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He woke up, looked at the silky pillows and shook his head like he usually did.

"Don't even start," she said.

"I was not going to say anything. How could you be so judgy?"

"You always complain."

"The silk pillowcases cramp my style. Especially when you are at your apartment. You should remove them when you leave. I can't even let my boys see my room."

"Really?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Okay, okay...I hope you are not getting any ideas."

"What ideas?"

"That's a trap, isn't?"

She smiled.

"You know that silk reduces bacteria retainment."

"Yet, there is no scientific proof."

She frowned at him.

"Good morning honey," he finally said with a cute smirk. This happened before, but why was she blushing this time?

"Good morning," she replied.

"I need to ask you a question," she continued.

"That is the most frightening thing a woman can ever say."

"I know," she chuckled.

"O-kay, go ahead and ask me."

She stared at him.

"Babe, are you okay?" He asked.

"Babe." She has been called by that pet name before.

"You look beautiful."

"I love you."

"I called to hear your voice."

"I miss you."

"I have never felt this way about a girl before."

"You are amazing."

"You are special to me."

"You are wise and smart."

"You are a beautiful soul."

She heard those words before. Several times.

She remembered how intoxicating the first months were, pumped up with oxytocin. The feeling that there could not be anyone in the world to make her feel like that. Smiling at every text and dreading to put her phone away.

Long love poems every morning was a euphoric ritual.

How did they not run out of words?

How their dreamy eyes would meet and their hearts would feel the ecstasy. Those days of literally having rose coloured glasses on and looking forward to every millisecond they spoke to each other.

How their youthful dreams with gleamy eyes would instantly involve each other. The certainty that accompanied the words was astounding. One could not think of anything else or the possibility of any changes. There would be nothing to take them out of their comfort zones.

"We will have a puppy." They would laugh as they argued on the name of the puppy. Two children ofcause, a girl and a boy and careers that would match each other's lives. They would stay at a beautiful suburb and have an amazing garden or perhaps a penthouse. There would be nothing to take them out of their comfort zone. They would never ever argue or disagree on something.

Then the drug faded and questioning each other's intentions began.

"Why haven't I seen you all week?"

"I can't believe that you didn't send me a text in the morning."

"I can't believe that you didn't speak to me all day today."

"You have been working late all week."

What about high school and "You sure have way too many homeworks these days"?

"Who is she?"

She cringed as she remembered those moments when she was actually wrong. The feeling of letting someone else see her insecurities was unbearable. The risk of being called a psycho or a crazy girlfriend. She smiled as she realised that she never went through that in nine years.

She went out on dates before, but this time, she felt at home.

Nibbling at dinner dates and trying to have only intelligent conversations felt like old news. She felt at home.

She woke up next to him, looking all messy as they kissed.

Even after five years of being together. They went grocery shopping, hands interlocked.

He didn't profess his love for her every five minutes of the day.

He didn't tell her that he wanted to spend every second of the day with her.

There was no overly passionate fire that blazed, and made them drive each other way too insane.

Was this how love was supposed to feel like?

No writing each other love poems every day?

No whispering sweet things to each other every second they spent together?

Did Romeo and Juliet feel this way about each other?

How could she know for sure?

Was she only receiving back rubs and soup when she was sick? Where were silly songs and horrible dances to make her laugh and cheer her up?

They enjoyed every hour they spent together. Sometimes, they spent some minutes starring daggers at each other. No huge gestures after a fight?

You know, such as writing "sorry" on billboards.

His friends and family adored him and they welcomed her with open arms.

She could feel silly, look silly or make her lame jokes.

"I am not laughing because it is funny, I am laughing because it is not funny."

Yet, every time he said that, he would laugh breathlessly.

"I know, you can be so mean."

They talked about things and they apologised to each other. They made reflections on how each one's behaviour has been.

What was it about this one?

Was he the one?

How was she supposed to know?

How could she count on her feelings?

She still felt butterflies. But in movies. Feeling butterflies was a first sign of something amiss. Even after this long?

She watched as they went from, the most perfect image to noticing that the nose was a little crooked this entire time. As she did with those before him.

Time moved faster then, it still does when they are together. She reflected on how much their passions have changed in five years. Yet, they grew together.

"Girl, he might be the one."

"I think I want to spend the rest of my life with him."

"We are so going to be one happy family."

She said those words before. Would they believe her this time?

"To me, sounds like you are a hopeless romantic."

"But I do care. I care for him more. More than anyone before. I think I love him."

This must have been how love felt like. She experienced a mirage of perfection before. Several times. Although this time, when the mirage vanished into thin air. Their values were never compromised.

"You look pale, are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she replied.

"The question please."

"Will you marry me?" She finally asked.

"Yes! Do you remember when I made us reservations last month?"

July 03, 2021 09:53

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Keya Jadav
03:31 Jul 15, 2021

Hello Emma, I am Keya, your Critique Circle partner, I read your story and it's really lovely. You have described an emotion it's hard to carve with words. I bet, if anyone out there who has never gone through this emotion, might also start to feel what it's exactly like.


Emma Lekhesi
08:53 Jul 15, 2021

Thank you very much Keya...😊


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Kendall Defoe
17:24 Jul 11, 2021

Okay, you got me. A perfect distillation of what love is, from the messed up roots of the relationship to the upper branches of compassion...


Emma Lekhesi
20:17 Jul 11, 2021

Thank you Kendall😊


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