Fantasy Romance

Armies are on standby for confrontation, we are in the year 6932 and the battle 800 between the two most conflicted kingdoms of the planet Tyrone, the planet parallel to Earth,in the seventh of the ten worlds in the Galaxy. Here Prince nosti of the kingdom of agand prepares himself and his battalion for battle.

"Everyone to the front lines, get ready for battle, everyone to the front lines, come on fast we don't want of delay."Prince nosti . 

"Sir commander, the sixth group of the battalion is having a hard time controlling its animals."A soldier in Prince nosti's Battalion.

"There is no time to prepare at once, and any delinquent animal they shot and killed , we will not be defeated today for an untrained animal,  owner will be punished after the end of the war, we do not want mistakes."prince nosti. 

Prince nosti was very meticulous, did not like mistakes and carelessness in work, dedicated to the love of his kingdom .

The kingdom of agand is the fifth of the six kingdoms that have entered into grinding wars, with each other for water on the planet Tyrone, the Earth-like planet that exists in the seventh world parallel to the third world and thus the Earth.

The inhabitants of the kingdom to which Prince nosti belonged, were tall, light brown with blue-green eyes, possessed superhuman powers, flight, lightning speed, highly sophisticated weapons, which made them victory in all wars. 

"We finally won the battle , the army of the kingdom of Anil led by Princess Yari Sidi retreated."The soldier. 

"Good, good, we will see what step Anil's King will take now."Prince nosti . 

"Sir, King Anil sent envoys to the King."Netspace server. 

"So quickly , did not their armies withdraw from the battle."prince notsi marveled . 

"Yes, sir, they withdrew and came back defeated, defeated and defeated. they seem to be trying to elude or reconcile."The server. 

"And what does the envoy want now."Prince nosti with a little confusion. "Send Princess Yari Sir."The server . 

"Princess, Yari!!!! I've heard a lot about her and her courage and her beauty also. ."Prince nosti marveled and headed to the King's court to see and see Princess Yari, the talk of the whole kingdoms for her courage and beauty.

The inhabitants of the kingdom of Anil were short in stature with yellowish skin and wide yellowish green eyes, very beautiful, mating between the two kingdoms was not possible, each of the Seven Kingdoms banned mating between them, because they see that their offspring may perish, and their supernatural powers may change, whoever breaks the law shall execute him, his wife, his children. 

"What made you come to my kingdom so fast, Princess Yari, did you not withdraw after your defeat."The King .

"Sir, you have defeated us in battle, and our army has no ability to fight again."Princess Yari.

"What's the point of your visit to us then."The King.

"We want a truce, a very long truce with you, provided you give us a share of the water."Princess yari.

"Do you have the courage to put Terms on us and you are the one who was defeated by war?"  The King.

Amid the controversy between the king and the princess came Prince nosti and in his usual way he saved the situation by pleasing his father and pleasing the Princess.

"Maybe it's not a requirement, King, I think it's kind of politely requested."Prince nosti smiling at Princess Yari. 

"My son, nosti, how many times have I told you not to interrupt me in my meetings is important."The King. 

"I'm not interrupting you, king , but I wanted to see the princess who captured hearts before bodies even though she was defeated every time."Prince nosti is smiling at Princess Yari again.

"I said it's not a condition, how's that, she said on condition that you give us a share of the water."The King. 

"Sir King, the vanquished cannot set the conditions , but we do not have sufficient stock of water, we will become extinct our own forces or any other forces that we may have will not benefit us."Princess Yari. 

"I have an idea, Monsieur King, we can Barter water or sell it to you at a reasonable price, right, Monsieur King."Prince nosti. 

Yari was amazed at the proposal of Prince nosti, it impressed her , his softness and his ability to rectify situations. 

"My son nosti you have always been persuasive, wise in all your words and advice, you will one day be a great king."The king is proud of his son.

"Well what do you think, Princess Yari, of our proposal."Prince nosti. 

"My opinion, your proposal can never be rejected and although it is simple but at the same time convincing, barter or buy at a reasonable price."Princess Yari with Wonder.

What's your choice ."prince nosti. 

"My choice depends on the commodity you want to trade or the reasonable price you will put or maybe both."Princess Yari is cheerful.

"You can consult with your own, as you can stay here in the palace for a few days to get a reply."Prince nosti with confidence. 

Princess Yari looked at Prince nosti a look of admiration and adoration ignited by a fuse of endless love, exchanging glances and beating their hearts to each other, during which they built palaces of wishes and dreams and they realize that their relationship is impossible. 

"Yes to your suggestion, Prince nosti."Princess Yari with admiration and shyness and stutter.

Princess Yari stayed in the palace of the kingdom of agand and as the days passed, the two princes became more attached to each other until the sixth day and the end of the deadline, where Prince nosti decided to reveal his feelings to the Princess.

"Your stay with us was really fun we will miss your presence."Prince nosti with regret . 

Princess Yari did not say anything and kept contemplating nosti's face with all love and adoration as she mourned.

"What about you do not answer, why are you silent."Prince nosti as he contemplated Yari, who had been contemplating, and they felt each other only their lips touching each other's lips with a long kiss full of love and passion. 

"How can I live the rest of My Days Without You, Nosti, I adore you and adore you."princess yari is crying. 

"And I love you, too, Yari, since I saw you fighting bravely on the battlefield."Nosti. 

"If our relationship is revealed, there will be an endless war, we can not venture."Yari. 

"There is a planet like ours in the third world parallel to ours, on which we can live."Prince nosti. 

"You know that if we get out of our world we will lose superpowers and become ordinary people, and you will lose your throne and your kingdom, you are the new king of the Queen and your inauguration will be tomorrow."princesse Yari. 

"The kingdom, the powers, all things that don't interest me, I love you, Lord and ready to give up everything for you."Knowsley with confidence. 

"When can we leave."Yari. 

"Now and now, before everyone realizes we're gone, the vehicle is ready."Nosti. 

While nosti and Yari were preparing to board the ship, they found themselves surrounded by the King's soldiers, and they quickly boarded the ship, and their pursuit began.

"You have to hurry nosti almost caught up with us."Yari obsessively. 

"Don't worry, we have to get the extreme speed in order to move the parallel second."Prince nosti. 

Nosti pressed the speed of light button as soon as it exited bird's atmosphere, the craft launched directly toward Earth, and for a moment they found themselves in the ground .

"We survived nosti we made it to Earth."Princess Yari is thrilled. 

"Yes we did, we'll settle here."Prince nosti with satisfaction. 

"Don't worry, we have to get the extreme speed in order to move the parallel second."Nosti. 

Nosti pressed the speed of light button as soon as it exited Tyrone atmosphere, the craft launched directly toward Earth, and for a moment they found themselves in the ground . 

"We survived nosti we made it to Earth."Yari is thrilled. 

"Yes we did, we'll settle here."Nosti comfortably. 

"Without your supernatural powers or kingdom."Princess Yari. 

"Without superpowers or a kingdom, the important thing is that you are with me and only."Secretary nosti and has printed a kiss on my lips Yari.

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