Will The Real Jarvis Please Stand Up?

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Drama Gay Teens & Young Adult

They met quite by accident while standing in line at an ice ceam shopee. He was dressed in capris and a mid-drift top with his hair swinging freely behind him. She thought to herself, I think he always wears a mask. It is on now. Look at that eye shadow and lipstick. He is a concealer. Mia, a twenty year old African American female, was dressed in a mini skirt and tank top. He appeared to be around her age. She was immediately impressed with his style of dress. Three other individuals were in front of them. Mia said to him, Jarvis, "I like your image." Jarvis said, in his femine voice, "Thanks, I like your style too!"

The two young people continued to conversate. By the time they got their ice cream, they had put each other's number in their telephones. Mia walked away thinking "I could be his bestie." Her phone rung on the way home. It was Jarvis. He said, " Let's meet at the Time Mall on Saturday. We can just hang out and stuff. How about 12pm.?" "OK, said Mia. See you then at the front entrance to the mall."

Saturday came. Mia had on her stretch jeans and long red boy shirt with her hair in braids. Jarvis had on shorts and a tank top. Let's go into Old Navy said Jarvis. At the front of the store, thee was a slong flowing tank style fitted dress. Jarvis saw it first. He said, "I am going to try this on." He came out of the fitting room and swirled around. Mia said that she liked the way it fitted. He said, "Girrrl, "Try on it. We can be twins." She tried it on and it fitted her well. She was satisfied with it. He said, "Let's put them on now and go eat. She was a bit hesistant. She said, "Are you sure?" He said, "Yes, I will pay for it" They put on the desses and Jarvis paid. They walked out of the door with each swinging their shoulder bags on their shoulders.

Inside Chic-Fili, they ordered their lunch. As they sat at their table, a group of guys were staring at them. One came over to the table and said, " Which one of you dates men? Mia said, "Will the real Jarvis stand up?" He did and they fled. Jarvis said to Mia, "I am coming out. No more masks!" Mia said, "Be you! Do you! You only have your creator to judge you. Will the real Jarvis please stand up?"

From that point on, The two friends were like peanut butter and jelly. They were frequently together. They had each other's back. When Jarvis got a new boo, he sought Mia's approval. She was non judgemental. When Mia got a new boo, he gave him the once over. They double dated once in a while. Jarvis was good at hairstyling. He knew how to add extension hair and braid. It turns out that Jarvis was the baby boy in a family of four girls. He had practice at being a girl. Jarvis had the girl thing down to the tee. He said he felt like a girl as young as age five.

A bit of drama took place when Mia and Jarvis went on a Cruise together. They were sitting at a table with two other couples. Mia and Jarvis had on matching dresses. One of the guys at the table said, "Which one of you wear the pants? Jarvis stood up and said, It is time the real Jarvis stand up? I may dress and act like a girl but I can take off this mask and the man in me will come out and whip your....... The man sat down!

As time went on, Jarvis became more comfortable with his sense of being. He would defend his honor and Mia's when needed. He stood up for who he was. Jarvis eventually met a permanent boo and begun to plan a wedding ceremony. In this new found relationship, both partners wore the pants and the dresses in an attempt to be equal partners. Mia was Jarvis's best woman at the ceremony. She wore a dress that was designed just for her.

When Mia found true love, Jarvis was there for her. In fact, Jarvis introduced Mia to her true love. His name was James, Jarvis's first cousin. Mia and James had a whirl wind romance. They dated six ecstatic months before James proposed to Mia.

The proposal took place at a family function held by Mia's family. Guess who was there for the proposal? Jarvis and his partner Gerald was there when the question was popped. James had set the atmosphere. Mia thought that they were there to celebrate her parent's retirement but she was fooled. The parents were in on everything. The song, 'At last,' was put on a turntable. When the music begun to play, James got up and reached his hand out to Mia. She got up and their bodies fell in tune on the dance floor. At the end of the song, James proposed. She screamed out yes!

At the wedding, three months later, The real Jarvis stood up at Mia's wedding. He was her best man, dressed in a nice femine slack suit. Jarvis and Gerald joined James and Mia on their wedding trip to Europe for a week after the wedding. Of course, both couples had their own individual suite. After the honeymoon, Mia and James moved to another city but the two couples remains close to this day. Jarvis and Gerald adopted a baby boy whom they named Mica after their bestie, Mia. Mia and James became Godparents to Mica. Mia and James ended up having twins one year later, whom they called Jarvis and Gerald( nicknamed Jay and Gee).

Jarvis said that he will encourage his son to be his true self. With the help of his friend bestie- Mia, Jarvis took off his mask and disguises. To this day, he does not put on a mask for Halloween.

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16:51 Jan 17, 2022

I love this so much. It was well put together and it was so heartfelt it just warmed me right up. Keep doing what you do. I will be looking out for more from you.


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