Gears and Heart Part Fourteen: A Shot through the Heart.

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Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction

Miss Midnight’s hat sat on my head, her last smile flashing in my face.  Looking out at the changing scenery, my gaze fell on an ornate theater whose lights were twinkling.  Hang on a moment, I thought movies were dead.  The horses whinnied as the tires creaked to a stop.  “Gone with the Wind” was sprawled across the pristine white base.  Leaping out of the wagon, the theater doors swung open.  Something was off here, a dark energy drifting off of the building.  Our feet passed the threshold, the doors slamming shut behind us.  Golden arrows flashed on the blush red velvet carpet towards the swinging maroon doors,  Lottie pulling me in.  Viktor stood dumbstruck as the lights went out, bathing us in darkness.  A bright light blinded us, the scene was the south during the Civil War many years ago.  A large southern mansion loomed in front of us, the heat melting me into a puddle.  Humidity gave my hair extreme volume, Lottie giggling into her hand.  Looking down, a heavy green silk dress weighed down on my hips.  Viktor looked over at me, a chuckle struggling to stay in my throat.  A crooked grin danced across my face, a thin mustache lined his lip.  His hair was slicked back, the green vest stood out against his dusty suit.  A golden chain dangled from his pocket, the pocket watch tucked away.  

“Why are we normal and you two aren’t?” Boran queried, stifling a laugh. “You guys look like the plays we used to put on.”  Choosing to ignore his comment, my fingers rested on the rim of my friend's hat.  

“Hey you guys.” Oakley shouted louder than she usually did. “I think we have a problem.”  A black and white tornado swept us up, a green faced man whizzing by us.  Everyone cried out as our bodies were tossed into a sandy wasteland, movie sets were buried underneath the hot golden  sand.  Looking down, my eyes fell on a khaki suit with brown explorer boots.  Now I would be lying if I said that Boran and Lottie did not look extremely adorable in their mini explorer outfits.  Sand blew all around, a short green man with a black and white striped shirt and black pants.  A slouchy jacket that read the director on the back, his red eyes glowed in my direction.  Hands reached out of the sand, Lottie calling out to me.  Her little body was sinking further into the light sand, Boran desperately trying to pull her back out.  Panic ran through my head, a wide grin spreading cheek to cheek.   

“Hey!” I bellowed over the blustery winds, sand getting caught in my throat. “How about you call cut, Mr. Director.”  Shaking his head, reels of film shot from his palm.  Blue symbols lined my arms, my dual blades resting in my palms.  William leapt up in the air, ice freezing the reels.  Closing in the gap, my face was inches from his lime green face.  Swinging my blades down, a giant directors board separated us.  

“I am Mr. Director, the one who gets to yell cut.” He growled in my ear, the board smashing into my body. “In fact I plan to cut you.”  The sand made it difficult for me to even leap around, Viktor shooting a barrage of bullets in his direction.  Alarm widened my eyes, the board reflecting the bullets back at us.  

“Viktor, duck!” I yelled, pushing him out of the way.  Spinning my blade around, the bullets split into two.  A small spark of pain jolted my leg, several bullets resting in my thigh.  Tears swelled in his eyes, a howl of agony pouring from my lips.  Struggling to stand, Boran in his full power mode darted towards him.  Lottie sat on his shoulders, her tiny form getting smashed into the distance.  Scanning his body, I saw nothing.  A black stone shimmered on the board, Mr. Director turned towards me.  Slowly he marched towards me, determination burning in his eyes.  My eyes blinked and he was in front of me, Viktor cried out in anger.  The skin of his cheek crashed in waves, his fist smashing into the side of his cheek. His hand wrapped around the handle of my handles of my blade, a warm smile beaming down at me.  Shock and pleasant surprise brightened my face, the blades spinning with renewed energy.  Surprise turned to concern, blood dripping from his eyes.  

“You made me hurt my wife.” He growled through gritted teeth, his strength growing ever more. “Now it is time for you to pay.”  My lips parted to speak, Mr. Director was going to smash him with his board.  Mustering up all of my strength, blue energy buzzed in my palm.  Bruises formed as his board slammed into my body, my cannon pressed against the stone.  The blades faded away, Viktor wrapping his arms around my waist as the cannon smashed the stone into pieces.  The adrenaline wore off, the bullets in my leg burning in my muscles.  Mr. Director stumbled back, the dark look in his eyes fading to a kind gaze.  Stunned, he looked around in confusion.  Snapping his finger, the sand blew away revealing various sets for the famous movies that I read in books.  Regret burned in his eyes, guilt eating away at him.  He stood up and examined my leg.  Nodding to Viktor, the two seemingly come to a silent agreement.  A ticklish sensation itched my skin, the wound on my leg going back in time.  Bullets flew out of my leg, vanishing in front of me.  

“How?” I queried in awe, the pain subsiding. “How can you do that?”  Tears swam in Mr. Director’s eyes, his trembling hands pulling out a younger picture of my mother, Miss Midnight and him.  Large salty tears streamed from my eyes, my heart missing my mother.  Snuggling into Viktor, sobs wracked my body.   

“Hey!” A male voice called out in the distance. “I have orders to collect Miss Mina.”  Our heads cocked up to see a man in a dusty brown cowboy outfit above our heads, William shooting ice at him.  Leaping to my feet, my arms cradled Lottie in my arms.  Sprinting towards what must have been a suburban town, we all hid in the first home.  Getting to Lottie’s level, her quaking eyes met mine.   

“I need you to hide!” I warned urgently, turning towards Boran. “He is beyond your abilities.”  Nodding she understood as I placed Miss Midnight’s hat on her head.  Relief washed over me, my dual blades resting in my palms.  Cracked concrete met my boots, the cowboy sitting in the middle of the road.  His hands rested on the leather handle of a black sword, a playful glint flashing in my direction.  Dusty blonde hair blew around his face, green eyes glittering excitedly.  

“I see you came out to play.” He twanged, winking in my direction. “I don’t suppose there isn’t any way you want to come with me voluntarily.”  Shaking my head, he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.  Lunging in his direction, sparks rained down around us as our blades clashed violently.  A snarl curled on his face, blue energy swarming my blade.  Red took over my vision as blood poured from the corner of my eyes, blood flooding from my nose.  Damn this hurt, it hurt really bad.  Leaping up in the air, the blue sky flashed around me as I flipped around him over again.  Viktor stood down below, his gun shaking.  

“Could you slow it down!” He hollered, not explaining why. “Just do it.  Right about now.  Bullet of light, strike bold and true.”  Blood spurted from my leg, his black sword sticking out of my leg.  Cold sweat dripped down my brow, my skin growing clammy. Venom pumped through my veins, a howl of pain pouring from my lips as he ripped out his sword and pressed it to my throat.  

“You don’t want to hit your little lady, do you?” He teased, pressing the blade into my neck. “I would sugg-” Blood exploded from his lips, his body growing limp.  A blue glow throbbed in his chest, Viktor smiling triumphantly.    

“Heart attack!” He bellowed into the Heavens, the cowboy crying out in pain. “Mina!”  Air rushed around me, the venom coursing through my veins.  Blacken blood dripped down my leg, Viktor leaping up into the air.  His arms wrapped around my shivering body, Lottie running over to me.  Panic shimmered in her eyes, her little arms wrapping around me.  

“Please don’t leave me!” She wept violently, sobs wracking her body. “We need y-” Blue roses snowed around us, The Lady of Light landing gracefully next to me.  Her glowing fingers traced my legs, her face turning to Lottie. 

“Take this rose, and boil it in some water.” She explained in her wispy voice, her delicate hands passing her a rose. “Do it soon, and have her drink it.  She should be like new.  Take good care of my little child of the light.”  Warm sunlight bathed my face, Mr. Director was already boiling some water.  Lottie dropped it in the water,  The Lady of Light fading away in the distance, her hand grazing mine.  Jolts of pain shot through my body, Viktor holding me close to his chest.  Tears crashed onto my face, his face scrunching in pain.  Wiping away his tears, his gaze met mine.   

“I will be fine.” I wheezed, coughing up blood. “I am sorry that I pushed myself.”  Shaking his head, Lottie ran over with a blue sparkling liquid.  Pressing the cup to my lip, the smooth liquid coated my throat.  Sweetness reigned in my taste buds,  a mixture of emotions flashing in my eyes.  

“Fuck!” I screamed loudly, the excruciating pain of the light battling the poison raging in me. “This hurts!”  Viktor held me close to his chest until the pain died away.  Sitting up, black bags were underneath my eyes.  Stars now twinkled above me, a red moon bathing the mini version of Hollywood.  

“I am sorry for my behavior earlier.” He apologized, rubbing the back of his neck. “Did Miss Midnight die smiling?” Tears swam in his eyes, hurt burning in his eyes.  Nodding, he wrapped his hands around mine.  Letting go, he left the photo of the three of them.  Lines creased the picture, the edges yellowed. 

“I can’t keep this.” I uttered, fighting back tears. “This is your memory not mine.”  Shaking his head, he shot a hopeful look up to the sky.  Crossing his hands, he cupped my hands over the photo.  

“I want you to keep it, so you have a way to remember all three of us.” He sighed to himself, showing me the hole in his chest. “I know that you didn’t mean to, but your laser blew a hole through my chest.”  Shaking my head, my fingers gripped the grass.   

“No!” I screamed into the night air, tears flooding from my eyes. “I am a murderer.  I am so sorry.”  He took my hands, and shook his head.  Sobs wracked my body, his body began to turn into butterflies.  

“Stop your tears child.” He whispered with a smile on his face. “I get to join my friends.  I have been around as long as Miss Midnight.  Goodbye and good night my dear friend.”  Banging my fists on the ground, I screamed until my throat was raw. The Hollywood scene faded away to a rundown theater.  Looking up, my mother, Miss Midnight, and Mr. Director were all  walking down the aisle arm in arm.  Viktor laid down next to me, passing me Miss Midnight’s hat.  Tears streamed down my cheek while everyone slept.  Getting up, the floorboards creaked as my bare feet sprinted out to the wagon.  Alone, I wanted to be alone.  

“I shouldn’t exist!” I hollered into the night air, grabbing the sides of my head. “I am just a burden, and just end up hurting everyone.”  A gentle touch jerked me out of my brooding, a glowing hand on my shoulder.  

“It isn’t your fault.” My mother’s voice comforted me, my panicked eyes meeting hers. “It was an accident.  I am not asking you to get over it now, but time will heal all wounds.”  She looked so beautiful, more vibrant than she was in life.  Her eyes glittered excitedly, her ice cold hand wrapping around mine.  

“I am so sorry you had to give up your powers for me.” I apologized weakly, unable to look her in her eyes. “I should have nev-” Cupping my face, she forced me to look at her.  

“You didn’t cause anything.” She promised gently, patting my head. “I would do everything all over again. Besides now I get to hang out with my friends.  You will be okay.  Have this.”  She placed a silver locket in my palm, tears soaking my hand.  This was her locket that she always had around her neck, my fingers gripping it tightly.  Chuckling to herself, she placed Miss Midnight’s hat on my head.  

“I can’t t-” I began, but she was gone.  Raw emotional pain surged through me, my heart feeling like my mother just died all over again.  I was about to scream again when the bushes stirred, my phoenix landing on my shoulder.

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