also love hate comments! They help me to improve! So, thank you haters for adding fuel to the fire!!! -Zoey Time: 4:59 p.m.

               “I liked your article about the forests and stuff that you posted this morning, Zoey!” Becca was my best friend. She always supported me, and we’ve never fought ever. 

               “Thanks Becca! I liked your daily Facebook post too! Thanks for tagging me in it!” We start the long track to gym.

               “Oh, yeah, no problem girl! I’ve got you’re back!” I grin as we walk/run down the stairs. Hoping, praying that we aren’t late. We’re practically running down the hallway. We run inside the locker rooms and get changed so fast that when we were done, my hands were still shaking. The gym teacher, Miss Kramer hardly saw us come in. She was the only girl I had ever seen that had abs. They do make her look tough though.

               We joined everyone with doing jumping jacks. My muscles tighten and stretch with every movement. We first did yoga, then some workout to help get your muscles tight again. She said this helped her get her abs. We all laughed, and Miss. Kramer smiled.

               “Alright class I need you to do is practice your stretches this week and show me what you can do alright?”

               “Ok Miss Kramer,” We all say all at once.

               Me and Becca go to change to our normal clothes and then walk to our lockers to grab our things of the rest of the day. I start walking home with a bunch of books under one hand and my computer in the other.

               Once I returned home, I got started on my next post.

               Sometimes people don’t realize how amazing and special the world is.  I need people to see this that way we can save our earth from destruction. Never has there been someone who will speak like I am to you. Not a lot of people want to hear what I have to say. But what I realized is that, if you speak the truth, no one wants to believe you, therefore resulting in not a lot of friends. But if you speak native langue, everyone believes you and wants to be friends with you.

               Now this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak what is true because we want a lot of friends, it means we have every right to speak what is true, because we know that out there, there’s people who need someone like you. -Zoey


Hey guys! This is part 1 of my story! I hope you like this! A form to be a Spearhead or a Ruthless is in my bio! Thanks! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

August 20, 2021 18:18

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TJ Squared
23:44 Aug 20, 2021

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Dumdum, I overslept again.” That just made me laugh really hard XDDDDD Anyway, I like the voice that you give your character, Zoey. We can easily tell that she's all for environmental stuff and whatnot. The article idea was really cool, and it gave more depth to the story. Also... HAPPY 20 STORIESSSSSSSS!!!!🥳🥳🥳 It's a great marker, and you've come a long way :DDD Great job overall, really liked it! Also, I tried to access the form, but it wouldn't let me, it said I needed permission.


14:08 Aug 23, 2021

thanks! :) And i'll check the form


TJ Squared
14:14 Aug 23, 2021

Np :)


18:03 Aug 23, 2021

ok, it should be working now.


TJ Squared
21:59 Aug 23, 2021

Alright, I’ll do it once I’m home


14:10 Aug 24, 2021



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