But Where Did Raven Go?

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Fantasy Drama Inspirational

Raven was just like her name, mysterious, dark, and evil. She didn’t do normal fairy things like talking to animals and magic spells to help people. She does her same routine every night, she waits carefully every night in front of the magic factory (where they produce all the magic dust for the fairies in her forest) until it has closed and all the worker fairies have left. Raven flies in front of the doors where the guards are, making sure to make a fuss for all the guards inside to come out. 

“Ms. Silverbell you can’t trick us again.”

“UGH! Silverbell I hate that name! You know it’s Raven! But that doesn’t really matter.”

“Alright, you’ve finally been caught you’re going to magic jail.” She then noticed all the guards had come.

“Yeah, we both know that’s not going to happen. Nighty, night.” She pulls out magic dust from an invisible bag and blows it on all the guards, it was a magic sleeping dust. All the guards fell into a long slumber. She flew past them using more magic dust on the way to open the doors. She flew past the front desks and offices and past the magic dust making machines. Raven found the gigantic room where they kept all the magic dust in alphabetical order for every magic spell you could ever need. From cooking dust spells to healing dust spells, anything you could imagine was there, including the sleeping dust spell. Raven stole magic dust from the factory every night, it’s how she made a living, she stole the dust people would need for big bucks! 

But this time was different. During that time Glitterville (where the magic dust factory was) and Sparkle City were at war. That night Raven was asked to steal all of Glitterville’s healing dust so that Sparkle City could win the war, which Raven didn’t really care about. It didn’t matter who ruled over her because she’d break the rules anyway, to her the whole war was just a little hissfit which in the end would be one by the smartest people. But Raven did think it was pretty smart to steal the other side's only way of healing so she didn’t mind going along. 

She went along the shelves until she got to the H shelf finding the healing dust right next to herding sheep dust and hickory smoked brisket dust. Each dust spell had a drawer which the drawer size would depend on how much of the dust was needed. The healing drawer was the biggest one almost the size of a human car! Raven pulled out a special bag that sucked up all the dust and compacting it keeping the bag about the size of a purse. She then tied up the bag and flew out of the factory. Raven didn’t have to fly all the way around the world to get to some of the places her customers live because she had a magic mirror at her treehouse that was made out of teleport dust. The only far traveling that she had to do is go around her town which is far for Raven who was very lazy. 

While she was flying she began to hear a faint sound, she thought nothing of it until it got louder and louder. Raven tried to ignore it but she couldn’t because the louder it got the more she could understand it, someone was crying, sobbing almost. She tried to fly away but it was too late, she was already seen. 

“Um, I’m sorry but if it’s not a bother I’d really like someone to talk to?” She was in too deep she had to cover her tracks, maybe play the helpful card?

“Sure. Is there something wrong?” Raven flew next to the fairy who was sitting on a bench. She begins whipping away her tears.

“It’s my son, I’m so worried about him. He’s off fighting in Sparkle City trying to help the people over there, he always sends me a letter and the last few he’s said they’re making progress and the war could end soon. But I haven’t heard from him in weeks, now all I can think is the worst!” She began to weep again. Raven didn’t know what to do.

“I’m-m s-sure he’s f-fine.”

“I know, I know, and I know what you're going to sya, they’ve got healing dust so they should be fine, but I started hearing rumors that they’re running out over there.”

“What do you mean they’ve got huge amounts of healing dust in the factory?” Then Raven realized she might have just exposed what she did. She saves it, “I can only assume.”

“Yes, but it’s in the factory, they can’t get it to the soldiers without getting hit by enemy lines.” Raven thought for a moment, getting a weird feeling about this particular delivery. 

“Well, we can only hope for the best right.”

“Thank you, you know you’re a really nice fairy. Thanks for talking.”

“Sure, I hope you feel better. Bye.”

“Bye.” Raven flew away, baffled with yet another weird feeling in her gut, something she had never felt before. But she refused to acknowledge it and continued flying to Sparkle City. As she crossed the border to Sparkle City she saw all the fighting, hearing loud sounds of magic dust being used to defeat the other side. She saw the headquarters of Sparkle City and began flying in that direction. Just then she heard a noise. She tried to ignore it again but yet again it got louder and louder until she could hear it.

“Bread for sale, bread for sale!” She tried to ignore it but as she flew over the stand selling bread she started to smell it and her stomach began to growl. So she decided to stop for a break, after all it was midnight (her lunch time).

“Bread for sale! Bread for-” he then noticed Raven fly down in front of his stand. 

“Would you like a piece of bread?”

“Yes, please!” She began to play her game to get things for free by asking for the rarest kind of bread they had leading them to the back.

“Can I please have your-” But she was interrupted.

“Papa, Papa, can we please have some of the bread you baked we’re so hungry?” A group of little kids tugged on the bakers apron.

“I’m sorry, but I have to sell this patch to make money and then you can have the bread ok?”

“Ok.” They quickly left.

“I’m sorry about that, the war has really been rough on my family. But at least it will be over soon. What can I get for you?”

“Can I get- wait, what do you mean the war will be over soon?’

“You haven’t heard, Sparkle City has a large amount of healing dust and because Glitterville’s supplies are being blocked, they’ll lose. So this will all be over soon.”

“Oh.” She pondered for a moment rethinking everything all at once, then she got a piece of bread and paid for it this time. She continued flying to the headquarters with everything floating around in her mind she didn’t know what to do. She flew down to the ground about to open the front gates when a bunch of Glitterville soldiers came out of the bushes.

“Freeze! Surrender your supplies!” Just then the Sparkle City soldiers popped out of headquarters pointing a whole bunch of guns at the other soldiers. 

“Miss, give us the healing dust quickly!”

Then a Glitter soldier said, “You have healing dust, give it to us please?” And that’s when everything stopped, no one moved or spoke. It was at that very moment Raven reflected on every terrible thing she had down in life and thought, maybe there is more to life than being bad and making money. She realized there was something bigger than her because she held the faith of everything in her hands. 

What did she decide to do? Well, to be honest, we may never know. All we do know is; one second everyone was pointing guns at each other and Raven was right in the middle of it, and the next second everyone is at peace and happiness fills both places. Everything got better, families were reunited, kids no longer went hungry, and no one else needed healing. 

But where did Raven go? She vanished. Leaving behind a healed world.

April 03, 2021 03:24

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