Christmas Fiction Suspense

Space Human's note:

*This story has no dialogue, so if this isn't your type then keep scrolling :). Recently my stories haven't been going into the directory, but whatever. Thanks for coming by :ppp. I hope you like the story.*

I ask them if they're sure they remember the steps.

They give me a warm smile and half of them fly off.

The others run, leaving small footsteps.

I get up from my sitting position, knees on the ground, and my toes barely touching the slippery ice.

I wipe away the sweat making me hot.

I close my eyes, smelling the humid air and letting it seep into my lungs.

Then I begin walking to my destination.

I shiver while I walk, wishing I had brought a sweater under my thin jacket.

The eagle soars over.

I hear squirrels rustling the leaves.

I continue walking at a brisk pace.

I see the hut, with the snow covered roof.

Inside is a beautiful girl.

My stomach twists into a knot.

But I do what they told me, and breathe.

With every step, I get closer.

She sees me and smiles wide.

My heart flutters.

I hope her's does as well.

She steps out fully, and the light shines on her face.

I suck in some air and pretend to act normal.

On the inside there is a stampede of yoke.

They are chasing quick rabbits.

You can understand how that might feel uncomfortable.

And here she is in front of me.

Her brown boots flat on the snow.

She looks cozy in her fur coat.

We smile.

I wait for the next step of the plan.

I talk with her about our day.

And I wait.

She doesn't know.

But I do.

And I'm nervous.

I know I love her right?

Then she'll say yes.

The fortune teller said so.

We keep talking with one another.

And then the robin flies above the trees near us.

Flower petals fall on our hair.

She is stunned.

But in a good way.

It's all part of my plan.

Their plan.

The plan.

Next, we are laughing together.

I lead her to the path that has been scooped, so it is snow free.

The deer come trotting with a nice carrigge.

She puts a hand to her chest and climbs in.

I give a exciting smile to the two deer that have helped me.

They nod and quickly return their gazes to the road.

I'm almost in when I hear an ecstatic yelp.

Her eyes are glued to the table.

She deserves the best treats.

I think she likes them.

I even color coded the little sweets.

We eat and talk.

She has fun.

Does she know what's hidden in my pocket?

Do I want her to know?

If she knows and she hasn't run away yet that's good.

But then again I want to surprise her.

She nudges my shoulder.

The deer have stopped.

We are at our destination, the picnic blanket spread out over the soft layer of snow.

It's quiet here.

No one knows about what I'm doing.

Except her parents of course.

They seemed happy.

I grab her smooth hand and lead her out the carrigge.

She doesn't have a dress to trip over.

But instead a heavy coat.

Once we are at our spot she opens the basket.

I packed her favorites.

She pulls out crepes and pancakes.

I get out the juice and some cups.

She begins talking about her parents.

And then she switches.

To a boy.

She speaks so highly of him.

I'm about to ask to say that my friend was supposed to come, so maybe this won't be so awkward.

I pretend to be interested.

Then she says he's one of her favorite family members.

My brain is more relaxed than this waterfall in front of us.

Should I talk about my family member?

Maybe later so she won't think I'm trying to do something.

I was told years ago that if I have to try to hard, then it's the wrong woman.

She should be able to accept my usual self.

After we finish our brunch I walk to the falls and let her follow.

The sea creatures all come up for their cue.

They dance in sync.

She dances as well.

And with every move comes closer to me.

Then she dances away.

To the rocks.

And we climb.

It's a race.

We almost tie.

I can't say I'm impressed.

There's a reason I chose her.

For the next location it's different.

Because this time, SHE takes my hand and leads ME to a meadow.

It has snow.

But lots is melted.

I'm about to melt.

From both her, and the heat of the sun.

Yes, in the winter.

Our little island can have different weathers.

It's unknown what each day will bring.

And we all learn to love it like a friend.

She points to the birds in the sky.

They make a V.

The leader of the V suddenly switches places with another bird near the back.

Does it not want to be leader anymore?

It's bird nature and I won't question it.

But a human would never do that.

Some turtles inch out from the bushes behind us.

I reach in my pocket to get the lettuce.

But I grab the ring box instead.

She sees it.

My cheeks turn pink and I tell her that I was bringing back a pendant for my mom later.

At least she tries to pretend she believes me.

It's pretty believable.

But she didn't run.

That has to be a good sign, right?

We lie down on the thin blanket and look straight up.

The sun is covered with the clouds like a blanket.

I think the time is right.

I sit up.

She stays down, probably thinking I need to go to the bathroom.

Something along the lines of that.

I stay sitting enough so she comes up as well.

Then I pull out the diamond.

And I wait for her response.

March 22, 2021 21:48

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Carrie O'Keefe
14:30 Apr 06, 2021

I like the style you did on this piece.


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Courtney C
22:26 Mar 23, 2021

Interesting take on the prompt. At times it almost felt like a free verse poem.


SpaceHuman 🌌
01:21 Mar 24, 2021

Thanks! Although I've seen better poets here :P


Courtney C
01:30 Mar 24, 2021

Meh. Comparison is the thief of joy. If we just focus on how other people are "better," it gets harder and harder to see the point of writing. Which, I'm assuming, is because you love to write. That's enough. Once you write more, practice more, you'll be writing as well as the 'better poets'. Or maybe better than them.


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